Ping G400 Driver Review

If you’re looking for forgiveness, as most of us are when we are on the links, your prayers have been answered with the PING G400 Driver. You may do a double-take when you first lay your eyes on the G400, but don’t let its new, high tech look fool you. It may be a compact style, making it appear a bit wimpy for a solid driver at first glance, but you’ll know after that first swing that the G400 deserves a permanent place in your golf bag.

Those of us with high handicaps will benefit from the new technology loaded into the sleek G400, which might even give us the confidence we need to take on those challenging courses we’ve been too embarrassed to take a shot on. Are you ready for the technology? Are you worthy of the forgiveness?

PING G400 Driver Review

Ping G400 Driver


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    If improved aerodynamics for an increased clubhead speed sparks your interest, the G400 is the driver for you.
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    Unique and sleek in design featuring PING’s Dragonfly Technology and turbulators on the crown
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    Solid and fierce sound off the clubface at impact enhances the thrill of the game
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    Ultra-low CG offers amazing forgiveness you’ll be grateful for
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    If you like custom control in a club, the Trajectory Tuning Technology with adjustable hosel lets you fine tune the launch to your specs


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    If you aren’t a pro, which is probably the case, the smaller design size and profile may reduce confidence over the ball
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    The $400+ price tag may make it a bit of a luxury purchase for many
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    If adjusting the club for your stroke or favorite course is your thing, the PING G400 offers minimal adjustability compared to the standards used in clubs today
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    The super long shaft (45.75") makes the G400 one of the longest drivers around. Although the market trend shows favor of shorter drivers, PING boasts their love for the longer shaft.

Key Features of the PING G400

The PING G400 Driver has a compact, streamlined aerodynamic shape that offers a high level of stability golfers have come to expect from PING clubs. Built for forgiveness and speed, the G400 is manufactured with Dragonfly Technology that reduces the weight on the crown to lower the CG. The result is long and consistent distances that make you feel like a pro.

The PING G400 Driver seriously takes your golf game to a whole new level. This driver is a good choice for those who are looking for consistent distance numbers and performance. No matter your level of skill, the G400 will take your game up a notch due to its innovative technologic advances and superior design.

Tungsten Back Weight

Boasting a combined MOI over 9,000 as well as the deepest CG location in golf, the G400 is possibly the most forgiving driver in the game to date. If a custom swing is your thing, you will want to know that the high-density back weight lets you tune your launch by adjusting loft up to +-1º.

Designed for Speed

The unique forging process used by PING for the G400 gives a precision machined impact area that increases ball speed for 16% more flexing. This, combined with the aerodynamic improvements, has players seeing ball speeds about 2 mph faster than usual, which is a plus no matter how good you think you are. To reduce drag, PING introduced a new streamlined design that includes bolder turbulators and Vortec Technology. They did a good job of reducing the drag by 40% mid-downswing with an overall clubhead speed increase of 15%.

Music to Your Ears

Sound matters in the game of golf and PING took the comments from golfers over the years very seriously. They conducted major research using computer simulation and music theory to create a more muted and deeper sound, which golfers are digging. Backed by a whole lot of science, PING played to the emotional center of the brain, which is triggered by a pleasing sound. Making the ball sound better when hit by a club is directly related to having more confidence in your ability to swing the club. Not sure of the science behind this, but it definitely sounds cool.

Dragonfly Technology

Dragonfly Technology on the G400 makes for a thin crown design and a light skirt weight that optimizes the CG location and increases MOI for shot accuracy and forgiveness.

The design of the G400 is as good looking as it is strong thanks to PING’s counter-balance design that has more mass in the head to increase energy transfer. The Color-Shift Paint Technology gives a gradient copper-colored shaft that transitions to black to eliminate distraction as you address the ball. In other words – they look sharp!

How Does the PING G400 Compare to Prior PING Drivers?

The stealth black matte finish and Dragonfly Technology on the crown are repeated here with the G400, but PING did a much better job than on earlier models. Previous clubs like the PING G and G30 were a bit intrusive and seemed to almost get in the way a bit. The upgraded, newer, sleek design gives the head a better look that is so much more appealing and less distracting.

The G400 sports the same tungsten tour weight at the back of the club as previous PING offerings, but with the weight being set back closer to the heel for better control of the draw. The design for control and power in distance is unparalleled.

PING really changed up the look of the new G400 for the better. The typical ALTA CB shaft design ditches the traditional black/blue color scheme typically used on PING’s G Model and the G400 now sports a new classy looking dark copper colored shaft that was completely unexpected, but definitely cool.

Just released, the new Ping G400 Max driver is a better fit if you are a beginner or high handicapper.  Head over to our full review of the G400 Max Driver for more details.

What Type of Player is Right for this Club?

Labeled PING’s “fastest and most forgiving driver ever” by company officials, the G400 has been given a reputation to live up to, and it looks like it is doing a fine job with that. In fact, 13 PGA Tour pro golfers used the G400 Driver at the U.S. Open in Erin Hills this summer.  “We’ve never seen faster conversion to a new product than we did at the Open...the first week it was available,” said PING’s CEO John A. Solheim. “The players immediately loved its look and became enamored with the powerful sound and feel. At the end of the week, statistics proved that both the longest and most accurate players off the tee at the Open (played) a G400 driver.”

That being said, players of all levels will benefit from using the PING G400 Driver. From amateurs who need forgiveness to pros who are looking for their next (or first) tournament win, this dynamic and versatile club seems to be a good match for just about anyone who enjoys the game.

If you are looking to ramp up the forgiveness, check out our full review of Ping's G400 Max driver.

How Does the PING G400 Stack Up Against the Competition?

Compared to other drivers of its caliber, the G400 Driver is definitely a stand out in most categories. The only negative issue with the G400 Driver compared to the top competitors like the TaylorMade M1, Callaway GBB Epic, and many of the Titleist drivers, is that PING’s G400 does not have CG adjustability. The lack of ability to customize the ball flight outside of a loft adjustment or shaft is concerning to many.

Some golfers might also have issue with the G400 crowns. Even with the reduced size of the crowns there is still much to look at the address.

For a full review of all the new drivers on the market, check out our 2018 Guide to New Drivers.

Finally, the PING G400 Driver has one of the longest stock shafts in the industry. Measuring in at a whopping 45.75" inches, this poses a problem for some players, especially as the trend for shorter drivers is growing.


If you are looking to improve your long game and are begging for plenty of forgiveness, the PING G400 Driver definitely has your name written all over it. The upgrades made by PING since the previous release of the PING G and G30 are noticeably better and screams for the upgrade for your bag. The G400 Driver is a great choice for those who want to up their game with higher ball speed, improved control of the draw, and truly go for distance. The pricing is on the upper end of the price spectrum for a driver, but for avid golfers, the payoff is worth the extra dough.

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