Xe1 Wedge Review

If you’re guilty of stalking the Golf Channel and internet (like most of us) in search of the perfect miracle club, ball, gadget, or pro tip to up your game, you’re probably familiar with the XE1 Wedge. You know…the one you’ve seen popping up online and in TV commercials that promises to improve your game “instantly and without practice.” In fact, the bold infomercials featuring Golf Channel analyst Arron Oberholser even guarantees your game will improve dramatically with the promise that it gets you “closer to the hole, every single time… GUARANTEED.” Wow…that sounds absolutely amazing, right?! No practice makes perfect? Hmmmmm…..

Well, it definitely piqued our interest and we were anxious to see exactly what the XE1 Wedge could do. With promises that indicate I may actually have a chance to be teeing up on the pro-circuit in the near future, I couldn’t wait to see this miracle unfold and just how incredible my short game was about to become.

Xe1 Wedge Review


  • Very high loft angle of 59-degree or 65-degree
  • Easy alignment of shots due to square to square head design
  • Well-spread center of gravity across the club face, allowing bigger sweet spot, thus more forgiveness
  • Sleek and cool design
  • Affordable price
  • Auto-Glide Sole allows excellent bounce


  • Inferior feel and response
  • Somewhat flimsy and doesn’t seem very durable
  • Doesn’t really fulfill all of its advertised claims and promises
  • Experienced golfers may not appreciate the novelty of the club

Key Features of the XE1 Wedge

Designed specifically to compensate for typical short game miss-hits, the XE1 Wedge is known to make many remarkable claims. Their website touts the “auto-glide sole” as being a game changer that makes it simple for players of any skill level to make it out of difficult bunkers and deep rough with ease. In addition, according to manufacturer claims, golfers can expect to have all miss-hits forgiven, and will never hit a thin or fat shot again!

While I’m not certain all the claims are “up to par,” several technologies do come together to give the XE1 Wedge the ultimate forgiveness in a golf club. The square to square head, auto glide sole, and heel-to-toe weighting do perform in perfect harmony on the course, which makes chip shots a breeze.

Square to Square Head

A little golf history lesson: The square to square method used in the design of the XE1 Wedge was created by 12-time PGA Tour winner Doug Tewell. (Not sure if you knew that, but it seemed worth knowing for your next golf trivia round.) The use of Tewell’s square to square method gives the XE1 a slightly heavier head than most wedges, which makes alignment super easy and offers a great approach.

Dashing Good Looks

Although there is no big splash of flashy branding of the XE1 Wedge, it has a sleek and modern look that definitely gets your attention. The high loft angle adds to the unique and high-tech feel of the wedge and the red/black color combo against the silver finish adds a sporty touch. The over-sized sole looks solid and beefy, but sorry to say that the cast iron design just leaves you wanting the forged iron feel…sigh.

Unique Wedge Design

The XE1 Wedge offers a design like no other wedge on the market today – seriously. The high loft angle – 59-degree or 65-degree – is much higher than the typical sand wedge at 56-degree. This unique design truly does seem to allow you to “get out of bunkers in one shot, every time,” as their commercial says and also easily produces a high flight trajectory.

Auto-Glide Sole

Equipped with the Auto-Glide Sole Technology, the XE1 Wedge is designed with a larger/wider sole to offer up maximum forgiveness as well as a bigger bounce. This technology works flawlessly in combination with the uniquely designed high loft angle and the square to square methodology.

Repositioned Performance Mass (RPM)

Typically used in the design of putters, the Heel-to-Toe weighting approach is known to increase forgiveness. The science behind it is that since the center of gravity is spread evenly across the face of the XE1 Wedge, it gives a larger sweet spot…and we all know a larger sweet spot means better shots every (or most) of the time, so that works!

What Type of Player is Right for the XE1 Wedge?

The XE1 Wedge is designed for those with a high handicap. While players of all skill levels will see their game improve using the XE1 Wedge, those who want to improve their short game miss-hits will benefit most.

Low handicap golfers will certainly not be in the market for this wedge.  But you low handicappers have probably not landed on this page in the first place!

XE1 Wedge Comparison

It’s definitely not a huge brand name club that just oozes quality, but the XE1 Wedge does deliver some unique design features that sets it apart from the competition. Expectedly, the quality and design are not as you would get from an expensive Ping or Cleveland wedge, but the technology used on the XE1 is stellar, especially when compared to other wedges in its price range. Technically though, the XE1 Wedge should not be compared to the more expensive brand name forged irons, but instead to other wedges designed for game-improvement.

When compared to the Callaway Mack Daddy Grind Wedge, it is a pretty even match. But when we look at the Cleveland CBX Wedges, it is much less versatile and way under at shot shaping around the green. The XE1 Wedge definitely doesn’t have the feel or response you know and love from a well-known, quality wedge, but it is a great solution for beginners or players who really struggle with their short game.


Touted as an easy fix for your golf game that requires virtually no practice at all, the XE1 Wedge was created for ultimate forgiveness, especially when trying to get out of tough lies and gnarly bunkers. It was built with trajectory and speed in mind just for these situations.

So, does the Xe1 wedge really improve your short game?  Overall, the XE1 Wedge actually delivers most of the claims promised in the ads (yeah, I’m shocked, too).  It performs well and is definitely a good choice for your bag if you are the type of player this wedge is designed for.

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