How to practice on the golf course

Practice How you Play: How to Practice on the Golf Course

Better golf practice doesn’t just happen on the driving range though… The course is a great place to practice too! Think about it, the driving range is nothing like the actual golf course.

How often do you get perfect lies, no pressure, and wide open 100 yard wide fairways? Basically never, which is one of the reasons that golf is so challenging. We practice on the range but play on the golf course which are like two different arenas.

Needless to say, if you can practice on the course without interrupting the pace of play, it’s a great idea. Playing golf solo is usually a good time to do this. It will allow you to hit shots that you simply can’t hit in practice.

Here are the best ways to practice golf on the course.

Scary Shots

Do you have a certain shot that scares you on the golf course? If so, practice it to make it less intimidating during a normal round of golf.

This might be a tough par 3 over water, a flop shot from a tight lie over a bunker, or anything else that makes you uncomfortable. The more you can practice it, the easier it is to overcome your fears during a normal round.

Fairway Bunkers

Golf practice facilities do a horrible job of allowing you to practice from fairway bunkers. I bet less than 1% of all facilities even have one near the driving range. Hitting from a fairway bunker is a harder shot than normal to begin with and never practicing it makes it even harder.

Needless to say, drop some balls in a fairway bunker on the course to put in the reps. Even if you hit a drive in the middle of the fairway, drop a ball in the fairway bunker to test out different clubs and shots shapes.

Long Bunker Shot

Another shot that is nearly impossible to practice at most facilities is a longer bunker shot.

During an on-course practice session make sure to test out 20-50 yard bunkers shots a few times during the round. These shots are challenging even for skilled players so a little extra practice won’t hurt!

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Punch Shots

How often do you practice your punch shots on the driving range?

If you’re like most golfers, it’s not enough. But considering the fact that you’ll miss more than 40% of fairways during the round (the PGA Tour average is about 60%) chances are you need this shot in your arsenal.

During an on course practice session make sure to work on your punch shots under trees and other recovery shots. Learn which club works best so you can navigate trouble and not waste shots on the golf course.

How to practice on the golf course

Other Shots to Practice on the Golf Course

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Or any other shot that makes you uncomfortable. Face your fears with on course practice to play better golf! Go here to learn about how to get the most out of practice rounds.