Fix a Push Slice Golf Shot

Even Worse than a Slice: Fixing a Push Slice

A slice has plagued more golfers than any other shot in golf. But do you know what’s worse than a standard slice?

A push slice… this shot starts right and keeps going right, oftentimes behind trees, in bunkers, and off the course. It’s incredibly frustrating for all players but with a few tweaks we’ll help you fix a push slice for a more consistent golf game. 

Push Slice in Golf

Is there anything worse than seeing a golf ball start the wrong way of your target and keep going further away. A normal slice is frustrating but if it starts right it’s infuriating. This can happen as a pull hook or a push slice – both of which make you want to throw a golf club if you’re like most golfers.

These shots are so frustrating because there’s no way to “save it” like a pull slice or push draw. They start off the wrong way but at least they can come back closer to the fairway or green.

Key Takeaways

  • A push slice golf shot is when the ball starts off right of the intended target line and keeps moving right. 
  • A different variation of a push slice is a push fade where the ball starts right and curves slightly to the right. This shot is a lot more playable than a slice.
  • If you hit a lot of push shots it’s better to play a draw so the ball curves back left toward the target.
  • The opposite is true if you hit a lot of pulled golf shots. If you tend to pull the golf ball it’s better to hit a fade so the ball curves back toward the target. 

Keep reading to learn what you need to adjust to hit it straighter and better than ever.

How to Fix a Push Slice

Why a Push Slice Happens

Whether you’re hitting a push slice, a pull hook, or another frustrating shot like a pop up driver it’s important to understand why this happens. While I’m not saying you need to study the swing like Bryson DeChambeau did with the Golfing Machine, a basic understanding of the issue can help fix it. 

A push slice happens for two reasons:

  • An open club face at address. The more the club face is open at address the more it will slice to the right (assuming you’re a right handed golfer). When the face is neutral at impact this will lead to a straight ball flight. And if the face is closed at address it can lead to a draw or if it’s very closed it’ll lead to a hook golf shot.
  • The second reason a push slice occurs is that the path is right of the target. This typically occurs when you have a path that is too inside to outside and swinging away from the target. This isn’t as common with everyday golfers and more common with elite ball strikers who tend to have too much lag. 

If the face was open at address but the path was square it’d be a shot that is straight then curves right. If the path was left but the face was square, it’d lead to a common pulled golf shot but won’t curve left or right. 

The more you can understand simple ball flight laws the easier it is to fix the issue. 

Fixing a Push Slice in Golf

Now that you’re familiar with the two issues that are breaking down in your swing it’s time to change them.

Improve Your Grip 

If you hit a slice – whether it’s pushed or pulled – one of the most common issues is a weak grip. 

As Golf Digest noted, “Most golfers tend to have a weak grip and are way too steep into the ball. They either take the club back too flat, then come down steep (chopping-wood motion) or they take the club back steep and swing down steep.”

Most instructors agree that a grip is the most important fundamental in golf. It’s the first lesson of Ben Hogan’s Five Fundamentals of Golf as it sets up the rest of your swing. Ben famously once said, “Good golf starts with a good grip.” 

It’s also the reason that the best golfers in the world – including Scottie Scheffler – are seen using grip trainers. These grips replace your normal grip and get your hands in the right position every single time. Side note – this isn’t legal for tournament golf but a great way to repurpose an old club that is lying around to practice at home.

This goes to show that even  the most accomplished golfers in the world work on fundamentals like grip, posture, balance, and alignment. Which is why you should evaluate your grip before anything else. 

Changing your grip isn’t easy or overnight especially if you’ve had a weak grip for years (or decades). But it’s one of the best things you can do this offseason and in practice to improve your ball flight, distance, and accuracy. 

Ball Position

Proper Alignment and Ball Position

If grip isn’t the issue the next thing you want to evaluate is your alignment. One of the biggest causes for concern for a lot of players is poor alignment but they think they’re aimed square to the intended target. 

This is why we always suggest recording your golf swing before making any swing adjustments. A lot of times poor alignment is the reason the ball is starting out left or right. 

This isn’t as common with a push slice but more common with a pulled shot. A lot of right-handed golfers accidentally aim right then use their upper body to pull it back. But it’s still important to note as a push slice might just be from aiming further right than you thought. 

Also, if possible try to get some videos of yourself during the round on the golf course. It’s common to use alignment sticks in practice so your aim is consistent on the driving range. On the course it might be the same so recruit a friend or buy a tripod if you play a lot of golf solo to check on course alignment. 

Another thing to consider if you’re hitting a lot of push shots is ball position. If your golf swing is leading to a lot of pushes it might be too far back in your stance. It’s very hard to square the club head at impact and leads to missing a lot of shots right.

Look at Your Lower Body

Another reason that push slices happen is the reverse pivot. This is when you don’t have a proper weight transfer and keep too much of your weight on your left foot. If your weight doesn’t get to your trail foot it’s easy to hang back on the downswing.

Golf Swing Weight Transfer Follow Through

Remember, a proper weight transfer happens like this:

  • Weight about 50/50 at address (sometimes 60/40 for irons and wedges).
  • As you get about halfway through your backswing most of your weight is on your back leg.
  • To start the downswing press down with your front foot and unwind your hips.
  • Using the ground force allows you to rotate the hips and transfer your weight properly.

But if your weight is on your front foot at the top of your swing, you’ll hang back which leads to a push slice.

The other thing to look at with your lower body is to make sure you’re not sliding on the downswing. If you laterally slide your hips you’ll hit a lot of push shots as your body is ahead of your hands. This was an issue that Tiger Woods faced a lot in his career as his hands couldn’t catch up with his lower body.

Focus on hip rotation, not sliding to hit each tee shot better than ever.

Swing Plane 

The same Golf Digest article said to think of a hula-hoop as a way to work on your path as well.

“The visual I like to use is a large hula hoop lying at an angle, with the base at the ball and the top at your chest. Just try to swing the club with your hands and arms tracing the imaginary plane. So in summary, correct your grip, then your swing plane, and you’ll be on your way to great golf.” 

Golf Training Aids

Use Training Aids 

Now that you know the biggest causes of a dreaded push slice, let’s get into some of the best training aids to help your golf swing. 

Golf Tempo and Grip Trainer

As mentioned above, fixing your grip is one of the most important things you can do to fix your slice. You can buy individual grip trainers and get them installed on an old club to use at home. 

Or, you can buy something like the Tempo Grip Trainer as well. 

What’s convenient about this device is that it’s only 26 inches long but has the weight of a normal club thanks to the weights. Which means you can grip the club more consistently at home even if you live in an apartment or condo.

You can use it to dial in your tempo and grip at the same time. Not to mention it’s only the price of a few sleeves of golf balls. It’s hard to find a much better deal in golf!  

deWiz Golf Watch 

To learn more about your golf swing and impact position the deWiz golf watch is a great tool. This is a wearable device that provides incredible data about your golf swing.

It will help you with a better backswing, better tempo, tempo, wedge training, and more. Overall it’s a game changer to your golf game and one of the most valuable swing trainers in golf.

Read our full review of the deWiz golf watch now.

Pressure Plate

As mentioned above if you don’t transfer your weight properly (like many golfers) it can lead to a lot of ball striking issues. If you have a Reverse pivot it’ll lead to a lot of shots right of your target.

But a training aid like the Pressure Plate can help you transfer your weight properly. You can use it on the practice range, at home, with golf balls, or without. It can help improve hip rotation, works for chipping, and overall one of my favorite aids for practice sessions.

The sooner you learn to transfer your weight properly, the sooner you can hit it dead straight and with more power than ever. Read our full review of the Pressure Plate now.

Pushed Golf Shot

FAQs About a Push Slice Golf Shot

Do you have more questions about hitting pushes and slices that make you miss a lot of shots right? If so, keep reading to answer some of the most frequently asked questions now. 

How do you fix a push slice in golf? 

To fix a push slice you need to first understand what is causing the issue. There are a lot of things that can contribute to a golf ball starting right and going further right of your target.

Many golfers suffer from this miss from a weak grip, incorrectly moving the lower body, ball position too far back, and more. Start by figuring out what’s causing the issue (or work with a golf instructor) so you can find drills and training aids to improve.

What is the difference between a slice and a push in golf?

A slice is a golf shot where the ball moves from left to right in the air. If it moves slightly from left to right (for right-handed golfers) this is known as a fade. 

But a push shot is when the ball starts right of the intended target and stays straight. The opposite is a pulled golf shot where the ball starts left of the intended target.

A push slice is when the ball starts right and keeps drifting right in the air. 

What is a push golf shot?

A push golf shot is when the ball starts right of the target line. This tends to happen from poor alignment or a swing that is too far inside to out. This leads to a flatter downswing where the hips can sometimes outpace the hands leading the right path. 

What is a pull slice in golf?

A pull slice is when the ball starts left of your target and then moves left to right in the air. This is one of the most common shots in golf and plagues the everyday golfer. 

How do you grip a driver to fix a slice?

If you’re slicing your driver one of the biggest reasons is a weak grip. Fix your grip by having more of your left hand over the grip and the right hand more underneath it. 

If you have a weak grip now move it to neutral then if you’re still slicing try to get into a strong grip. But there are other things to evaluate like alignment, ball position, and weight transfer.

Also, having an anti-slice driver (known as draw biased) or a club with adjustable weights can help too. Check out our list of the best anti-slice drivers now

Strong Golf Grip

My Experience 

I haven’t had to deal with the push slice a ton since my swing path has usually been more steep than shallow. But the pull slice is something I’m very familiar with (alongside many other amateur golfers).

My biggest tip is to fix your grip above all else. Better golfers have a more neutral to strong grip which helps play a straight shot and have a lot more consistency. Not to mention a better lead wrist positions and easier to hit longer clubs.

Once you get the grip dialed in a lot of the issues will fix themselves. Also, always check your alignment to the target line, using your lower body vs. upper body properly, and regularly recording your swing.

Focus on the fundamentals to build a more consistent golf swing above all else.

Final Thoughts 

If you’ve suffered from a golf slice just know that you’re one of millions of players. Getting the club face square isn’t easy but it all starts by understanding ball flight laws.

A push slice happens from an open clubface and a swing path right (not towards the target). If the clubface is open it’ll lead to a big miss right.

Fix your grip and fundamentals to improve the club’s path and get the golf ball started on the proper line.

Do you suffer from a push slice or a pull slice?

Let us know in the comments below.

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