What’s in a Name? John and Linda Revealed as Most Talented Golfers

Naming a child any time soon? Or thinking of a new one for yourself? Here’s something to consider.

Names say a lot about us as individuals and studies have even shown that they may even have the potential to affect our everyday lives from future career prospects to how clumsy we are. But what if your name determined how good you are at golf?

Here at The Left Rough, we wanted to find out whether your name could indicate how talented you are on the golf course, and turns out there’s a clear correlation! 

From our data research, we looked at nearly 30,000 hole-in-ones scored since 1999 in the United States, revealing which names are best for scoring the holy grail of golf shots. We discovered that if you’re called John or Linda, chances are you’re a pro when it comes to the golf course, but if you’re called Eric or Jane, you might want to stick to driving the cart…

The top 10 best golfers were revealed as:

  1. John
  2. Michael
  3. David
  4. Robert
  5. James
  6. Jim
  7. Mike
  8. Richard
  9. Mark
  10. Bill

And for the worst? Well, we didn’t want to have to expose them but…

  1. Eric
  2. Wilfred
  3. Christopher
  4. Darryl
  5. John-Paul
  6. Kelvin
  7. Richard
  8. Kenan
  9. Junior
  10. Lewis

In terms of female players, the top 10 are:

  1. Linda
  2. Mary
  3. Nancy
  4. Barbara
  5. Karen
  6. Susan
  7. Samantha
  8. Alexandra
  9. Donna
  10. Judy

The women with the worst golfing records are as follows:

  1. Jane
  2. Madison
  3. Josephine
  4. Shirley
  5. Elissa
  6. Becky
  7. Wendy
  8. Rose
  9. Meghan
  10. Kerry

Research on the most talented (or luckiest) names was conducted using internal data collected by The Left Rough, where simple demographic details such as name, state and golf course were collected. This was analysed by the team to discover who is ‘crossing the tees’ and who is being left behind in the clubhouse.

Charlie Parsons, founder of TheLeftRough, said,

“Wow, apparently there’s more in a name than I thought. I’d heard of names affecting things like your career and education prospects but never to do with anything in the sporting world. As if it isn’t already difficult enough to name your children, here’s something else to think about. I wonder whether I’d be as lucky if I changed my name!

“This really was a fun dataset to dive into and there’s some really interesting statistics, so hopefully we can let everyone in on some more secrets of the golfing world soon.”

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