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SKB Deluxe Staff Travel Case Review

SKB Deluxe Staff Travel Case Review

For some of us, traveling with golf clubs produces a lot of anxiety (especially if you’re going on a bucket list golf trip). Because let’s face it, we spend a lot of money on clubs, shafts, and gear to help our game.

Luckily, the SKB Deluxe Staff travel case can reduce your anxiety and help you travel with a more carefree attitude. While we’ve written extensively about the best travel bags for golf, today we want to focus on one of the bestselling hard cases.

SKB Deluxe Staff Travel Case

Let’s just say this case is not like soft-shell, floppy cases. No, this is a heavy-duty case thanks to the polyethylene material. The locking system will also keep out dust, dirt, and other debris in case you pack other golf clothes in the bag.

While it’s extremely durable, it’s also a pretty large bag at 51” L x 17” W x 14.6” H. The item also weighs 18 pounds so it’s important to check airline weight requirements ahead of time.

Key Takeaways

  • The SKB Deluxe Staff travel case is a heavy-duty bag that fits almost all size bags.
  • This case provides maximum protection thanks to its heavy duty hard exterior.
  • The SKB fits drivers up to 48 inches (most standard drivers are 46 inches), a pair of shoes, and other small golf gear.

Upgraded Features

This case got a nice upgrade from the previous bestseller thanks to the wider top portion. Since most golf bags have a large handle at the top, this allows for plenty of room in this case. Not to mention, this case is so large that it can handle cart bags and even Tour (or staff bags) with ease.

SKB Deluxe Staff Travel Case Review

However, it’s important to check your bag doesn’t have too big of a handle or you might need the XL model. Here’s what they said on their website, “This case WILL NOT FIT newer stand or cart bags with protruding top molded handles that exceed 12″ in overall width. If your bag has the top molded handle, please order the SKB Pro Staff XL Golf Case, model number 2SKB-SPXL.”

TSA Lockable Trigger Latches

Another perk with these bags is the enhanced security features. These offer a TSA locking system to secure your clubs but also not cause any hold up with airport security either.

Lifetime Warranty

Most travel cases come with a one or 2-year warranty. But SKB goes above and beyond with their incredible lifetime warranty.

Here’s what they said on their website. “SKB-branded hardshell cases are fully warranted against defects in materials and craftsmanship for the life of the case to the original owner. That means if your case breaks, SKB will supply replacement parts, repair the case, or replace your case for as long as you own it.”

Make sure to keep your proof of purchase and KSB will cover all the costs of repairs and or replacements.

SKB Cases ATA Deluxe Standard Hard Plastic 48 inches Long Interior Golf Bag Storage Traveling Case with Wheels and Reliable Secure Latches, Black

FAQs About Travel Cases

Do you have more questions about travel cases? If so, keep reading to learn some of the most frequently asked questions and answers now.

Are SKB cases good?

Yes, they are some of the most durable travel bags available. They’re very different from soft cases but also provide the most protection for your golf equipment. Whether you have a carry, stand, or even staff bag, these cases will keep your golf clubs safe and secure.

How much does an SKB case weigh? How much does a hard travel case weigh?

This Deluxe case weighs 18 pounds.

SKB Deluxe Staff Travel Case Review

Is a hard or soft golf travel bag better?

It’s a matter of personal preference as both provide great protection for your clubs. I’ve personally used a soft bag for more than a decade and never had any issues (knock on wood). While some golfers only use hard bags for maximum security and protection from TSA.

If you do choose to buy a hard case it’s always a good idea to make sure you can easily lift the case in and out of your car. Plus, plan accordingly as there are no exterior pockets in most hard cases like you have with softer cases.

Do airlines charge for golf bags?

Unfortunately yes, they don’t let your clubs fly free (unless you’re on Southwest Airlines).

Otherwise, all airlines charge a baggage fee and possibly an additional fee if your bag exceeds their weight limit. Each airline has their own requirements (typically between 40–50 pounds) so it’s a good idea to check ahead of time to not get charged any extra fees.

Make sure to read our post on flying with golf clubs.

SKB Cases ATA Deluxe Standard Hard Plastic 48 inches Long Interior Golf Bag Storage Traveling Case with Wheels and Reliable Secure Latches, Black

Final Thoughts

The SKB Deluxe travel case is a great bag for maximum protection. While it’s not the most handy since it’s large and weighs a lot more than most, it’s not ideal for short flight. But if you have longer flights and/or more connections at other airports, this is a great bag to keep your gear safe.

The latching system, hard exterior, and lifetime warranty make it easy to trust your clubs will safely get from A to B. Not to mention their incredible $1500 club coverage as well. Needless to say, they trust this case will get the job done.

Finally, it’s also a great idea to buy an Apple AirTag for your bag. This will allow you to easily track your bag using the “Find my iPhone” app and provides an extra piece of mind.

Simply insert the small tracker in your bag and have peace of mind until you pick them up at baggage claim. Plus, if they ever do get lost you can hopefully locate which airport they went too.

>> Click here to purchase the SKB Deluxe Staff Travel Case.

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