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Full Swing Work: The Best Golf Nets for Home

So what is the best golf practice net to help you hone your game at home?

If you’re like most golfers who want your own personal driving range, I’m sure you’ve asked this question or searched Google looking for all the answers. 

Well, after a ton of research comparing their features, here are our picks for the best ones for all budgets and sizes. We’ll also breakdown what to look for in your golf net and other accessories to make it a complete at home practice facility. 

While driving nets are great, we’ll also show a few chipping practice nets to help your chipping skills too. Paired together, you can create a realistic indoor golf facility in your own home and hopefully start shooting lower scores.

If you don’t want to read the full post and just looking for the good stuff, here are the best three golf practice nets:

How to Pick a Golf Net

Before going into detail about the best golf net, let’s go over what you should consider before buying your own hitting net. First, make sure you have plenty of space in your house, garage, or outside in the backyard or under a patio cover. 

A lot of golf practice nets are bigger than you might think (around seven feet high, minimum) so make sure you have the space to begin with. If you do and are ready to set up your own practice facility at home, here’s what you should consider:

Functionality of Golf Net (Ease of Use)

I would say one of the biggest factors when choosing your net is how easy it is to set up and take down. If you only get a little bit of time each week, you don’t want to waste it by installing and taking it down.

As you’ll see from our list below, some of them take a few minutes while others are more elaborate and might take 15-20 minutes. Some even have huge fiberglass poles that are more like batting cages than a typical golf net.

It also depends on where you intend to set up your net. If you’re using it for outdoor use only, you likely won’t need to take it down and should get one that is more sturdy.

Also, are you looking for a multi sport net that you and your family cane use for several activities? If so, make sure to check with the manufacturer before investing so you don’t ruin your golf net with a baseball.

Best Indoor Golf Net

Size of Driving Net

Once you find one that is functional, the next factor is size. As I mentioned, you want to make sure there is plenty of space for your net.

Because it’s just not your net size to consider but also the entire hitting area. You’ll need to think about your net, a few feet back for the mat, and the additional space behind the mat for your swing. If you intend on using a driver, then you’ll need even more space than if you are just working on your iron game. 

Type of Net (Golf Chipping Net vs. Driving Net)

Another thing to consider when buying a net is what it’s used for. From our research, there are pretty much three types of nets; chipping net, driving, and a golf cage. 

Underneath our list of full size driving nets is our favorite chipping golf nets for home as well. These are much smaller and much cheaper than a driving style.

The other type is a golf cage which is something you might see at a golf course that doesn’t have a driving range. These are usually pretty big and aren’t that common for residential use. But hey, golfers are obsessed with this game so you never know! 

Golf Net Return 

You’ll find that most nets on the market today have a built-in ball return so you don’t have to walk up each time to retrieve them. This will help save your back from bending down constantly and also save you time. The net return system is a great idea for all golfers!


One of the last things to consider is the net’s durability. Like most golf equipment, you get what you pay for. In general, the more expensive, the longer your golf net will last.

How often you’re using the net will also impact its durability as well. Also, make sure you confirm the warranty length and what to do if something goes wrong. Some even offer a lifetime warranty on certain parts of the net! Who doesn’t love a lifetime warranty?


Finally, make sure to check the price of each practice net. Some of the price points are substantially higher than others so make sure you pick one that works for your commitment to golf and total budget.

If you’re a serious player who knows you’ll use it regularly, spend the extra money on a good one. This way you won’t have to replace it in a few months and go through the hassle of buying another one. 

Plus, don’t forget to factor in your mat and other accessories as well.

Best Golf Practice Net

Best Golf Nets

Now that you know what to look for on the net, here are our top picks.

The Net Return Pro Series V2 Golf Net 

If you’re looking for an all-purpose, solid driving net, this is one of the best ones on the market. While it’s definitely not the cheapest practice net, its price is justified with all these amazing features.  

Here’s why it made our list:


  • Portable. With it’s “Quick Color Connect System” you can have this up and ready in under five minutes. Plus, it has a sleeve and carry bag to take it on the go for easy transport.
  • Extremely durable. This net was made for the biggest hitters, seriously it can withstand up to 225mph shots! Unless you’re Bryson DeChambeau, I think you’ll find no issues with this net lasting a long time.
  • Automatic ball return. No more having to reach down and grab your ball after every shot. This net is at the top of our list because not only does it have a ball return but it also provides incredible feedback. If you hit a straight shot, it should come back to your feet. But if you hit a hook, it should come back further than your feet and if you hit a slice, it should come up short of them. Even if you don’t have a launch monitor, this net provides amazing feedback to understand more about your game. 
  • Add on items. This net has a simulator screen (for an additional cost) to turn your net into a full practice facility. You can also buy universal side barriers that attach easily to ensure your mishits don’t cause any damages. 
  • Multi sport. This is one of the few nets that is made not just for golf but baseball, softball, lacrosse, soccer and more. Fun for the whole family without having to buy more than one net!
  • 250,000 shot guarantee. That’s right, 250,000 shots are guaranteed with this golf hitting net (just thinking about that many shots makes my back hurt). Seriously though, if you’re a committed golfer who knows you want a great practice setup for years to come, look no further than the Pro Series V2 golf net. It’s the best out there and worth every penny!

>>Click here to find the best price for Net Return V2 now.

SwingNet Indoor Golf Hitting Net

Next up on our list is Swingnet which is a great all-purpose golf net and can be used indoors. With its 8’ by 8’ feet wide size, it’s small enough to fit in some rooms and can go easily in a garage as well. Or, you can make it work in the backyard as well. You get to pick!


  • Very portable. If you want to take this to your buddies BBQ or a backyard outing, no problem! It’s very easy to set up and take down with its collapsible design and carry bag. Plus, it has a carry bag so you can take it wherever without needing any help.  
  • Durable. Even though it’s smaller and more compact than a lot of nets, it has impact resistant netting and a strong frame. Very heavy duty for such a small frame!  
  • Hanging hitting target. Finally, this net is great because there is a target to give you something to focus on. As you’ll see from our list, not all of them offer this or it’s an additional fee so this is a big plus. They even include a second target as well! 

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Net Return Mini Pro Series Hitting Net

If you’re tight on space but don’t want to sacrifice quality, look no further than the Net Return Mini Pro Series. While it’s smaller than almost everything else out there (5’W x 6’H x 3.5’D) it doesn’t cut any corners. It still delivers the high quality design of its big brother (the V2) at a lower price and smaller size. 


  • Size. At only five feet wide, it’s smaller than most but still allows you to hit every club in the bag. 
  • Easy to assemble. With its push button assembly and same Quick Color Connect System of the V2, it’s ready to go in no time. 
  • Multifunctional. Even though it’s small, it still works for other sports like Lacrosse, soccer, and others. 

>>Click here to find the best price for the Net Return Mini Pro Series.

Rukket Golf Net Pro 

Bring the driving range to your house with the full size, Rukket Pro. This net is great for the everyday golfer who wants a dependable net without a ton of expensive upgrades. 


  • Price. This is one of the most affordable and highly rated products that you’ll find online! Plus, it’s easy to set up.
  • Size. At 9’H x 7’W x 3’H deep, it’s great for a large garage or outside hitting area. With its new innovative design, it will catch those sideways mishits if used indoors so you won’t break anything valuable. 
  • Durability. With its 5-ply knotless weave nylon webbing, it’s certain to withstand all shots from wedges to driver. Plus, it has protective silicone feet and a 100% lifetime warranty. 

>>Click here to pick up a Rukket Net Pro.

Rukket even has an option if you want an all-in-one deal with a mat included.

GoSports Golf Practice Hitting Net 

If you’re looking for the most affordable net on the market and price is your biggest decision, you’ll love the GoSports net. But just because it’s very low price doesn’t mean it’s cheap though as thousands of shoppers have given it rave reviews online. This pop up golf net has everything you need to improve your golf swing


  • Two sizes available. You can snag this great deal in a 10’ x 7’ or a 7’ x 7’ making it great for indoor golf use.
  • Designed by golfers. GoSports is proudly designed by real players who know the game and made in the US. 
  • Ball return. The nylon net is only dependable but also has an innovative golf ball return feature so you can spend more time practicing, not chasing balls. 
  • Quick assembly. It’s very lightweight, easy to set up and breakdown so you can practice whenever you want. The ease of use makes this one of the best out there!  

>>Click here to purchase a GoSports Hitting Net.

Cimarron Masters Golf Net and Frame (Golf Cage)

Finally, if you’re looking for more of a cage than a net, look no further than the latest from Cimarron Masters. Needless to say, this is not your average pop up golf practice net!

This thing is a beast and comes in two size options: 10’L x 10’W x 10’H or the extended version, 20’L x 10’W x 10’H. Both of these options are completely enclosed and won’t let any balls out of the cage.

Obviously, this is not your average net and made for outdoor use only (unless you’re converting an RV garage into a golf bay). Otherwise, this isn’t meant to be taken down but instead withstand the elements and last you a long time.


  • Full enclosure. Even the worst of shots aren’t leaving this cage. Surprisingly, it’s not much more expensive than other nets despite its massive size. Obviously, no carry bag included!
  • Multiple size options. This is the biggest cage we could find and they have more than one option if you want something even larger.
  • High quality construction. The Cimarron comes with an assembly framing kit, poles, and backdrop to easily stop all your golf shots. While it’s not easy to assemble like the rest, its steel frame should be able to withstand all the conditions.

>>Click here to find the best price for the Cimarron Masters Net.

Best Outdoor Golf Net

As you can tell, there are all kinds of awesome nets depending on your total space available and budget. But don’t forget about the accessories you need too. Unless your wife doesn’t mind you taking divots out of your backyard, I suggest getting a mat and maybe a few other items for a full setup.

Hitting Mat 

The other main piece of equipment you need for your personal driving range is your mat. While you may not think twice about the mat and shop on price alone, I encourage you to think again. Your mat plays a pivotal role in creating the best practice sessions.

Not to mention a lot of golfers don’t like mats as they aren’t great for your body and joints. But now they are making mats with better material to help you practice pain free and are almost as good as the real thing.

SwingTurf Mat

The first one we recommend is the SwingTurf mat which has garnered rave reviews from golfers worldwide. While it’s definitely not the cheapest, it’s one of the best overall mats on the market. 

With it’s expertly crafted material, you can easily hit down and through the ball as if it’s real turf. Plus, you can use a real wooden tee for your hybrids, fairway woods, and even driver. It’s available in a 4’x5’ or a 4’x9’. 

Click here to buy it now.

FiberBuilt Mat 

If you’re looking for the Rolls-Royce of mats, the Fiberbuilt is the heavy duty one for you. This mat was designed for home golf simulator setups and launch monitor users.

The mat is designed to help you avoid injury by hitting through the mat as if it’s real grass. With its 300,000 shot guarantee, it’s bound to last you for years to come! If you’re looking for a more casual mat, check out one of the options below.

Click here to buy it now.

GoSports Golf Artificial Hitting Mat 

If you’re an everyday golfer not looking for anything fancy, check out the mat from GoSports. This commercial grade turf makes you feel almost like you’re hitting off turf at a fraction of the price of others. It’s available in several sizes and does include rubber tees. 

Click here to find your GoSports hitting mat.

Champkey Pro Tri-Turf Golf Mat 

Finally, if you’re looking for a small mat for hitting only, this is a great option. It has three unique hitting surfaces which makes it great for chipping all the way to bombing drives. Spare your lawn and practice from all types of lies to start shooting lower scores. 

Click here to pick up a Champkey mat today.

For even more hitting mats, check out our full review of the best golf mats on the market.

Launch Monitor

While golf practice nets and mats are great, the last thing you want to do is practice and end up seeing your scores go the wrong direction. If you want to practice with more of a purpose, a launch monitor will help you tremendously.

These small, handheld devices used to be exclusive to the pros and cost a fortune. But now, they’re widely available and help you understand your game better than ever. 

Most of them sync up with your phone to get instant feedback on each shot. Plus, they display all kinds of numbers (like swing speed, distance, spin, etc.) to help you learn more about your game. This will help you understand your swing like never before so you can learn what to work on each time you practice. 

Check out our favorite home launch monitors today!

Golf Ball Tray

Next to your hitting mat, you can also add a golf ball tray to make it look just like a range. This will allow you to keep all your practice balls neatly organized and not scattered all over the place. 

Here are some of our favorite picks:  

  • GoSports All Weather Tray: This high quality midsize golf ball tray is one of the best for indoor or outdoor use and compatible with all hitting mats. 
  • Country Club Elite Tray: This is a larger tray that is great for indoor or outdoor use with a full size mat. 
  • Half Moon Rubber Ball Tray: This tray holds around 100 balls and has a unique, half-moon design to fit most full size mats. It fits perfectly around your hitting area and also has drainage for outdoor use as well. One of the best deals for any budget!

Chipping Nets

While these full-size nets are great, don’t forget about your short game either. Or, if you don’t have enough space to warrant a large net yet (or a golf cage with a steel frame), a smaller chipping net can help you hone your pitching skills. 

Each one has a small target (or several) to help you practice golf like never before. Here are our two favorite ones to improve your golf game:

Sporina Pop-Up Golf Chipping Net

Similar to their full size version, this smaller chipping one from Sporina is great because it pops up quickly and easily. This will help your chipping skills and muscle memory so you can take it straight to the course! Plus, it works with real golf balls.

Click here to find your Sporina chipping net. 

GoSports Chipster Range (Golf Chipping Net)

The chipping style from GoSports is great because it comes with three different sized targets. This will allow you to mix up your distances while also working with more than one target size. It sets up in seconds, stores easily, and can be used indoors or outdoors. Plus, it works with real golf balls or foam practice golf balls. 

Click here to purchase a GoSports chipster net.

With all these features, you pick either one or both!

FAQs About Golf Nets For Garage/Golf Net for Backyard

Do you have more questions about setting up the perfect practice facility at your house starting with a practice net? If so, hopefully we’ll answer them with this Q&A section.

Are golf hitting nets worth it?

Absolutely, hitting nets are one of the best ways to improve your game without leaving home. If you’re a busy golfer with a family, job, and other obligations, we don’t always have the time we want to hit the course. But a hitting net at home allows you to practice whenever it is convenient for your schedule. 

Not to mention, you’ll save a lot of money when you factor in all the range balls you’ll hit over the long run. Sure, it’s an investment to begin with but in our opinion, one that is well worth it. Plus, you will save so much time from not having to drive back and forth from the course! 

Finally, it’s a great idea if you live in a place with a lot of bad weather in the winter. With a golf net, you can practice regardless of if the wind is whipping or it’s pouring rain outside. 

Also, a golf chipping net is a great investment even if you are low on space. A chipping net will help you master a crucial part of your game to get more up and down to save tons of shots! For $15-$30, you can’t get a much better return on your investment.

Can you use a baseball net for golf?

I’m not sure there is a hard and fast rule here but I would say maybe as each practice net is different. If you buy a lower price golf net, it might not be the right size or durable enough to withstand the impact of a baseball. But if you opt for a higher end golf net like some mentioned on this list, it could work. 

Some golf nets on this list are more stable and will allow you to use it with baseball and other sports (like football, soccer, etc.). 

How tall should a golf net be? 

It depends on where you’re setting the net up. If you’re using it outdoors and have a big backyard you can buy a much bigger one than if you’re setting it up in the garage. A general rule of thumb is that seven feet is a standard size practice net.

A seven-foot net will allow you to hit every club in the bag (as long as you adjust the mat accordingly) and hopefully not have any runaway balls. 

How do I build a driving range at home?

First off, how cool would it be to have a real range in your backyard? Sorry, I was daydreaming about for a second… anyways, unless your Tiger Woods, having a full driving range probably won’t happen. But if you do live in the country, you might have more space and could possibly set something up.

For most of us though, the closest thing to a range at home is an indoor golf setup. This includes a net, mat, launch monitor, and a screen. To pair it all together, check out our post on home golf simulator to make your dream come true! This will help elevate your practice to unprecedented levels!

Should I get a net with sides on it?

As you know, golf isn’t the easiest of sports but if you’re not hitting sideways shots on the regular, you can skip the sides. But if you’re just starting your quest on this great game or are known to hit a few of the “S” word from time to time, having sides might not be a bad idea. Think of them like bumpers in a bowling alley, plus they might protect you and anything valuable that a ball could hit. 

Is it bad to practice on golf mats? 

I wouldn’t say it’s “bad” but if you had to compare hitting off mats vs. real grass, take the real stuff all day. Luckily, mats have improved dramatically in the past ten years. In the past, they used to be very thick, expensive, and mask a lot of bad swings. 

But today, there are plenty of different mats to hit off and are much cheaper than before. Plus, a lot of them come with different cuts of grass so you can practice hitting off fairway, rough, and thicker rough. Not to mention, a lot of mats work with real tees so you can ditch the old school rubber tees. 

How do I hit a golf ball in my garage? 

Step one is obviously making sure you have a big enough garage. The last thing you want is to damage your clubs or your house (especially if you’re renting). If it’s a normal garage, you should be able to hit most clubs but it just depends on how much other stuff you might have in there. 

I would start with a pitching wedge and work your way up to ensure there is plenty of room for a full swing. Also, make sure you adjust the proximity to the net as you hit shorter clubs (like wedges) that go higher. 

The main things you’ll need for your garage set up will include a mat, your favorite net from our list above, and golf balls (real or practice style). Then, you can make it a more immersive experience by adding things like a swing speed radar, a launch monitor, and a tripod to record your swing. This will help you practice with purpose and improve your swing without leaving the house. 

Final Thoughts on Best Golf Nets

When it comes to practicing at home, there have never been more options to get started. While most golf courses remain open (even when the rest of the world shuts down), it’s not a bad idea to have some sort of practice setup at home. All you need is a:

  • Practice net
  • Practice balls
  • Driving mat

And if you want to make it better, add a launch monitor, target, or make it a full on simulator. Even people in the golf industry would be jealous of that type of indoor golf setup!

Unless you live in a high rise apartment in a big city, there are tons of ways you can improve your game while staying at home. Plus, if you do live in a tight space but want to sharpen your skills make sure you check out the best golf books. Or, check out our favorite indoor putting greens that will help you roll the rock better than ever in your living room.

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