Bingo Bango Bongo Golf

Bingo Bango Bongo: The Golf Game with the Funny Name

If you’re like a lot of golfers I’m sure you’ve wondered, what does Bingo Bango Bongo mean in golf? 

It’s a good question as there are endless golf terms in this exciting sport. Most golfers are familiar with ones like chunk, skull, slice, mulligan, or hack but bingo bango bongo is a little different. 

Bingo Bango Bongo doesn’t refer to a type of shot but instead a type of golf betting game. Today we’ll help you understand more about this points based golf game to see if it’s something you and your group should try on the golf course. 

How to Play Bingo Bango Bongo Golf Betting Game 

Gambling games make golf a lot more exciting than a normal round of stroke play. Bingo Bango Bongo is easy to learn, easy to score, and works with all types of golfers. 

Key Takeaways

  • Bingo Bango Bongo is a type of golf gambling game where three points are up for grabs on every hole. 
  • Each term – bingo, bango, and bongo – is worth a point and has their own meaning for a specific activity on the hole. 
  • At the end of the round points are added up and paid out; each point is typically worth a dollar in this game.
  • Ready golf is not allowed in bingo bango bongo which might hurt pace of play and etiquette is everything in this game. 

Keep reading to learn how this game works, how many players can join the fun, best scoring strategies, and more. 

Rules of Bingo Bango Bongo 

The rules of this fun game are pretty simple compared to other formats like Wolf.

With bingo bango bongo scoring there are three points on every single hole. To earn points a player must do one of these three things:

Types of Golf Games

Bingo Point

This point is awarded to the first player in the group who gets their golf ball on the green. Even if you’re a short hitter you can still get a lot of points if you’re accurate with your approach shot strategy. 

Or, if you’re the first golfer to hit on a par 3, this is a big advantage as you get the first attempt and can lock up a point if your ball finds the green.

Bango Point

When every golfer is on the green the person who is closest to the pin is awarded another point. This encourages players to aim more aggressively at the flag in hopes for a point and puts a premium on a good second shot.

However, there are variations played where you’re required to hit the green in regulation. Otherwise, you could miss the green but still get a bango point with a good chip.

Bongo Point

The final point is awarded to the player whose ball ends up in the cup first. So if you make a long putt you might not win the bango point but can still win the bongo point.

All point values are the same – regardless of if you get a bingo, bango or bongo point.

What’s great about this game is that you can play it with 2, 3 or 4 people, even if golfers have varying skill levels. As you can imagine, the person with the most bongo points wins.

Alternate Versions of bingo Bango Bongo Golf Game

Bingo bango bongo is typically a gross scoring game and each point is awarded without handicaps. But one alternate version is to play using handicaps.

In this version the first on the green in the fewest strokes gets the bingo point. Then the golfer who hits closest to the pin earns the bango point. Finally, the golfer with the lowest net score on the hole wins the bongo point.

Always clarify which version of bingo bango bongo scoring before everyone tees off.

Etiquette is Everything 

When playing bingo bango bongo golf betting game strict etiquette is very important.

Normally we’re big fans of people playing ready golf to speed up the pace of play. But in this format, ready golf is not allowed as it will have a huge impact on the game.

Since one point is awarded to the golfer that gets on the green first, playing out of turn isn’t fair to other competitors. Which makes it fun because even if someone in the group isn’t a long hitter, they can still get a point with an accurate approach shot. 

Golf Etiquette

Plus, if the person who has the first shot hits the ball closest to the pin they can earn double points.

This always brings in strategy as you might intentionally try to lay back slightly on certain holes for the first crack at the green. This will give you the opportunity to hit the green first and score a crucial bingo point. 

Additionally, tap outs are not allowed (no gimmies). As the rules of golf state, the farthest person away must putt first. Otherwise, the first player to tap in would get a bongo point.

Smart and precise golf is required to end up with the most points at the end of the round.  

FAQs About Golf Games 

Do you have more questions about this golf game? If so, keep reading through the most commonly asked questions and answers now. 

Who tees off first when you play Bingo Bango Bongo?

In bingo bango bongo golf the teeing order of the playing field is very important as the first golfer can get a bingo point if they hit the green. Normally the teeing order is based on the player’s score from the previous hole.

But on the first tee it’s common for all golfers in the group to stand around in a circle and throw a tee in the air. Whoever the tee is pointing at will tee off first and this is repeated until the order of players is established.

After the first hole honors golf is determined to see how goes first on the hole.

How do you score Bingo Bango Bongo?

In Bingo, Bango, Bongo there are three points awarded on every hole. Each point comes from a specific activity – like being the first person to hit the green. After 18 holes the points are tallied up and the losers will need to pay the winner the difference.

For example, if four golfers are playing for 54 points (18 holes, three points a hole) let’s say player A won with 20 points. If player B had 12 points, he would then owe the winner $8 as each point is typically a one dollar payout. If you want to make things a lot more interesting make sure to play for $2 or $5 per point. 

Who tees off first in Bingo Bango Bongo?

Teeing order is very important in this game as the “bingo” point is up for grabs. The honor’s system is used – meaning whoever made the lowest score on the previous hole tees off first. If there was a tie on the previous hole, it carries to the hole before that and so on. 

Does handicap matter in Bingo Bango Bongo golf?

No – handicap is not typically involved with scoring. Low gross score is the only thing that matters for the teeing order.

Stableford Scoring System

My Experience

One of the great things about golf is that you can play so many different types of games. Stroke play can get a little repetitive, especially when you play with the same group of people consistently. But match play, Stableford, Wolf, the Dots Game and Bingo Bango Bongo are some great alternatives to make the day a lot more exciting.

What’s fun about Bingo Bango Bongo is that golfers of all abilities can enjoy the game. Plus, it’s fun even if you hit a bad drive but then hit a great shot on the green. In some cases you will get the Bingo and the Bongo point too.

I also like that this game prioritizes aggressive play. Since one of the points relates to approach shot proximity it encourages a lot more flag hunting. 

It’s also fun that the total gross score isn’t as important. Instead, it’s about trying to get on the green and hit it close. But you can’t play too aggressively as scoring does affect teeing order, which makes for some great strategy. 

If you don’t hit a good approach shot it also encourages aggressive putting too. Needless to say, if you’re playing this game it’s not the time to leave putts short. 

Final Thoughts on Bingo Bango Golf

Bingo Bango Bongo is another fun golf format that encourages aggressive play. It’s great for all skill levels and very easy to score compared to other formats like Stableford. Even high handicap players can enjoy this game.

The best round doesn’t necessarily win the money but a good round can help earn more points by teeing off first. This requires strategy, solid play, and a good game plan (on tee shots and approaches). 

The only downside to this gambling game is that etiquette plays a significant role. Each player must abide by the rules to ensure proper scoring. 

Otherwise, it’s a great format that you should try out soon.