How to Hit a Golf Ball Far

The Distance Article: Realistic Ways to Add Yardage

If you’re like most golfers you want to learn how to hit a golf ball farther so you can make the golf course easier. Because let’s face it, golf courses aren’t getting any shorter and more distance makes it easier to hit more greens and have more looks at birdie.

But what does it take to increase driver swing speed and overall club head speed? Is it all about adding muscle? Swinging faster for a higher ball flight? Buying new equipment?

We’ll address all of those questions and concerns today so give you a blueprint to add more clubhead speed. 

How to Hit a Golf Ball Far

Tiger Woods changed the game in the early 2000s by hitting it longer (and straighter) than ever. Not to mention he was playing a steel shaft driver – something no pro dared to attempt. While Tiger isn’t the longest hitter like he once was – due to aging and injury – he changed the game forever.

Now, players like Bryson DeChambeau and Rory McIlroy push the envelope to see how far they can hit it on every tee shot. Plus, with all the data about strokes gained, it’s evident that shorter approach shots lead to lower scores. Which means distance is more important than ever, even a few extra yards can make a big difference.

The good news is that amateur golfers can now access more speed and distance too. With a mix of equipment, training aids, and exercise programs, more distance has never been easier.

Key Takeaways 

  • Hitting longer drives in golf makes the game easier as you have shorter approach shots.
  • There are tons of ways to add distance including new equipment, speed training, workouts, ball striking consistency, and more.
  • Studies have found that hitting 3-wood instead of driver doesn’t help hit that many more fairways and leads to longer approaches. 

Keep reading to learn the best strategies to hit the ball far.

Golf Swing Speed

Dial in the Fundamentals for Faster Swing Speeds

Before getting into speed training and other techniques it’s best to work on the fundamentals. So many golfers give up tons of distance off the tee from poor mechanics.

Let’s address some of the most common issues to ensure you’re set up for success.


How you hold the golf club is one of the most important parts of the swing.

Most golfers give up tons of distance off the tee (and with every shot) from a weak grip. A weak grip leads to a lot of slices (thanks to an open club face) which kill distance.

To hit a golf ball farther you need the correct grip; start by strengthening your left hand (assuming you’re a right-handed golfer). This will get you in a better position and make it easier to optimize speed in your swing. 

Correct Golf Posture

Stance and Posture 

The second thing you need to look at during your setup is stance and posture

With a driver, you need to build a wider base with your feet more than shoulder width apart. This makes it easier to make a full backswing and stay balanced in the swing. It’s also a good idea to flare your feet slightly out to make a bigger turn. 

Don’t forget about finding the right posture too. If you’re too hunched over the ball you’ll lose your angles and not generate enough speed.


Finally, you need to make sure you’re aligned square to the target (or even an open stance). If your alignment is off before you swing the club it’s nearly impossible to generate enough distance.

Use your phone to record your swing in practice to check aim and alignment sticks too. Make sure your upper body is aligned with your hips and feet to start on the correct swing path.

Tweak Your Driver

Once you’re in the right position at address it’s time to look at your equipment to hit golf balls longer than ever.

Playing the right driver for your swing is key to getting the most out of every drive. Since most golf drivers are adjustable (with weights and the hosel) you can optimize the club to your game. 

Here are the biggest things to consider when adjusting your driver.

Adjustable Driver Explained


If you want to hit longer drives, you need the right amount of loft. Most golfers tend to play with not enough loft and can hurt their carry and total distance. 

Test out different settings by adding or removing loft and see how it impacts your total distance and accuracy. Use a launch monitor if possible to see how different lofts impact spin rates. Typically, more loft will help – especially if you’re not a fast swinging golfer. 


Another great perk of adjustable drivers is that you can add weight to the heel or toe.

If you have a nasty slice or hook on every tee shot, you are losing out on tons of distance. While making swing changes can help, even tweaking your driver can help in the short term.

If you tend to hit a slice, move the weight to the heel of your driver. This makes the toe lighter and easier to square the face at impact. Or, add more weight to the toe if you suffer from a hook as your main miss. 

Also, check out the best drivers for a slice here.

Buy a New Driver

Adjusting your current driver settings can help, sometimes it’s not enough. With so much new equipment coming out from Callaway, Titleist, Cobra, and other club manufacturers it might be time to get a new driver. 

Each year I get a new driver and see a direct impact on club speed, ball speed, and total distance. But even if you don’t want to buy one every year (as they’re not cheap) you should upgrade every few years if you’re concerned about distance. 

When buying a new driver it’s a good idea to do a custom fitting with a professional club fitter. This way you can test out drivers from different brands with different shafts to find the one that is right for you. 

How to Hit a Golf Ball Farther

Start Speed Training

Once your equipment and fundamentals are dialed in, it’s time to start speed training. But if you’re like most golfers you’re probably thinking… “What is speed training?”

Here’s how SuperSpeed Golf defines it. “Your brain remembers how fast your body usually moves when you make a golf swing. Overspeed Training works by making your body move faster than normal during the training, gradually causing the brain to remember this faster speed.”

By using weight sticks and following a set protocol for 8–12 weeks you can see massive gains in distance. For every 1mph you add in swing speed results in about three extra yards with your driver! Plus I’ve found they can not only help you swing faster but have a better swing tempo too.

Here are some of our favorite tools to help you increase your swing speed for longer drives.

Superspeed Golf Swing Training Review

SuperSpeed Golf

SuperSpeed Golf is one of the biggest names in the speed training game. Out of all the speed training programs I think this is the best for beginners as it’s very easy to get started. 

This set comes with three weighted clubs to help you add speed in a few months (or less). Follow the protocol online about 3X per week and you will start to see results.

What’s great about speed training is that you don’t need to spend hours each day with them. All it takes is 15–20 minutes a few times per week to start seeing increased speed.

Click here to read our full review now.

The Stack System Review

The Stack System 

The Stack System is a more advanced speed training system that is geared towards better golfers. This is a single club that comes with a weight kit (five different weights) to make the club heavier and lighter. Like SuperSpeed Golf, you follow a set protocol over a few months to try and program for muscles for faster swings.

But unlike its biggest competitor, the Stack System does require you to purchase a launch monitor or speed radar. This way you can enter your swing data in the app and track your progress over time. The app changes your training based on the data you input after each session.

The Stack is used by tons of professional golfers including the 2022 US Open Champion Matthew Fitzpatrick. Click here to read our full review of the Stack System now.

Start Working Out  

Finally, don’t forget to make sure your body is prepared to add speed and hit longer drives.

Tiger Woods made working out in golf a normal thing and almost every other player has started something similar. While you don’t need to work out twice a day and run six miles like Tiger used to, a few times a week can do wonders to your game. 

It’s a great idea to work out regularly with weight training to add muscle and increase speed. Plus, regular workouts can help you avoid injuries and play this game for a lot longer. 

When working out, focus on bigger muscles like your legs, back, and chest to gain more speed. Make sure to check out our favorite golf workouts here.  

Best Golf Workout

FAQs About Hitting Longer Drives

Do you have more questions about hitting longer drives? If so, keep reading to learn how to hit it longer than ever and hopefully start shooting lower scores fast. 

Why can’t I hit the golf ball far in golf?

If you aren’t hitting the golf ball as far as you’d like it’s likely a combination of the factors mentioned above. This includes poor mechanics, wrong driver settings, a driver that is right for your swing, and not enough muscle. When you fix these issues and keep speed training over time, you can see a big impact on total distance. 

How do you hit a 300 yard golf ball?

Did you know that in the 2022 season the average PGA Tour drive was 299.8 yards? While guys like Cameron Champ and Rory McIlroy were closer to 321, the majority of players barely got to 300. 

The reason they’re able to hit long drives is because of all the tips mentioned above. They have unbelievable mechanics, equipment that is perfect for their game, and most are fitness junkies. Even if you don’t have the same swing mechanics as them, you can hit the ball farther and increase speed using the tips above.

How do PGA Tour players hit it so far?

PGA Tour players hit it so far because they practice a lot and have a team of people helping them. From chiropractors, fitness specialists, chefs, and trainers, they have a ton of people that are helping optimize their body for longer drives. 

Average Distance Golf Clubs

How many yards does the average person hit a golf ball?

We’ve got a full article on that very topic right here. With a driver, a mid-handicap typically carries the golf ball 240 yards. Players with a slower swing average around 215 yards. If you can get your swing speed to closer to 100mph with the driver you’ll see a massive impact on total distance. 

My Experience

In my long golf career I’ve hit it 200 yards off the tee as a teenager all the way to 300+ yards and can say distance makes golf easier. If I could go back in time I would have spent more time focusing on gaining distance. 

Even if you give up some accuracy it’s well worth it. I’d much rather hit a pitching wedge or 9-iron into a green vs. a 6-iron. 

While you don’t need to train like a long drive champ, using the tips above can do wonders to your game. Make it a priority to focus on distance by speed training and working out each week. As you develop a more consistent swing paired with these two things you’ll be hitting it longer than ever. 

Final Thoughts on How to Hit a Golf Ball Farther

If you’re obsessed with distance I suggest buying an individual launch monitor so you can track your progress over time.

These small devices make it easy to track your clubhead speed and total distance to see if your programs are helping you achieve your goals. While it won’t happen overnight, with consistency you will see results. 

Stick with your commitment and you’ll have faster swing speeds and more distance than ever before.