Review of the Cleveland CBX Wedges

Do you find your 9 iron or pitching wedge a lot easier to hit than your gap, sand, or lob wedge? Have you ever hit a great drive, had less than 100 yards into the green and chunked your approach?  Therefore also chunking your hopes of birdie.

Put an end to the expletives and obscenities once and for all.  Grab a Cleveland CBX Wedge for more forgiveness and distance…and definitely more bragging rights.

According to Cleveland, 84% of golfers today use lightweight cavity back irons, known as game improvement irons. Also, according to Cleveland, if you’re still using old school, heavy, blade wedges instead of the advanced CBX Wedges, you’re simply playing the wrong wedge!  Forgiving cavity back irons have been around for decades so why has no one ever made a good forgiving wedge?  Cleveland has an answer.

Review of the Cleveland CBX Wedges

  • Superb stability and spin control
  • Amazing versatility
  • Wide Dual V-Sole performs in bunker situations and is an easy play off the grass
  • Lack of low bounce leaves you wanting more
  • Those raised on blade wedges may see a slight learning curve.
  • While good for those whose short game could use some help, better golfers might see some limitation

Key Features 

The Cleveland CBX Wedges offer a massive improvement for your short game.  Consequently, this is a huge upgrade from the set of matching wedges you typically play.  Those matching wedges have zero forgiveness and give you no help with ball spin. The advanced engineering of Cleveland’s CBX Wedges give a more forgiving game experience for golfers who are looking to up their game with more spin control and great stability.

If your game has benefited from using cavity back irons, you should definitely have the Cleveland CBX Wedges in your bag. Designed to be the perfect complement to your cavity back irons, the new CBX wedges look, feel, and forgive like cavity back irons with the added bonus of spinning the ball like a pro.

Pro Level Spin and Control from Rotex Face Technology

Engineered with Rotex Face Technology, the CBX wedges are designed with the Tour Zip Grooves.  Cleveland says the design is created to keep dirt and debris away from the face to allow for solid shots no matter where you are hitting from. The laser and micro milling features offers unmatched control for tour-level spins you’ll definitely want to take advantage of.

Feel Balancing Technology

The Feel Balancing Technology used in the Cleveland CBX wedges aligns the center of gravity closer to the middle of the wedge face where you strike the ball. This allows superlative precision, distance and control.

Progressive Size and Weighting 

Extensive research on size and weighting was done to make the Cleveland CBX wedges a perfect partner for pairing with your cavity back irons. These high-tech wedges blend seamlessly with your cavity back irons to make a dynamic duo on the course. This smooth weight transition means more consistent performance on the greens.

Major Forgiveness and Versatility

A great combination of forgiveness and distance, the Cleveland CBX Wedges are a smart choice for those looking to improve their handicap quickly. The CBX wedges are designed using two different V shapes for maximum forgiveness and extreme versatility. The front-to-back V shape design lets you get through the turf without slowing down.  The heel-to-toe V shape gives you plenty of versatility for those trick shots while still giving you an extra push to get out of tight spots.

Designed for Game Continuity 

The Cleveland CBX lower-lofted wedges are designed to blend with popular cavity back irons to avoid disruption in shape when changing from a pitching wedge to a gap wedge.

How Do the Cleveland CBX Wedges Compare to Other Wedges by Cleveland?

Cleveland is no newbie when it comes to making cavity back wedges. In fact, they have several options in their CB versions of blade wedges with same overall shape and design of the CBX wedges, like the Cleveland RTX-3 CB for instance. This is convenient because it allows you to combine the two Cleveland models during play or switch back and forth without noticing much change.

But just because they look alike doesn’t mean they pack the same punch. In the past, the CB wedges from Cleveland were designed to mimic standard blade wedges. The new Cleveland CBX wedges, however, is the first CBX wedge designed totally from scratch to specifically be a cavity back wedge. “If you were to start from scratch designing a wedge today and no one had designed a wedge before, based on everybody playing a cavity back iron, you wouldn’t design a pure blade wedge that’s heavier than all their irons,” said Cleveland senior product manager Brian Schielke. “You would put the Rotex face and the V sole in it, but we think the shape and weighting would be more like this.”

They also made the sole wider for exception balance which they have aptly named Feel Balancing Technology. The center is 5mm wider and the toe area is 9mm wider than the RTX-3.

For even more comparison to other wedges, check out our guide to the best wedges for beginners and high handicappers.

What Type of Player Would Benefit from the Cleveland CBX Wedges? 

Designed to reinvent your short game, the Cleveland CBX wedges give golfers of all levels unmatched spin and control as well as a smooth transition from your cavity back irons so you have a consistent feel throughout the game. Who wouldn’t want that in a wedge?

Because just about any golfer would dig a smooth transition and the power of superior ball control, the Cleveland CBX wedges are a good choice for beginner golfers as well as seasoned golfers who need all the help they can around on the greens. 

In fact, PGA Director of Golf Paul Earnest is a fan, “Finally a wedge that was built for all of those cavity back iron players,” he said, “The Cleveland CBX Wedges are perfect for most golfers out there.”

Don’t be “that guy” who thinks he doesn’t need technology to improve his game. These wedges were made to help your game, so go for it. The exceptional forgiveness and control lets you get a good grip on your short game, and helps golfers who use cavity back irons sink the shot more often…which means you’ll be winning more bets and watching you handicap fall!

How Do the Cleveland CBX Wedges Rate Against Competitors?

Cleveland says they are dedicated to helping you enjoy better golf and this is definitely the case with their CBX wedges. The design of these cavity back wedges makes them an industry leader for precision and distance.

The CBX wedge also takes a different approach when it comes to fitting. Cleveland offers just one head shape and one effective bounce for each loft. The offerings include eight lofts – 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, and 60 degrees.

When compared directly to Tour wedges, the CBX wedges offer a lower swing weight for amazingly smooth transitions which results in better, more consistent strikes in the short game.


It’s good to finally see more good quality cavity backed wedges on the market to fill the bags of the 84% golfers who use the cavity backed irons today.

Although the rumor on the course is that cavity back wedges show no real versatility, Cleveland’s CBX wedges beg to differ. The insightful design gives a lighter swing weight with such a smooth transition from your pitching wedge that you are more in control of your game.

Heck, even fair to mediocre golfers hit better shots with the CBX wedges. Combine that with the remarkable forgiveness and steady control and you’ve got yourself a whole new golf game!

If you’re a dedicated cavity back irons guy or any guy in general that wants to up their short game, the Cleveland CBX wedges are definitely something you’ll want in your bag. These wedges are something you will want to go ahead and add to your “Wish List” this year, for sure.  

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