How to sale used golf clubs

Selling Golf Clubs: How to Get the Most for your Old Clubs (So you can get new Clubs!)

Do you want to learn more about selling golf clubs online? Trust me, I get it! Golf is an awesome sport but you can’t say it’s one that’s easy on the wallet, especially if you play on a frequent basis. 

From new clubs, tee times, gear, and accessories, the costs add up quickly! One of the best ways to offset the cost and keep upgrading your golf equipment is to sell off old clubs that are collecting dust in your garage. 

Every year, top brands like Callaway, Titleist, Cobra and more are rolling out the newest and hottest equipment. If you aren’t upgrading every few years, you’re making the game even harder than it already is. Let’s get real, we all need clubs that can go straighter and further off the tee, and irons that help your mishits so you get more scoring opportunities.

Since most of us are too busy with work, family, and life to practice every day (as much as we want too), equipment can make a huge difference. But there’s a lot you should know before hawking your clubs at a garage sale this weekend. 

I’ve been selling used golf clubs for 15+ years and want to help you out so it’s worth your time. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about getting money for your old golf equipment. 

How to Sell Golf Equipment For Beginners

As I mentioned, I’ve been pawning clubs for nearly 20 years now! I got started in high school when I worked at a local golf course and helped members sell their golf clubs on eBay. Since the internet was new (I think I was using dial up) and older members didn’t understand how “the web” worked, I made it one of my first entrepreneurial journeys.

I would take the pictures, upload, sell, ship, and take a cut. It was a win-win for everyone. Since then, I keep wanting more new golf clubs pretty much every year and keep finding ways to sell my old clubs for cash.

Here are the best strategies to help you sell golf clubs in 2020 and beyond.


Arguably one of the best and oldest ways to sell your golf clubs online is good old eBay. The site has been around for a few decades now and continues to get better for both the buyer and the seller. Plus, eBay owns PayPal so it makes selling your stuff easier and safer than ever before.

Here’s the process to sell used golf clubs (or new clubs) on the site:

  • Create a free account by visiting or log into your existing account.
  • Click sell at the top of your screen and enter keywords or the UPC # to make the selling process even easier. 
  • Select a similar listing or create a new listing.
  • Complete your listing by adding up to 12 photos (more than 12 costs additional listing fees), update your description, pricing, shipping, or choose local pickup). 
  • For pricing, choose “Auction” and place a starting bid or “Buy It Now” (which is no auction and a set price).
  • Then hit list, message buyers, and ship or drop off the item once it sells.
  • Leave feedback for the buyer once your transaction is complete.

If you want to keep this process simple, make sure to use “Buy It Now” as it will ensure you get the minimum amount for everything you sell. Otherwise, if you do a traditional auction, you always want to choose a reserve price so you don’t sell your clubs for pennies on the dollar.

Cons of Selling on eBay

While eBay is easy to use and you can get the most money from your gear, there are a few downsides as well. 

First, you have to pay to list the item (which is a small fee) but the commissions take a chunk of money. While commission rates fluctuate constantly, make sure to factor that into your selling decision.

Second, you have to ship the items yourself and you want to do it sooner rather than later. Usually, there’s a small window to ship them so make sure you do it ASAP to give yourself the best chances for positive feedback from buyers. 

Finally, you have to use PayPal. Depending on where you live in the world, this is a harder process for some than others.

Plus, you have to link up your bank account and sometimes there might be issues with your account as well. While it’s normally a seamless process, I had to mention it just in case.

Main Point: eBay is the best way to sell your golf stuff online for the highest amount. 


When it comes to selling things online, Craigslist usually comes top of mind for most people. But the one caveat is that Craigslist does have a reputation for being a little bit sketchy.

The website looks like it was made in 2000 before anyone knew how to code. But if you know what you’re doing, you can use the site to sell pretty much anything. The good thing about Craigslist is that it’s 100% free to list and they don’t take any commission like other websites. 

Here’s how you can safely use Craigslist to sell your clubs or golf gear:

  • Visit and find the nearest big city to you.
  • On the left menu bar, click “Create a Posting” and choose the location that fits best.
  • Choose “for sale by owner” and select category (for golf clubs, use the sporting goods category).
  • Create your listing by adding your title, price, postal code, description, email (don’t worry it’s hidden), and language. 
  • Upload pictures and confirm your listing to an email sent from Craigslist. Your listing goes live and can be removed once sold via your confirmation email. 
  • All further communication is done with buyers using your email (no app).

With Craigslist, make sure you’re always safe by meeting at a neutral location (preferably in the daylight hours). If you’re looking for a newer version of Craigslist, keep reading to learn about OfferUp.


An alternative to Craigslist is OfferUp which is an online app (not a website). I like to think of this app as a hybrid of Craigslists and a yard sale. I’ve sold tons of stuff on this app from golf gear to furniture and other household goods. 

Here’s how to start using OfferUp to sell anything:

  • Download OfferUp on the Google Play or Apple store.
  • Create a FREE account (name, picture, etc.) and confirm your account via email. 
  • To start selling, hit the camera button on the app and take photos or select photos with a title for your listing. The more photos the better! Also, the first photo will appear in the feed so choose wisely. 
  • Select a category for your listing (if it’s golf clubs, use “Sports and Outdoors”)
  • Rate the condition of your item (from other to brand new).
  • Add in description to help increase the chances of sales.
  • Select price (toggle the “Firm on price” button depending on if you want to negotiate or not).
  • Select “Sell and ship nationwide” and select box size or choose to only deal locally. 
  • Hit post to have your listing go live and if priced right, expect messages quickly.
  • Message buyers through the app about any questions and next steps.
  • Meet the buyer and get your cash (or ship your item) and mark as sold on the app.
  • Finally, rate the buyer so they rate you and build up your credibility on the platform. 

OfferUp is fast and easy to use, plus they have a huge user base so expect a flood of responses quickly. For this platform, I always suggest starting with a higher price as it gives you more room for negotiations. 

A suggestion when using OfferUp… make sure to upload a picture of yourself as well inside your profile. Not only will this make it easier to meet up with your buyer but it’ll also build trust (unlike Craigslist). Similar to Craigslist, I always recommend meeting up not at your house (or the buyers) but instead a mutual location (gas station, golf courses, etc.) for safety.

2nd Swing Golf 

2nd Swing Golf is a top golf site to sell your golf clubs at five locations in the USA or doing it 100% online too. Not to mention, they have an awesome 30-day money back guarantee if you’re buying clubs as well. 

With 2nd Swing, trading your clubs in is easy using their value guide. You can check the value, ship the product and get paid quickly. Plus, if you prefer to trade for something else on their website (as they offer new sticks too), you get an additional 25%. If you just want to sell your clubs without the hassle of eBay, you can get paid via check or PayPal once they receive the item.

Don’t forget, 2nd Swing is more than just a place to sell used golf stuff. They also have over 50,000 clubs that ship free today! Plus, they offer apparel, shoes, headcovers, golf GPS devices, balls, golf shoes, accessories and more.

Trade-In Programs 

If you’re a brand loyalist and want the latest and greatest new clubs each year, a trade-in program is an easy way to do this. Manufacturers like TaylorMade, Callaway and more offer a trade-in program that will help offset the costs of getting new clubs each year.

Here’s how it works for most manufacturers:

  • Find the “Trade in Program” on their golf site.
  • Enter manufacturer (it can be from another golf company), club type, and club model specs.
  • They’ll give you an estimated trade-in value of the club based on being in “good” condition.
  • Finally, add on any irons, woods, putters, apparel, accessories, or golf balls to your cart to offset the costs (some manufacturers even have 150% total trade value).
  • Confirm the transaction and print any email receipts for your records.
  • They provide postage for your club and you ship to them with prepaid label.
  • Final trade-in credit is confirmed once they inspect the club and trade-in rebate is issued within about 15 days.

While this is an easy strategy, you probably won’t get as much money as if you list it on your own. But if you go that route, there is more required so it’s a catch 22. Not to mention, some guys like to keep an extra set or extra golf club (in case the old set needs to go in timeout sometimes) so it depends on your own situation.

Social Media

Let’s not forget social media either!

With apps like Instagram or Facebook you can let your friends and family know that you’re selling golf gear as well. If you have a lot of connections online that are also golfers this makes it easy to buy and sell used clubs.

Specifically, Facebook is great for this with their “Marketplace” feature. Here’s how to sell your clubs using Facebook Marketplace:

  • Login to your Facebook account.
  • Click on “Marketplace” (the little shop logo) at the top of your feed.
  • On the left menu bar (on Desktop), click “Create new listing.” 
  • Choose “Item for sale” and add photos (up to 10), title, price, category, and description.
  • Hit the Publish button and your listing goes live immediately. 
  • This will go out to your Facebook feed and you can also direct message the link to anyone through Facebook Messenger as well. 
  • Your network can also share with their network for even more reach. 

Facebook marketplace is free like OfferUp but you can choose to promote your listing with paid ads as well. Transactions are done offline and in person similar to other methods listed. As always, make sure that you meetup at a neutral location and only accept cash for any golf club or gear you sell. 

Once everything is completed, login to Facebook and remove the listing so you don’t get more messages after it’s sold. Rinse and repeat for more golf gear (or anything else). 

Where to sell your golf clubs

Your Golfing Buddies (or Country Club) 

Before going online and worrying about uploading pictures, fees, etc. make sure to ask your golfing buddies or at your local golf courses. Word of mouth is easy and you get cash in your pocket quickly! Plus, if they’ve seen you use the clubs to hit bombs or attack flags and take their cash, they’ll be even more interested in purchasing.

Or, if you belong to a country club you can also see if they have an announcement board (in person or online) to sell your used clubs. 

Pawn Shops

While I think there are better (and easier ways) to sell golf clubs, you can’t count out traditional pawn shops as well. Go on to Yelp and find some pawn shops near you or call them ahead of time. Let them know what you’re selling and see if they even buy golf equipment (not all of them do) so you don’t waste your time driving there. 

If you go this route, have a price in mind and if they don’t offer it, leave before you pawn anything for less than it’s worth. I suggest looking up similar items on eBay, Craigslist and more so you can become an educated seller before going in. 

Big Box Stores

If you’re looking to swap your clubs, don’t forget to check out big stores as well. Sporting stores like Dick’s Sporting Goods, Golf Galaxy and more usually offer trade ins but not always for the highest amounts. This would be a good strategy if you don’t want to deal with the hassle and might’ve received a gift card for the store to add to your trade-in value.

Yard Sales 

While traditional yard sales still happen, apps like OfferUp have made them slightly much less popular. There are apps like “Yard Sale Treasure Map” to promote your yard sale, but if you only have a few clubs it’s likely not the best use of your time. Instead, use OfferUp, Craigslist or eBay to sell them much faster. 


Got more questions about selling your golf apparell or gear? Check out more frequently asked questions to help you get your stuff sold ASAP. 

How much can I get for used golf clubs? 

This varies on a few different factors. First, what are you selling? If it’s a driver that’s in near mint condition from last year, you can do pretty well. 

Second, is the condition that it’s in. Finally, the demand. If your clubs are 10 years old, don’t expect a huge market of people wanting them. 

Are old golf clubs worth any money?

Yes, they are definitely worth money and each club in golf will earn you a lot more than sitting in your garage just taking up space. Like anything else, the total money you get from used clubs depends on the condition and viability to use today. With so many new clubs coming out every year, it’s a very competitive space but you can still earn money using the methods listed above.

Does Golf Galaxy buy used clubs?

Yes, Golf Galaxy does buy used clubs via their “Trade-In Center.” Visit their website, select your used golf club and condition to review your total amount. 

How much should I spend on golf clubs as a beginner? 

A better question to ask is, “How does golf factor into my life the next few years?” If you already caught the golf bug and see this becoming a regular thing, spend more in the beginning. This way, you won’t have to keep upgrading and spending more money. Instead, buy a set that will work now and for the next year to two years.  (Here are our favorite irons for beginners and drivers for beginners)

If you don’t see yourself playing more than once a month or less, invest a smaller amount as clubs won’t have a huge impact. If you’re going out for fun with family and friends without caring about score, no need to spend a big amount on clubs that just sit there. 

Where can I sell used golf clubs for cash? 

If you’re looking for cold hard cash for selling your clubs I’d suggest Craigslist or OfferUp. Trade-in programs only work if you buy new equipment, eBay takes a cut and uses PayPal and most websites do the same thing too. So if you’re looking for cash and minimal fees, stick to either of these two methods. 

Should you buy used golf clubs? 

Yes, I think buying used clubs is a great way to save cash and still get the clubs you want at a discount price. With so many platforms for buying and selling clubs, you can shop around until you find the right clubs that match your price and condition.

Similar to buying a used car, you get the same thing as the person who bought it new, at a fraction of the cost. Buying used clubs is also a good way to test out new clubs if your set has gone cold and you’re looking for something to mix it up. 

Plus, if you don’t like them, you can always sell them as well. Since they’re already used, a few more rounds from you won’t do much harm (assuming you treat them well). This allows you to test out new equipment on the range or the course without much risk. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are endless ways to sell used golf clubs online or in person at golf courses. Whether you want to do it all online or prefer to use apps like OfferUp so it’s an all cash transaction, you get to choose.

If you’re using eBay, make sure to have a reserve price with a traditional auction listing or use the “Buy It Now” feature. This will make sure you get the most cash for your items and if they don’t sell, you can relist with the click of a button. Finally, if you do sell make sure to ship quickly and update the tracking information on eBay so you’re more likely to get positive feedback.

If you are using sites or apps like Craigslist, OfferUp, Facebook Marketplace stick to these few rules to remember for the best and safest experience: 

  • Confirm date and time with buyer.
  • Always meet buyer at a neutral location.
  • Only accept cash (never PayPal or checks).
  • Leave if you ever feel uncomfortable or something feels off. 
  • Once complete, remove the listing or mark as sold so you don’t get more messages. 

Also, don’t forget 2nd Swing as they also make it very easy to sell or trade your clubs with minimal hassle.

Now, get out there and get some extra cash for your addictive habit! 

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