Golf Balls

Stop Losing Golf Balls

I’m not sure there is a worse feeling than hitting a brand new golf ball in the water or out of bounds. Would you agree? Not only does your score suffer, so does your wallet. Plus, losing a golf ball can easily throw you off your game in the middle of the round. It’s easy …

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Golf Ball in Grass

Titleist AVX Golf Ball Review

When a golfer thinks of quality golf balls, it’s easy to default to the soothing voice of CBS Sports golf commentator Jim Nantz, who serves as pitch man for Titleist, the No. 1 ball in golf. Dominating the market for decades, Titleist has been the popular choice among low handicap amateurs, college stars and has earned its moniker by year …

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Long Distance Titleist AVX Golf Ball

Bridgestone B330 Golf Ball Review

For years, Bridgestone has carved a niche in the crowded golf ball market by offering a golf ball with Tour-like feel and consistency to those of us who cannot generate Tour-level clubhead speed. Having someone like Tiger Woods playing the ball in competition cements the brand’s credibility but what sets Bridgestone apart from other competitors …

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