Practice Aids

Every golfer needs alignment sticks, period.  Do not go to the range without them unless you are prepared to completely waste your time.  There are plenty out there, but here are the ones we use:

If you are going to make big improvements, you are going to want to record your swing on video at some point.  Luckily, that Smart Phone in your pocket records slow motion video almost as good as the Konica Minolta Swing Vision you see on TV.  But unless you have a buddy to stand behind you and work the camera, you're going to need a tripod. 

From bad impact to directional issues, getting your swing on plane really is a "magical cure" for so many faults in your golf swing.  The Plane Sight Laser Golf Swing is easy to use.  Just screw the laser pointer into the bottom of your grip, turn it on, and follow the red laser to get your swing on the correct plane.  After a few sessions with this training aid, you'll be amazed how straight you hit the ball.

This is one of the best tools on the market for learning how to use your wrists in the golf swing.  Attach the TruSwing Pro to your club, and you will quickly learn exactly what it feels like to fully set your wrists in the backswing.  

Using the TruSwing Pro is a great way to improve your contact and add some power to your swing.  I keep my TruSwing attached to an old wedge lying around my office so that I can always pick it up, take a few swings, and engrain that feeling of a proper wrist set.

The moment of truth in Golf?  Impact of course.  This next training aid has got to be one of the simplest tools available.  Simply fill the Impact Training Bag with old towels or clothes and start hitting into it.  After just a few strikes, something magical happens.  You will instantly "feel" what proper contact should be.  Then you can take that "feel" to the golf course and watch your iron game improve overnight.

SunBlock for Golfers

You're a grownup, so I'm not going to preach to you.  But you know you need to use some kind of sun protection.  Skin Cancer is a real threat to everyone.  But being a golfer, we are exponentially more likely to develop skin cancer.

I'm just like you, I hate applying it.  I hate the way it makes my hands greasy.  Even worse, I hate the way that most sun-screens stain the collar and sleeves of my good golf shirts.  But, I've found an unbelievable sunscreen made specifically for golfers that gives you excellent sun protection, without greasy hands, without stained clothing, and feels great on your skin.    

I honestly believe Skin Golf Sunscreen is the best sunscreen for golfers, period.  Don't buy that cheap stuff at the Drug Store, load up this if you are going to be playing some golf.

Online Golf Stores

Here at the Left Rough, we purchase most of our golf equipment from Amazon and Global Golf.  

Not only does Global Golf have great deals on new clubs, they also offer a huge selection of used clubs if you want to save a little money.  

Click on the banner below to check out all the great deals.

Global Golf
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