Mizuno GT 180 Driver Review

Known best for its irons, Mizuno is coming hard after the driver market of late.

The manufacturer’s GT-180 Driver features similar technology to the ST-180 it released last season.

But the GT-180 offers more bells-and-whistles for the golfer who doesn’t mind pulling the wrench out of the bag and making an adjustment.

Mizuno GT 180 Driver (Right Hand, Graphite, Stiff Flex, 9.5 Degree)

Mizuno GT 180 Driver Review


  • The beautiful blue finish is clean and sleek.
  • Options, options, options – plenty of adjustments available
  • Built for mass appeal to diverse skill sets


  • Similar to the ST180, the ridges on the bottom of the clubface are not necessarily aesthetically pleasing.
  • For purists, the blue head might be a tough one to get over

Key Features of the GT 180

GT stands for Gravity Tech, but it could also stand for Great Tinkering. The GT180 offers two adjustable eight-gram weights that can be shifted wherever the golfer pleases.

There are slots through a center track or both can be set on the heel, toe or in the center of the clubface.

In short, a golfer can shift 16 grams of weight to the extreme toe or heel of the golf club in an effort to straighten out those crooked shots.

Golfers can also adjust the face angle on the GT180 to open, square or closed.

Mizuno moved more of the mass forward in this driver head so that it can produce the low spin shots that better players prefer.

Hotter, Straighter Club Face

Again, Mizuno used the internal waffle pattern crown to thin the crown without losing strength, which saves five grams of overall weight in the clubhead.

Also, the company used Forged SP700 (SP stands for Super Plasticity), a high-end titanium alloy which is up to 10 percent hotter than the 6-4 titanium used in most competitors’ drivers on the market. This combination is built for speed.

For years, Mizuno has also been working toward a slight bulge and twist to the face, which lessens the blow of off-center hits, creating maximum distance and forgiveness. Just like its (slightly) older sister the ST180, the sweet spot on the GT180 Driver has been enlarged by 30 percent when compared to previous drivers in the Mizuno family.

Without question, the new technology and design principles implemented in these last two Mizuno offerings will render its previous models obsolete in the what-have-you-changed-for-me-lately world of golf club, and in particular, driver, design.

Premium Shafts

Mizuno also got creative with the shafts available for the GT180 Driver. While the stock shaft is the Mitsubishi Kuro Kage TiNi Dual Core, retailers can also purchase Shaft Packs – which are 45″ and can be swapped into either the GT or ST, with no worry about an upcharge.

The shaft pack includes Kuro Kages in a variety of flexes and weights, in addition to the Tensei White, Orange and Blue in different flexes and weights. Golfers seeking a super lightweight shaft have the option of the Mitsubishi Basara (43 grams).

The GT 180 driver will be available in a 9.5 degree loft that’s adjustable two degrees up or down.

The Player’s Review of the GT-180


While Mizuno gets lost in the shuffle in the overall driver conversation, don’t overlook the GT180 if you’re in pursuit of an extra yard or two, and who isn’t?

Everything about this driver from the metals used in the construction of the head to the shafts offered, enables a golfer to maximize club-head speed and therefore, ball speed.


With the multiple settings and moveable weights, you can make the GT180 be whatever you want it to be.

Straighten a slice, promote a draw or tee it high and let it fly so far that John Daly would want to buy you a six pack. Feeling a fade on the driving range before your round? Set it and watch it slide.


Mizuno checks all the boxes in the forgiveness category as well. This sweet spot is significant and the 460 cc head with its beautiful shape, is made to correct those troublesome mis-hits that infiltrate our swings and threaten to ruin our round.

Never fear with the GT180, the designers had your unreliable action in mind. In all seriousness, this is an extremely kind club for off-center strikes.

Re-familiarize yourself with the fairway, friends.

How does the GT180 compare to other drivers on the market?

Maybe nobody else is bold enough to go there, but we will.

The GT180 is on par with the best drivers in the market. If you’ve been considering a Ping GMax 400 or Callaway Epic or Rogue, even a TaylorMade M3 or M4, don’t sell yourself short and overlook the Mizuno.

The beauty of this adjustable baby is Mizuno didn’t design it as a game improvement club or a club solely intended for excellent golfers, either.

Low handicappers and aspiring professionals are going to enjoy smashing drives with the GT180, but so will mid-to-high handicappers who can tweak it to their liking.

Worth noting: It doesn’t have the classic pear-shaped design or classic color of a Titleist, per se, so golfers who prefer the traditional shape and color may be turned off by the GT180.

If comparisons are your thing, you need to read our review of the best new drivers of 2018.

What’s the difference between the GT180 and ST180 Drivers from Mizuno?

We’ll we’re glad you asked. Put in simple terms, if you like to take what’s available and roll with it to the first tee, the ST180 is probably more your speed.

However, as we mentioned earlier, if you’re always searching for the ideal recipe of loft and lie to create a utopic launch angle and perfect spin rate, then you should probably ride down the GT180 road.

Here are some more similarities and differences, with each driver rated as either Exceptional, Average or Minimal in the listed characteristic:
















Loft Options

9.5 to 11 Degrees

9.5 to 11 Degrees

The Bottom Line

Distance. Forgiveness. Adjustability.

If any of the three appeal to you as a golfer than the GT180 Driver is more than worth your time.

Although each manufacturer is always promoting something it has discovered as revolutionary, there’s no denying that the combination of the thinner, lighter crown and stronger titanium face are the game-changer on these recent Mizuno offerings, allowing the company to do more with more in a great-looking package.

If you tried the ST180 and liked the way the ball departed the club face but couldn’t maximize the launch and curve to your liking, than the GT180 is the answer to your questions as they pertain to the most popular club in most people’s golf bag.

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