Golf Workouts: How to Get Golf Fit

If you’re like most golfers, you’re always looking for ways to hit the ball further and shoot lower scores. For most golfers, that means trying to increase swing speed and upgrading to the latest and greatest equipment.  While those two methods can help, it’s time to start incorporating certain golf workouts as well.  Tiger Woods …

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Workouts for Golf

Analyze your Own Golf Swing

Golf is the greatest game of all-time but it’s also the most difficult sport ever created. And it’s equally as hard as it is expensive. That’s why I created this post. I want to help you learn how to analyze your own swing so you can shoot lower scores and save money by not taking …

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How to Analyze your Golf Swing

How to Record your Golf Swing

Have you ever went to the range to try and improve your game only to end up leaving more frustrated than when you arrived? If so, you’re not alone. I know I’ve been there countless times and so has every other golfer. Most sports you can practice consistently and reap the rewards. But golf isn’t …

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how to video golf swing
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