TaylorMade GAPR Review

Every year Golf Club manufacturers seem to come up with new and better ways to help players hit the ball longer and straighter. However, it’s not every day that someone comes up with an entirely new type of club.  This year it looks that TaylorMade has managed to do just that with the release of a new family …

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TaylorMade GAPR Hybrid Review

Titleist AVX Golf Ball Review

When a golfer thinks of quality golf balls, it’s easy to default to the soothing voice of CBS Sports golf commentator Jim Nantz, who serves as pitch man for Titleist, the No. 1 ball in golf.  Dominating the market for decades, Titleist has been the popular choice among low handicap amateurs, college stars and has earned its moniker by year in …

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Long Distance Titleist AVX Golf Ball

Ping G400 Max Driver Review

Perhaps we all thought Ping would stand pat with its G400 driver and who could have blamed the manufacturing giant if they did.   Not only did they create a driver that was easy to hit in the G400 Driver but it was quite popular and sold well.   Of course it might not have been the perfect fit …

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Ping G700 Irons Review

Years ago, a fraternity brother of mine started playing in my regular Saturday morning foursome.   Armed with a set of irons from his uncle’s garage, he was a true beginner to golf.   But he was a great athlete in High School.  He was the Point Guard on the Basketball team, Quarterback on the Football team, and the Shortstop …

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TaylorMade M3 and M4 Hybrid Review

Let’s be honest, just about everyone carries hybrids instead of long irons these days.   When you think of a rescue club or hybrid, it’s quite likely TaylorMade pops into your mind.  Logically, TaylorMade makes great drivers and fairways woods, so why not hybrids?   TaylorMade understands that the majority of us aren’t as proficient with a long iron as …

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TaylorMade M3 Rescue Review

King Cobra F8 Irons Review

Since the introduction of the first utility wood – the “Baffler” – in 1975, or oversized heads in 1994, Cobra Golf has never stopped finding ways to help the average golfer play better and enjoy the game more. For 2018 they continue that commitment with the King Cobra F8 Irons, the King Cobra F8 Combo Irons, …

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