Eyeline Speed Trap Review: Does it work?

Are you tired of hitting inconsistent shots with your irons and woods?

Do you want to improve your golf game but just have no idea where to start?

If so, there is a training aid that will help your game without spending thousands of dollars on expensive lessons. The training aid is called the Eyeline Speed Trap.

At the Left Rough, we don’t just endorse any and every golf training aid. We make sure that each product we write about is actually helpful and useful for any amateur golfer who wants to get better.

In today’s world, there are so many golf training aids out there it’s hard to know which are helpful and which are just junk for your garage. But one that has become super popular in the last year is the Eyeline Speed Trap.

Keep reading to understand how the Eyeline Speed Trap can help you make better contact and fix your swing path for more consistent results.

Eyeline Golf Speed Trap Review

What is the Eyeline Speed Trap?

The Eyeline Speed Trap is a training aid that is meant to help you improve contact with your woods, irons, wedges, and even chip shots. The device guides you to a swing that create a good shot in three simple steps.

Sounds too good to be true right?

Think again.

This device is simple, effective, and helps build the fundamentals of a good golf swing. Whether you’re miss is a big slice or a nasty hook, this training aid can help you hit it straighter. Plus it will help you hit it with more consistency. If you’re ready to improve your game, this device can help regroove your swing path to produce consistent results.

Who Should Use This Training Aid?

Anyone who is trying to hit the golf ball straight and (which is everyone right)? This device is all about creating a swing path that produces the type of ball flight that you want. If you want to learn how to hit a fade, it can help. If you want to learn how to shape a baby draw, it can help as well.

How to Use the Eyeline Speed Trap

One of the things I love about the Eyeline Speed Trap is that it’s simple and easy to use. I hate it when some training aids are made with cheap material and are hard to use on the range. Plus, some are big and make it difficult to transport back and forth.

But the Eyeline Speed Trap is simple, compact, and extremely effective. It comes with a base and four rods. Here is the 3-step process to get started using the device.

Step 1: Start By Using the Base Only

Once you unpack the box you can see how it might feel a bit intimidating putting a fortress around your golf ball. So instead of using everything, start with the base only. This will help you adjust to the plastic base behind the golf ball.

To get started, hit some short irons only going 50-70%. As you get more comfortable with the device, work your way to a full swing at 100% speed.

Step 2: Add the Rods Facing Outward

Once you’re comfortable with the base, add the four rods to base and face them outward. This will make your swing path as wide as possible to avoid hitting it. Take a few practice swings with a short iron to get a feel for it.

Once you get the hang of it, add a golf ball and tee it up to make it as easy as possible. Hit three quarter shots and focus on making good contact with the golf ball. Keep swinging until you are comfortable and hitting it consistently.

Step 3: Start Shaping Shots

The final step is to adjust the rods for your intended shot shape. Start with only the front rods and stick with a short iron. For example, if you want to learn how to hit a draw, have the rods face you.

Remember, keep swinging smooth and focus on contact. This training aid takes some getting used to and it might feel like a big shift from your current swing. As you get more comfortable, adjust the back rods and swing longer clubs.

How to Hit a Draw with the Speed Trap (and Fix Your Slice)

Here is why I really like the Eyeline Speed Trap, you can easily manipulate it to hit all kinds of different shots. For most amateur golfers, the big miss is a slice that starts left and goes hard right (for right-handed players). One of the main reasons this happens is because the club path is outside to inside, producing an over the top motion.

But with this device, you can easily adjust it and force yourself to go more straight back and straight through or even get a draw. To hit a draw, aim the front left and back right rods toward you. Next, close your feet so you are aimed right of your intended target.

The position of the two rods will force you make an inside to outside motion as you hit the ball. Plus, you are aimed right so it should start a bit right and draw back left. Make sure to use a tee and work with shorter clubs and work your way up.

How to Hit a Cut with the Speed Trap (and Fix Your Hook)

While most golfers struggle controlling a fade, some golfers have the opposite problem and miss it hard left. Neither is a fun miss on a regular basis but luckily, the Eyeline Speed Trap can help fix your hook as well. To quit hooking the ball you need to have a more outside to inside swing motion.

To create a fade motion, aim the front right and back left rods toward you. Next, open your feet and shoulders so you are aimed left of your intended target.

The position of the two rods will force you make an outside to inside motion as you hit the ball. Plus, you are aimed left so it should start a bit left and cut back right. Make sure to use a tee and work with shorter clubs and work your way up.

How to Use the Speed Trap in your Short Game

Another reason to love this device is that it will help with your short game as well. While most golfers work on the full swing, great players are masters around the green. And this device can help a ton by promoting more consistent contact with wedges.

You can use it for pitching, chipping, and even bunker shots. Just as you would when using on the range, start with the base only. Get a feel for what it looks like when you’re chipping and pitching. Then, adjust the rods as needed.

For the most part, you want to produce a more cut-like swing around the greens to produce more spin. This would mean having the front right and back left rod inserted.

Final Thoughts on Eyeline Speed Trap

The Speed Trap is extremely simple to use but very effective in all areas of the game. Remember, if you are using it on grass at the range, make sure you align the white target line to your desired location. Then, place two tees in the holes to secure it to the ground to ensure you’re aligned properly.

Remember, start slow with this device. Don’t just jump into using it with a driver at full speed. Work your way up and over time, I am confident this device can help you regroove a proper swing path. This is one of the best golf training aids on the market and easy to see how it’s become so popular.

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