Strike Spray Review

Find the Sweet Spot: The Strike Spray Review

Don’t you wish you hit the center of the club more often in golf?

If you’re like pretty much every golfer in the world, of course you do. Hitting in the sweet spot means long drives, flushed irons, great chip shots, and more made putts. Sadly, most golfers don’t find the sweet spot that often.

In the old days, not hitting in the sweet spot was very different from it is today thanks to all the advances in club technology. Back then, hitting it off the toe or heel meant huge misses on every club in the bag and you were severely penalized. And the longer the club, the bigger the miss.

Luckily, off center hits aren’t as harmful to your game as they were in the good old days. Now, you don’t have to worry as much about stinging hands and big misses thanks to helpful new technology.

That being said, ball striking is still a vital part of playing your best golf. But a lot of golfers don’t focus on this nearly enough or know how to assess this issue.

One of the recent tools we’ve been using at the Left Rough can help you identify where you’re missing it quickly – Strike Spray.

Strike Spray Review

What is Strike Spray?

Strike Spray is a golf training aid to help you find your impact spot on the club face. It’s a spray that you apply directly to your golf clubs and get instant feedback.

This spray will help you learn where the ball contacts the face, so you can spot any trends and make the necessary adjustments. It is so much more effective than just “winging” it and trying to guess where you’re hitting it on the face by checking out the markings of your club. Plus, it works well with irons and wedges, not just your driver and fairway woods.

Remember, it’s vital to find the sweet spot with every club in the bag, not just your driver! The more you avoid off center hits, the better your ball striking will become and the lower scores you will likely shoot as well.

Once you learn where you’re making contact with the ball (toe, center, or heel) with any club, you can make the necessary adjustments. Plus, you can tell if you’re hitting it too high on the face (which leads to a fat shot) or too low (which leads to a thin shot).

This one tool is exactly what your game needs!

Strike Spray Review

How to Use Strike Spray

So how do you use this stuff?

It’s actually incredible simple. Using this training aid is very easy compared to a lot of other golf gadgets on the market. You don’t have to be tech-savvy, download an app or take any time to set it up when you’re practicing.

Here’s how to get started.

Step 1: Clean the golf club you want to check out. If you’re using a wedge or iron, make sure to clean the grooves as well to increase the effectiveness.

Step 2: Spray a small amount of spray to the face of your club and let it dry for about 10 seconds. It should coat the entire face of the golf club you’re testing out.

Step 3: Take your normal golf swing on the driving range and check out the results on the face. The spray allows you to hit several golf shots to see any consistency with your contact before reapplying.

After a few shots, you will want to repeat the first two steps and spray again.

Step 4: Once you’re done using the spray for a specific club, wipe the club face off with a slightly wet towel.

That’s it, it’s super simple and will let you quickly figure out where you’re hitting it on the club face. Plus, it doesn’t leave any residue or markings, and doesn’t do any damage to your clubs.

Drills for Using Strike Spray

While the can of spray will help you identify where you’re hitting it, that’s only part of the equation. You still need to make the necessary tweaks and adjustments to your stance, setup, or swing to find the sweet spot more often than not.

Here are some resources and tips to help your ball striking, depending on where you’re making contact with the golf ball.

Heel Shots

Hitting it on the heel causes the dreaded slice that so many golfers struggle with. This shot goes hard left to right and misses get bigger with longer clubs.

If you’re struggling with heel shots try to stand a little further away from the golf ball. Don’t crowd it. Also, learn more about stopping the slice here if this quick fix doesn’t work.

Toe Shots

The opposite of heel shots are hitting it off the toe. These tend to produce a draw but can become a duck hook pretty quickly unless you fix it. As Lee Trevino once said, “You can talk to a fade but a hook won’t listen.”

Toe shots usually happen from coming too steep on the downswing and early extension. To get toe shots under control, make sure you’re setting up with the ball in the middle of the face. Then, try to stand a little closer and see how it impacts performance.

High Shots

If you’re hitting it high on the face, you’re likely hitting a lot of fat golf shots. These are extremely frustrating as they end up way short and can bring in some big numbers.

Plus, if you hit it high on the face with a driver or fairway wood, not only do you hit a bad shot but you could also get a sky mark. And no golfer wants a reminder of that bad shot for the rest of time.

So, if the spray shows that you’re hitting it high on the face, make these adjustments:

Low Shots

Finally, if the spray shows that you’re hitting it low on the face, you are probably hitting a ton of thin shots. While a thin shot is more playable than a fat shot, it still can produce some big misses and big scores as well.

If you’re hitting it then, make sure that you focus on your posture more than anything else. Click here to learn more about golf posture.

Strike Spray Review

Final Thoughts

Strike Spray is a great way to learn more about your game and improve your ball striking.

Plus, it’s a very cheap compared to so many expensive training aids. Not to mention, it’s so small and convenient you can throw it in your bag and not even know it’s there.

But perhaps the best reason to use this is because it will help you add purpose to your practice. Instead of just banging a bucket of golf balls hoping for better shots, it will help you identify where you’re hitting it on the face. Then, you can take the necessary steps to work on your swing so you can find the center more often.

Using this spray on a regular basis will help you spot trends, keep your game sharp, and figure out what you need to work on moving forward. As you keep improving your game and practicing, keep using it to find the sweet spot.

Click here to learn more and buy your can of Strike Spray today.

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