Stop Losing Golf Balls

I’m not sure there is a worse feeling than hitting a brand new golf ball in the water or out of bounds. Would you agree? Not only does your score suffer, so does your wallet. Plus, losing a golf ball can easily throw you off your game in the middle of the round. It’s easy …

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Golf Ball in Grass

How to Stop Topping the Golf Ball

One of the most common problems that amateur golfers struggle with is creating consistent contact. Typically, what this means, is that the clubface does not come in to direct contact with the golf ball; where the ball hits the center of the face without much resistance. A common error is that they catch too much …

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how to stop topping the golf ball

Stop Hitting it Fat!

A lot of amateur golfers struggle with making consistent quality impact. There are two main impact errors that a lot of people make; hitting the ball fat or thin.  When we talk about hitting shots fat, it’s typically in reference to hitting an iron or wedge fat, but can also happen with woods as well, though less …

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How to Stop Hitting the Ball Fat
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