How to Hit a Draw

Imagine standing on the 18th tee box. It’s a reachable par 5 if you can hit a great tee shot.  A great driver sets you up to hit on in two and maybe end the day with an unlikely eagle. Or worst case, a short birdie putt to finish the round.  The problem is that it requires …

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How to Draw a Golf Ball

Course Management: Tee Box Strategy

While most people think you need to improve your swing to shoot low scores that’s not always the case. Course management is much more important than the average golfer understands.  If you look at PGA Tour players you’ll notice that they don’t have the perfect swing every day. Even if they aren’t swinging great, pros got …

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Tee Box Strategy

Back to Basics: Golf Setup 101

The golf swing setup, or address position, is a critical part of hitting a good shot. If you don’t start in the proper position, it’ll be really difficult to create the desired result. A proper setup can be fairly complex, but once you get everything in the correct position, you can pretty much forget about it …

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Correct Golf Setup
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