Bridgestone B330 Golf Ball Review

For years, Bridgestone has carved a niche in the crowded golf ball market by offering a golf ball with Tour-like feel and consistency to those of us who cannot generate Tour-level clubhead speed. Having someone like Tiger Woods playing the ball in competition cements the brand's credibility but what sets Bridgestone apart from other competitors is its myriad options in the B330 series and revolutionary ball-fitting system, fueled by a massive database of golf swings compiled that includes golfers of all shapes, sizes and abilities. Let's take a closer look at the four golf balls available in the Bridgestone 330 series.

Bridgestone B330 Golf Ball Review

Excellent accuracy

Solid distance

Loud sound on chips and putts

Key Features

The unique dimple-inside-a-dimple pattern for each of the 330 dimples on the Bridgestone golf ball creates tremendous stability through the wind. These balls were designed for golfers with clubhead speeds of 105 MPH or higher. The bomber who generates tremendous spin.


This golf ball is designed with the player who wants distance, routinely finds the center of the clubface with his strikes.


The B330 has the player who can generate enough spin on his own. On full shots, there's not a discernable difference, although it's produced lower spin rates off the driver for some golfers 

Short game

The ball reacts well around the green, but the louder sound might be a turnoff for some players. It's in the medium range compared to other balls as it pertains to short game performance.


Excellent. Multiple rounds can be played with this golf ball - assuming you don't deposit it in a lake or the backyard of a large dog.

Bridgestone B330S Golf Ball Review

Phenomenal spin and feel

Good distance for a Tour-caliber ball

Might feel too soft / spin too much for some players

Key Features

Also offers 330 dimples, and the unique dimple-in-a-dimple pattern. This golf ball provides the best of both worlds. Used by PGA tour players such as Matt Kuchar, the increased spin can be beneficial.


Golfers who swing above 105 MPH clubhead speed should benefit from using this golf ball. It's made for power.


This ball has the requisite spin that good golfers seek. In general, it spins slightly more than the B330 but still at a level that's within reason. It should help players who naturally produce a low spin rate with their swing.

Short Game

As compared to the B330 (and that's really the primary comparison for this golf ball due to the spin rates and applicable clubhead speed) this ball should feel slightly softer and react in a positive manner around the greens. It has a slightly 'quieter' sound and softer feel on chips, pitches and putts, in some ways comparable to the Pro VI.


Top-end golf balls have progressively become more and more durable over time, which is a relief to our collective wallets. The B330S will go the distance, 18 holes and beyond.

Bridgestone B330 RX Golf Ball Review

Tremendous distance for golfers with swing speeds below 105 MPH

Mid-launch flight on driver generates extra roll and limits side spin

Not the softest ball on the market around the green

Extremely loud and clicky when compared to other balls that are similar.

Key Features

The B330RX changed the entire golf ball market when it was introduced in 2008. The concept of providing a Tour level ball for amateur swing speeds seemed ridiculous and improbable to accomplish. How did Bridgestone pull off this trick? They designed a AMATOURCore, which they claim increases ball speed and leads to distance for most players who swing less than 105 MPH. Bridgestone's studies prove the AMATOUR is 28 percent softer than other Tour caliber golf balls.

The company also claims that the SlipRes cover, another innovation, enables golfers to have exceptional feel on short shots which require maximum touch.

"The claims we're making may seem unbelievable, and I wouldn't have believed them myself if I heard them without having witnessed them firsthand in our R&D testing," said Adam Rehberg, Golf Ball Marketing – Bridgestone Golf, Inc. "We witnessed significant distance increases over major competitors in robot testing, while providing improved greenside spin. The truth of the matter is these balls perform better than anything currently on the market for swing speeds below 105 mph and golfers will notice immediately when they put them in play." 


If your swing is slowing down and you've been looking for length in all the wrong places, the B330RX golf ball is probably the one for you. This ball, and its compression level around 80 allows golfers with slower swing speeds to "get to the center of the ball", compress it and watch it fly off the clubface. This is a great ball for those who aren't interested in working their tee shots left-to-right or right-to-left, and prefer instead to swing for the fences with a full bore move.


The spin level of this ball is adequate. The cover is designed to reduce spin on the driver. It's not the softest ball Bridgestone offers but it's competitive in this area across the board.

Short Game

Ball reacts nicely. Softer than the B330 or B330S, providing a nice blend of sound and feel.


Bridgestone claims this golf ball's cover has 'innovative self-repairing formulation,' which sounds ridiculous and brings to mind an image of golf played by aliens in outer space. We're going to take their word for it, sort of, not really, and just say that the ball is durable and able to withstand the typical scuffs, scrapes and bruises it receives during its normal life cycle. We've come a long way since Balata, baby.

Bridgestone B330RXS Golf Ball Review

Excellent feel and power

Fine, spin, sound and touch around the greens

Soft, mushy feel to some

Has one of the longest names in golf, which can be cumbersome and difficult to recall

Key Features

Just like it's cousin, the B330RX, the B330RXS offers the Gradient Core Technology that creates a smoother transfer of energy from the club to the ball and should equal increased power for most golfers. The SlipRes cover and AMATOUR core are two other features designed specifically with those who possess clubhead speeds less than 105 MPH in mind. Bridgestone claims the SlipRes cover reduces spin on tee shots - leading to more distance - and increases spin on wedges and short shots - leading to better feel and accuracy. That's a bold statement, but if they have indeed accomplished this feat, than the B330RXS stands alone as an attractive option for most amateur golfers.


Not sure how Bridgestone executed this exactly, but this ball is long. It leaves nothing on the tee box and reacts particularly well into the wind.


Terrific. Just the right amount. Less on the long shots and more on the short ones.

Short Game

Perhaps the best of all of Bridgestone's offerings in this department. This ball will get down in a hurry. Unleash your full arsenal of Phil Mickelson inspired flop shots. Pitch the ball like Steve Stricker or Paula Creamer. Putt like Karrie Webb in her prime. This ball feels great on a wedge or putter.


See above. Bridgestone claims the cover repairs itself. Pretty cool. Would love to watch this unfold on footage shot by a super high speed, high resolution camera.

Which one is Right for Me?

Oh, you had to ask didn't you? The beauty of this question is the simplicity of the answer. If an actual ball-fitting on a driving range with Bridgestone peeps monitoring your every swing is unavailable, simply venture your fingers over to the Bridgestone official website. And answer a few questions here: Within a matter of seconds, this handy-dandy feature will collect your age, gender, ability and preferences to form an educated choice on which ball fits your game best. Even still, here are some ground rules.





Skill Level



Above Average


Not as soft as the B330s

Faster Swings



High Spin

Feels really soft

Faster Swings

B330 RX

Very Good

Low Spin on Long Shots produces extra roll

On the Firmer Side

Slower Swing Speeds

B330 RXS

Very Good

Good Spin on Short and Long Shots

Feels really soft

Slower Swing Speeds

Is your clubhead speed 105 MPH or higher? If so, and you are a player who consistently strikes the center of the clubface and power is what you crave the B330 is the ball for you. If exceptional precision approaching the greens is your desire, with increased touch around the putting surfaces, than buy yourself a sleeve of B330S golf balls - and be like Tiger (and Matt).

If your clubhead speed is 105 MPH or less, you're in luck, Bridgestone offers two delicious options. The B330RX is slightly harder and louder than the B330 model, but again that's one of those intangible characteristics best determined by personal preference. Keep in mind the RX has relatively low spin off the irons and slightly less spin around the greens as well. But again those differences are marginal. We'd have a hard time not recommending the B330RXS for almost any amateur golfer who swings the club around 100 MPH or less. It gives a little bit of everything - power, control, touch, strong flight in the wind. This ball is a valuable member of the Bridgestone family.

Are the Bridgestone balls really as good as the other guys?

On the surface, it's only natural to compare the Bridgestone B330 golf ball to the Titleist Pro VIX. They are the harder of the two golf balls offered by those respective companies. Likewise, the B330S and the Titleist Pro VI are cut from the same softer cover. If you're already playing one of the Titleist models, it is in your best interest to take the comparable Bridgestone out on the course for a round of comparison golfing. The biggest point to take away from the world of Bridgestone, is it's OK to live in the RX world if your swing speeds are declining or never made it to Tour standards in the first place. And the best part is you don't have to sacrifice the touch, feel, spin and sound required to play the scoring shots around the green.

Just from a feel perspective the B330RXS and the Callaway Chrome Soft are quite comparable.

For a review of all the golf balls currently on the market, click here.


These Bridgestone golf balls are excellent. They have used their extensive research and development time and money to craft golf balls that appeal to the everyman and everywoman, the recreational golfers who serve as the backbone of the sport. By signing an array of top golfers from both men's and women's professional tours to play and endorse their golf ball, there's no stigma attached to playing a Bridgestone either. None at all. In fact, what many golfers can look forward to is longer drives, more birdie putts and lower scores.

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