Hitting out of Fairway Bunkers

If you’re like most amateur golfers, you dread hitting out of fairway bunkers. You probably cringe whenever you see your ball slowly roll into the bunker. And I bet the entire ride to the shot you’re thinking about it. You’re probably thinking…do I swing harder? Club up? Lay up? Is the lip going to get …

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How to Hit Fairway Bunker Shots

How to Hit Long Irons

Do you want to learn how to finally hit long irons and give yourself more chances to shoot lower scores? Let’s face it, hitting long irons isn’t easy. Just ask any amateur golfer and even low handicap players. It’s so impressive to see it pulled off correctly. A high 3 or 4 iron that carries …

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How to hit long irons

Stop Losing Golf Balls

I’m not sure there is a worse feeling than hitting a brand new golf ball in the water or out of bounds. Would you agree? Not only does your score suffer, so does your wallet. Plus, losing a golf ball can easily throw you off your game in the middle of the round. It’s easy …

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Golf Ball in Grass

Analyze your Own Golf Swing

Golf is the greatest game of all-time but it’s also the most difficult sport ever created. And it’s equally as hard as it is expensive. That’s why I created this post. I want to help you learn how to analyze your own swing so you can shoot lower scores and save money by not taking …

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How to Analyze your Golf Swing
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