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Golf’s Newest Fad: Are Fat Putter Grips Worth it?

Is it just me or does it seem like more and more pros on the PGA Tour are using fat putter grips?

You might have even picked one up at the golf store and asked yourself “Are fat putter grips worth it?”

It’s a good question as most players don’t think too much about their putter grips compared to buying the actual putter. But it’s a huge part of how you stroke it on a regular basis.

While it’s easy to go buy a new Taylormade Spider or Scotty Cameron putter, sometimes you still get the same results as your old one. Ultimately, it might actually be the grip on the putter that makes all the difference.

Don’t forget, your strokes on the green equal 40% or more of your score! You need to take any extra advantages to shave a few strokes from your game. Let’s face it, if you really want to take your game to the next level, almost everyone needs to work on putting.

In this post, I’ll show you the benefits of using a fat putter grip and some of the best ones on the market.

Fat Putter Grip Debate – Should You Do It?

The debate rages on. Some pros swear by fat putter grips while others wouldn’t be caught dead with one.

Before you think about buying a fat putter grip, really think about your putting for the last 3-6 months. Has it been the best or worst part of your game? Or has it just been okay?

If you’re someone who’s like Tiger in 2000 on the greens, I wouldn’t recommend looking for a new putter or grip. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

But if your putting needs a sudden spark, fat putter grips can help you out. Not only will you have something new to look at, there are some benefits to how it can improve your putting stroke.

Benefits of the Fat Putter Grip

1. Keep Your Arms Relaxed

One of the most important benefits of a fat putting grip is that it keeps your arms relaxed and your hands soft. It’s much harder to have a firm, death grip on a larger grip. To be a great putter, you have to maintain a soft grip pressure.

While so many pros have different strokes, styles of putters, and strokes, they all agree on having a soft grip. This allows you to maintain feel on the greens and not have tension in your arms.

2. Reduces The Putter From Twisting

Big grips can really help the putter from twisting during your stroke. Since the fat grip is so much wider than normal, it’s harder to use your wrists during the stroke.

3. Promote a More Pendulum Swing

If you tend to take the putter back too inside or outside, an oversized grip might help you. Since it’s so much bigger and heavier than normal grips, it makes it easy to have a more straight back, straight through putting stroke.

Fat Putter Grips

Choosing a Fat Putter Grip

Before you choose a putting grip, I highly recommend testing it out at the golf store or using a friend to get a feel for it.

Remember, it’s not just a standard thin putting grip or the giant oversized“fatso” ones. There are 3-4 models, depending on the manufacturer, that are more in between models. I recommend going up in size slightly and seeing how it affects your putting.

When it comes to actually choosing your fat putter grip, here are the biggest factors:


Oversized grips are almost always heavier than standard, off the rack grips. If you have a light putter grip, it will make the club feel heavier during your stroke. And if it’s a heavy grip it’ll feel lighter and easy to manipulate during the stroke.

Most putting grips are around 60 grams but make sure to double check it’s not a huge difference from what you’re currently using.


This is arguably the biggest factor when it comes to choosing a fat putter grip. Nowadays, putter grips come in all different shapes. The USGA caps the size of putter grips at 1.75 inches.

As I mentioned, there are a lot of different sizes on the market. Instead of going from a pistol grip to a fatso, make sure to gradually increase the grip size. Huge adjustments with any club can make it hard to switch.


Have you ever noticed that some grips tape off as it goes down the shaft?

Some have a lot of taper while others have a very minimal shift as it goes down the shaft of the club. You can offset this with extra layers of tape or choosing a grip without much taper.

If you’re someone who has a lot of wrist action, I’d recommend staying away from a tapered grip. This will make it easy to flip it through impact and lead to a lot of inconsistent contact.


Most of the new putting grips come in a variety of shapes. For example, Super Stroke has a pistol version, round version, and a huge “Fatso” version. The most common by far is the pistol grip which has a flat top that you’re probably accustomed too.


Don’t forget that the grip has to look good too. You need to have confidence as soon as your hands touch the grip.

Make sure you choose a grip that looks good and is easy to clean. I’d recommending to avoid all white putter grips as they look good but get dirty quickly. You don’t want a bunch of dirt and oil from your hands on the grip.


Normal putter grips are 2-3 times the price of a normal grip for your normal clubs. If you’re golfing on a budget, a $50 putter grip might not always work. Plus, if you do not know how to regrip golf clubs by yourself, you’re looking at a charge to install on top of the price of the grip.

Best Fat Putter Grips to Use

Now that you’ve seen the benefits and what to look for in a fat putter grip, here are some of the best ones to choose from.

1. Flat Cat Big Boy Putter Grip

The Flat Cat Big Boy putter grip is one of the most popular oversized grips and has a bit of taper as well. The only downside is that it only comes in one color (white/black/green). Otherwise, golfers love this oversized grip.

2. TigerShark Oversized Putter Grip

The TigerShark oversized putter grip is 30% larger than the original jumbo pistol grip. But it does look good with its black and white design. Fairly inexpensive, this is a great deal.

3. Super Stroke Fatso 5.0

Think of the Super Stroke Fatso 5.0 like a last resort putter grip. It’s not to say there aren’t any advantages to using it but remember that it’s difficult to go back to a normal grip.

This grip has no taper but is very lightweight considering the size. This one does come in five colors as well.

Final Thoughts on Fat Putter Grips

Ultimately, I wouldn’t make the switch to a fat putter grip unless you’re in a slump. If things are going pretty well, I’d stick with it and working on your putting stroke, routine, and green reading.

But if you’re ready for a change, then start slow. Don’t go from your normal grip to a jumbo oversized grip overnight. Because once you start to use these larger grips consistently, it’s very difficult to go back to a smaller grip as your stroke will change.

Remember, if you’re using your wrists too much or have a lot of tension in your arms, a fat putter grip could help you out. Test out different ones and don’t forget to practice before heading out.

Hopefully this will once and for all save the fat putter grip debate.

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