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Straighten Your Flight: The 7 Best Drivers for a Slice

Don’t you hate it when you hit a massive slice that feels like it just won’t quit going from left to right?

The reaction on the golf course to a badly sliced tee shot usually comes in two waves.  

First, there is some stunned silence as you watch your ball slice off target and out of view. 

Then, realizing that you don’t want to injury anybody or end up in small claims court, you scream “FORE!”

Overall, it doesn’t feel good. The slice kills distance and makes it really hard to shoot low scores as you’re often times playing from farther back and from the rough. If there is trouble right that day, good luck!

Some players might adjust by hitting 3-wood and end up even further back. But the slice is the most common shot among golfers, so if you’re suffering from one, know that you aren’t alone.

Our Choice for Best Anti Slice Drivers

  1. Taylormade SIM Max D-Type DriverBest All Around Anti Slice Driver
  2. Cobra F-Max Airspeed Offset DriverAnother Good Driver to fix a Slice
  3. Taylormade M6 D-Type DriverBest Budget Offset Driver

Keep in mind it’s not just the beginning golfer that fights the slice. Even the good players fight the slice from time to time, especially if they have an over the top move.

But as you know, slicing your tee shots all the time, however, is not a laughing matter. If you fall into that camp, the good news is that equipment is out there to help you tame that slice. 

While it’s worth your time to learn why you’re slicing it, some things can’t get fixed overnight. Luckily, you can hit the ball straighter with some of the best new clubs on the market.

That leads us to the question, what are the best drivers for a slicer?

The Best Drivers for a Slice in 2020

Let’s take a look at five awesome slice-fighting clubs on the market in 2020. Keep reading after the reviews to learn how these drivers actually help you beat the slice.

Callaway Mavrik MAX

After the extremely successful release of the Callaway Epic Flash in 2019, they unveiled the Callaway Mavrik Max in 2020. While they rolled out three new models (Mavrik Standard, Mavrik Max, and Mavrik Sub Zero), we’ll focus on the Mavrik Max as it’s made for higher handicap golfers who want to hit it straigther.

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max Driver (Right Hand, Project X Evenflow Riptide 50G, Regular, 10.5 Degree)

The club comes with two interchangeable weights for a “MAX” forgiveness and a “MAX draw” configuration. Not only is this club long, it’s built to prevent you from hitting the banana slice!


  • The new face architecture required FS2S titanium, an extremely strong material that’s 6 grams lighter than traditional titanium to promote optimal speed, forgiveness, and spin robustness.
  • Two internal “Jailbreak” bars connect the sole and crown. This promotes fast ball speed, and the significantly lighter carbon crown allows us to redistribute weight for higher MOI.
  • Like the Callaway Epic series, they used A. I. to design a sophisticated internal titanium rib system. This technology fine-tunes the head to produce a deeper, highly satisfying sound while helping you minimize the slice and hit bombs off the tee.
  • Interchangeable weights. The club comes with a 14g and 2g weight that are positioned in the sole, near the heel and rear. You can place the 14g in the rear for max forgivness or in the heel to produce a draw.


  • Price: This is one of the most expensive clubs on the market but it’s worth every penny. For as much as you hit the driver, it’s a worthwhile investment if you’re committed to improving your long game.

Click here to purchase the Callaway Mavrik MAX driver.

Cobra F-Max Airspeed Offset Driver Review

Cobra is known for giving more “oomph for you mph” but with the F-Max Airspeed offset, the focus is on keeping you in the fairway. Not to mention, it’s a lot more affordable than most drivers on this list. Plus, it looks awesome with its sleek black and blue design.

The key to this club is lightweight technology as it is Cobra’s lightest driver. It weights 50 grams less than the conventional drivers to focus on more distance. The lighter weight will help give the average player more speed which creates more distance. But the offset features will ensure that you hit it straight and not just long.

King Cobra F-Max Airspeed Offset RH Driver 10.5 Regular Flex SL 45G

Cobra’s research found that golfers with a moderate swing speed and tendency to slice needed a club with maximum draw bias. Ultralight construction, not only on the club face, but also on the 50-gram Superlight shaft help make this club a breeze to swing. Most graphite driver shafts weigh in between 60 and 90 grams so you will instantly feel the difference when you pick one up.

An added bonus is the improved laser grips on the club that will help with comfort and consistency on tee shots.


  • At 285 grams, it’s 50 grams lighter than most drivers on this list resulting in effortless distance.
  • The offset hosel and fixed back-heel weighting/center of gravity helps promote straighter and higher arcing drives with minimal side spin that promotes slicing. Plus, a straight neck hosel is also available for golfers that want minimal draw bias as well.
  • Visually-pleasing crown alignment, highlighted by the iconic Cobra logo and PWR ridges provide a visual alignment to help you set up square to your target every time. This design makes it easier to align the clubhead at address which gives you more confidence and results in straighter trajectories down the fairway.
  • Back/heel weighting. The F-Max Airspeed features a head that is weighted in your favor. If you have trouble turning the club over, having the weight concentrated low and towards the heel will reduce your slice and improve your ball flight.
  • Despite the club’s ultra lightweight design, the club head has enough of a weighty feel. This weighty feel remains stable and firm through impact.


  • Like most drivers in the game-adjustment category, there is no adjustability with this driver.
  • The hosel is offset more than some other draw-bias drivers. This can work against golfers that do not have a major slice problem but there is a straightneck version as well.

Click Here to Order the Cobra F-Max Airspeed Driver.

2020 TaylorMade Sim Max D Driver Review

It’s no surprise to see so many professional players, including Tiger Woods, putting them in their bags at the biggest tournaments. But in 2020, the Sim Max is the latest offering from TaylorMade. They have the SIM, SIM Max, and Sim MAX d versions available.

TaylorMade SIM MAX-D Driver, UST Mamiya Helium 5 Shaft, 10.5 Degree Loft, Right Hand, Stiff Flex

Where is no argument that you can hit it long with the latest M5 or M6 driver but keeping it in the fairway can be a problem for those that slice the ball. TaylorMade has created a driver that mid-to-high handicappers can enjoy the straighter ball flight with this club’s built-in draw bias.

The “D” stands for draw. This club has a multi-material design, geocoustic sole and active speed pocket. 

This draw bias design adds heel-weight and a slight offset to deliver an average of 12 yards right-to-left draw action and up to 20 yards of draw-bias. That can make the difference between the tall stuff and the fairway for so many weekend golfers.


  • The SIM Max D is engineered to help golfers avoid the right side of the course by a strategically placed heel-bias internal weight and divergent topline masking. This makes the driver look more open at address which helps you close the face at impact.
  • Aysmmetric Sole & Inertia Generator: The reshaped sole design optimizes clubhead speed and aerodynamics at the most critical stage of the swing (impact) to hit it straighter.
  • Speed Injected Twist face Technology: Each club has been individually calibrated and injected to reach the threshold of the maximum legal limit of ball speed. The revolutionary face curvature reduces sidespin and delivers straighter shots on off-center strikes.
  • Customize your performance with a new 4 degree aluminum loft sleeve that features 12 adjustable settings to help stop your slice habit. You can adjust up to +/- 2 degrees of loft.
  • Comes equipped with a high launching UST Helium 5 stock shaft but other custom shafts are available.
  • The Golf Pride Z-grip performanceis textured and provides amazing feel.


  • There is no adjustable weight system on the sole that comes with Sim Max D.
  • Some golfers have noted that the club has more of a “thud” sound at impact.
  • Some golfers can struggle to keep the spin rates down with this driver which can cost some distance overall. But the tradeoff is not finding trouble down the right side.

Click Here to Order the TaylorMade Sim Max D-Type Driver.

Cleveland Launch HB Turbo Draw Type

Cleveland may not have the name cachet as PING, Cobra or TaylorMade but when it comes to hitting it straighter, are you worried about brand name? Over the last 20 years, Cleveland has morphed from just making great wedges to all sorts of effective clubs for players of all calibers.

Cleveland GolfLauncherTurboDrv10.5S Drw RH

The Cleveland Launch HB Turbo Draw which has a dramatically expanded sweet spot to deliver more power, even on mishits. It even made the 2020 Golf Digest Hot List as it’s not only wildly effective but extremely good looking golf club.

Cleveland has the normal version or the “Draw” version to help you turn the ball over or at least straighten it out. With more weight in the heel and offset hosel combine to keep your ball on a right-to-left trajectory.


  • Turbocharged Cup Face: The new variable face provides higher COR over a larger impact area for increased ball speeds and more distance.
  • iBore Crown and Ultralight Hosel: The redesigned HiBore Crown lowers the center of gravity by 2.2mm, enabling a lower center of gravity position (and bigger sweet spot). The ultralight hosel redistributes weight low and deep for a higher launch and more forgiveness.
  • Deep Weighting: This allows you to get more speed and distance.
  • Counter Balanced Shaft Design: This shaft is specifically designed for the Launcher HB Turbo Driver. The Miyazaki C. Kua’s center of gravity is relocated higher toward the grip, enabling additional head mass for increased MOI.
  • Sleek design: This gray, black, and red makes it the best driver when it comes to looks. Plus, the matching headcover protects your new driver for the long-term.


  • This driver is not offset like others on this list but there is a draw bias model.
  • Like most drivers on this list, there is no adjustability with this model.

Click Here to Order the Launcher HB Turbo Draw Driver today!

Mizuno ST200X Driver

Surprised that Mizuno is on the best driver list? We are too but we focus on providing the best clubs, regardless of brands. The ST200 series is a new breed of Mizuno metal woods, ready for the world stage in 2020. Let me start by saying this club is sleek and one of the best looking ones on the market.

If you had to buy a driver purely on looks, this one or the Cleveland would have an epic battle. This sleek, all black, white, ST200X is also laced with tons of technology to help you hit it straight.

Mizuno ST200 Driver, Right Hand, 9.5 Degree, High Launch, Reg, Black

The ST200 series were created through a landmark collaboration between Mizuno’s Japanese and US R&D teams and played by Mizuno’s Tour players across the world. The ST200X 10.5-degree driver features extreme lightweight design to encourage a higher flight and draw bias.

The ST200X head has its own unique shape, additional heel weight and upright lie angle. All of these features work together to encourage a distance-enhancing, high draw flight. What amateur golfer doesn’t want that? Built upon the increased ball speeds of Mizuno’s new multi-thickness Beta Rich Forged Titanium face.


  • Beta Rich Forged Titanium face yields an incredibly responsive clubface for optimal feel.
  • Great for mid to low swing speeds. The driver is designed to work best with Mizuno’s own Japan specification MFUSION 39g shaft to increase clubhead speed and launch angle.
  • A completely unique head shape, designed with more mass towards the heel and additional heel weight to promote a draw.
  • Adjustability: The loft is adjustable by 4 degrees with additional upright and flatter settings. This is rare for the game improvement drivers that help you eliminate the slice.


  • Overall, not a ton of negative to say about this driver. Golfers are enjoying it and have noted its very comparable to the TaylorMade Sim driver but a lot lower price.

Click to Order the Mizuno ST200X Driver Today!

Best Driver for a Slice (2019 Edition)

As you know, golf isn’t a cheap sport. So if you want to save some money and want to buy the best driver from 2019, check out these two choices as well.

TaylorMade M6 D-Type

TaylorMade Golf M6 D-Type Driver, 10.5 Loft, Right Hand, Regular Flex Shaft: Project X Evenflow Max Carry 45

The TaylorMade M6 D-Type will still play well in 2020 and save you money! The D-Type is a draw-biased driver delivers incredible performance in an easy to launch package. The face angle appears more open resulting in a more closed face at impact.

Callaway Epic Flash

If you love the Mavrik driver but want to save some money, check out the Callaway Epic Flash driver. It’s the first one to use Callaway’s A.I. technology, jailbreak technology, and will help your accuracy and distance.

Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash Driver, Right Hand, Project X HZRDUS, 60G, Regular Flex, 10.5 Degrees , Black

One big benefit over most drivers is that this is an adjustable driver designed to provide distance. Plus, you can adjust the weights, club slider, loft, etc.

Read the full review of the Callaway Epic Flash here. It was one of the best value clubs of 2019 and can help you for years to come.

Best Driver for Slice

FAQ: Anti Slice Drivers

What is a slice?

A slice is ball that moves hard from left to right. It’s a tough shot to play consistently, but we aren’t talking about shanks or totally mishits off the tee. The longer the club and lower the loft, the more the ball tends to slice.

Your average Saturday afternoon slice is a decently-struck drive that simply doesn’t fly straight. It slices off course left-to-right for right-handers and right-to-left for the southpaws.

Anatomy of a Slice

When you slice the ball, you are not striking your tee shot with a square club face at impact. You’re missing the sweet spot and hitting it on the heel. By leaving your club face open, relative to the club path, this results in a shot that moves to the right off the tee.

The opposite errant tee shot is when you strike the ball with the club face closed relative to path at impact. This results in a hook or draw ball that moves to the left. Slices tend to have less spin and not roll out as far as a hook or draw.

For most high-to-mid range handicappers, the slice is a bigger concern than the hook. Most slicers tend to pull their driver inside on the backswing with an open clubface. Then, they have to make a big out-to-in swinging left through impact that opens up the club face.

As a player starts to slice more, they aim farther left thinking this is the solution, when in reality it’s making things worse. By aiming farther left, you are making it even more likely to hit the dreaded pull cut or slice.

This infographic explains it a little bit more as well:

Best Drivers for a Slice Infographic

Why do I slice my driver but not my irons?

If you’re like most golfers, you probably notice that the driver tends to produce the biggest slice in the bag. This is why so many golfers avoid the big stick and are terrified of the driver.

Many golfers can play most of their irons fairly straight but find themselves deep in the woods after a slice from the tee. Does that sound familiar?

The design of the driver is primarily why it is more prone to slicing a lot more than any other club.

For starters, your driver is the longest club in your bag. The longer the club and swing, the more that can go wrong during your swing. 

Plus, your driver is also your lowest lofted club in the bag as most range between 9-11* for amateur players. With the lower loft, the curve of the ball is exaggerated off the face of a driver.

When you add all of this up with a clubface that isn’t square, you’re left hitting it towards the heel and slicing hard right. If it’s windy, whether into the wind or a left to right breeze, things usually get even worse.

What creates a slice?

Technically, a slice happens when you have an out-to-in swing path with an open clubface relative to the path. 

The average golfer usually will have an out-to-in swing path on the downswing and the result will be an open clubface at impact and the result will be a slice.

But, in simple terms, for most of us a slice is because we have an open clubface at impact

So to fix the slice, we need to address the open clubface at impact. The open clubface can be caused be a variety of things including:

Discussing in detail or fixing any of those issues are outside the scope of this article but wanted to give you an idea of what’s going on. But, if you find yourself with this dreaded slice, you have two options:

  • Check out our article on How to Stop Slicing, or if you don’t have time to practice and need a quick fix
  • Buy a new driver that yields a draw or minimize the slice. The average golfer can call on today’s new line of drivers in 2020 to help control their slice. 

Driver Technology to Help Slicers: Offset

The reaon I explained more about the slice is so that you can understand what to look for in new equipment. Since slicers have trouble getting the clubface closed at impact, club manufacturers have given them an edge by creating drivers that are “offset”.

With this type of driver, the clubface is not aligned directly with the shaft. Instead, it is set back slightly from the neck or hosel. I’ll be honest, it looks very different than a standard golf club but who cares what it looks like if it helps you hit it straighter.

When a slicer hits their normal shot, the offset gives the club face a fraction more time to get square before impact. This can limit slicing off the tee and help you find more fairways to shoot lower scores.

Of course, if you have perfect a swing that has your club on plane, then using an offset club will cause you to hit the ball with a closed club face. Creating a face angle at impact that is closed will result in a hook as mentioned before.

Make sure to only purchase this if you’re really suffering from a big slice!

Shifting the Weight in the Driver to Control Your Slice

Offset drivers are not the only way golf engineers can help slicers hit it straighter. With so much technology, club manufacturers are making it easier than ever to find the sweet spot.

Drivers are also made with more weight in the heel of the club, which is where the club face meets the shaft. The extra heel weight makes the rear end of the club rotate slower. This keeps the clubface more closed at impact, which can correct a slice from happening as well.

And the Best Driver for a Slice is …

So which is the best driver? It’s harder than ever to choose with so many options out there. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of them on this list.

If budget isn’t an issue, the TaylorMade SIM Max D Type is an excellent choice. It will help turn your slice into a fade and maybe even a draw. If you want to go a little cheaper, you can also look at the 2019 M6 D-Type model or check out the Cobra F-Max Airspeed Offset as well.

Another important thing to consider is if you want a driver that is offset or not. This feature isn’t for everyone as it looks very different at address. Despite being around the golf industry for quite some time, it’s not for every golfer! If you find offset isn’t for you, look at the Mavrik Max driver.

Each driver has custom graphite shafts, reduce side spin, and help you get closer to a straight flight. Find the one that works best for your game and budget.

Hopefully this review will make your purchasing decision easier than ever. All these clubs will help your golf balls find more fairways than ever before!

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