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Train your Release: The SuperSpeed C Review

If you’re looking for speed in your golf swing, there isn’t a better golf training aid than the SuperSpeed golf sticks. I’ve personally used these swing aids for a few months and increased my speed by 5-7 mph with every club in the bag! While it might sound like a huge change, trust me, 5-7mph makes a huge difference on the golf course.

Everyone mph faster correlates to 1-3 yards further carry distance. But this post isn’t about the SuperSpeed sticks as we already did a detailed review about this amazing training aid (read it here).

Instead, it’s about the newest product offering from the company known as Superspeed C. In this post, we’ll go into detail about how this training aid works, how it pairs with the main set of SuperSpeed sticks, and how you can use it to improve your golf game.

Superspeed-C Review

So first off, what is the SuperSpeed C in the first place?

Before we get into it, let’s give a quick refresher on how the original product, SuperSpeed Golf, helps golfers increase their swing speed.

  • SuperSpeed Golf is made up of three weighted clubs (more like weighted shafts) that come in a 3-pack of green, blue, red (from lightest to heaviest).
  • These three clubs are designed for golfers to swing for a short practice session a few times per week.
  • Over the course of a few weeks, you will train your muscles on a neuromuscular level to create lasting change.
  • You swing them both right-handed and left-handed during a training program.

Once your training is complete, these devices should add 5-10mph on your swing speed. Yes, it works… I personally have picked up around 5-7 mph depending on the day I measure. But now they have a new golf gadget to help with more than just swing speed – based on releasing the club.

Review of the SuperSpeed-C

A proper release in the golf swing is what separates average golfers who can break 90 from the top ball strikers in the world. To release the club properly, you need to have the wrists and forearms working together to compress the golf ball at impact. This means no scooping, flipping or coming over the top like most golfers unfortunately do.

Instead, you need to correctly release the club to consistently compress the golf ball at impact. This device will help you do just that.

How does the SuperSpeed C work?

The latest training aid from them is based on counter-weighting. This concept is used in all types of clubs from putters to drivers. Here’s how they describe counter-weighting on the SuperSpeed Golf website,

“Counterweight training alters the physics of your golf swing by significantly changing the balance point of the golf club and moves mass behind your hands. This allows for significantly faster release speed of the golf club which produces much faster hand and arm speed in your golf swing.”

The SuperSpeed-C has more weight in the grip of the club, similar to a traditional putter. With extra weight in the grip, it will help promote a faster release on the downswing.

Superspeed C Grip

With consistent practice, the hands and arms should work faster, which should help reprogram your muscles through repetition. This should also help improve your lag and overall wrist mechanics on the downswing as well. All of this leading to a later release.

Eventually, you should be able to release the club better during your swing, which not only translates to more distance but also more consistent contact. This device is significantly lighter than the main set (which makes sense) but can take some getting used too during your first few sessions. I found that I made the adjustment after 2-3 practice sessions.

How to Use the SuperSpeed-C

Like anything else in golf, you can’t use this training aid once and expect amazing results. It’s all about consistency and repetition.

Remember, it took a lot of reps on the golf course and driving range to create the swing you have. To reprogram your muscles and get the swing you want it will take a lot of reps as well. There are no shortcuts in the great game of golf!

If you’ve used the SuperSpeed golf sticks you know the training regimen; 3 times a week for 8-10 weeks. With the SuperSpeed-C edition, you can sub in one day per week with this device or use it for an individual practice session.

If you don’t have the original set no worries!

You only need to use the SuperSpeed C for 5-8 minutes per day, three times a week to start seeing results. Make sure to stay consistent with the program and set a reminder on your phone to not forget. You would be shocked at how efficient these devices are with only a few minutes of practice per day (only if the rest of golf was that easy).

SuperSpeed-C Hands On Review

Who is the SuperSpeed-C for?

Good question!

The normal SuperSpeed golf sticks are meant to help golfers of all ages and skill levels increase swing speed. The higher swing speed, the farther the ball goes.

But the SuperSpeed-C is for golfers who are having trouble releasing the golf ball. If you struggle with the release, this might be the training aid for you. This device promotes golfers to have more active hands and arms to make better contact with the ball at impact.

What’s nice about this device is that it works well in conjunction with their main product. This way you can not only improve your release but also your swing speed as well. Over time, these two parts of your game can make a huge difference on ball striking and lowering your scores.

Final Thoughts

I believe in what SuperSpeed is doing. It’s clear they aren’t a cheap training aid that’ll be forgotten in the near future like so many others.

When I first bought the training aid, I was a bit skeptical (as I am with most training aids that promise the world for a small fee). But as someone who has thoroughly tested them and seen the results on the golf course, I can say they do work wonders.

I can tell that after using for 3 weeks now, my release has changed. I’m hitting the ball with a lot more compression. It is a great feeling hit on the ball!

I think the SuperSpeed-C is a welcome addition to helping more golfers with a crucial part of the swing – the release. Remember, without a proper release, it’s hard to make the type of contact you need to play consistent golf.

Don’t forget, over 700 professional golfers and high-level amateur golfers are using the main version so clearly they work! This is a nice addition to the SuperSpeed Golf family and can really help your game by getting more active arms and hands.

Click here order your Superspeed C today!

Are you struggling with your release? Have you tried the original swing sticks?

Let us know in the comments!

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