Golf with Sweaty Hands

Summer Golf Problems: How to deal with Sweaty Hands

Do you get sweaty hands while you’re playing golf? 

If so, don’t worry… you’re not alone. While a glove can help, there’s a lot of other way to improve your grip as well. This is something that I’ve struggled with myself for years and even have a funny experience about it.

About 10 years ago, I was watching a pro-am event in Palm Springs, California. Samuel L. Jackson was one of the celebrity amateurs in the event and as a huge movie fan, I wanted to say hi, so I followed him a few holes and introduced myself in between holes. 

As I went up to shake his hand to tell him what a fan I was, and he basically screamed in his signature tone like in the movies, “Why are your hands so sweaty?” Needless to say, I was pretty embarrassed as it happened in front of about 50 people. 

Sweaty hands aren’t fun on or off the golf course. When conditions get tough, the last thing you want to deal with is thinking about gripping the club. So keep reading to learn how to grip the club better on the golf course so you can shoot lower scores and not embarrass yourself when meeting celebrities.

How to play golf with Sweaty Hands

How to Keep Your Hands and Grips Dry 

There isn’t one solution to help you dry out your hands but a variety of options that will differ for each person and the climate you play golf in. Here are some of our favorite methods to keep your hands sweat free on the golf course.

New Golf Grips

Golf grips are a good place to start…. But you might be thinking, “What is the best golf grip for sweaty hands?”

It’s a good question and a great first place to start before a few other strategies mentioned blow. Since your hands and the grip are the only things connected in your swing, it’s vital that you have the right grips for your hands and unique swing.

Some players prefer corded grips while others prefer softer, rubber grips. In general, corded grips will help you with moist hands but now there are non-corded grips that can help as well. You typically get a deal if you buy in bulk but if you’re trying a new type of grip (like going from cord to rubber or vice versa), I suggest buying one and testing out before committing to a full set of new grips. 

We’ve discussed our favorite golf grips in this post. But here are some of our top picks for golf grips made for the rain or wet conditions:

Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 

If you want to play what your favorite PGA Tour pro plays and a grip that can help with wet hands, the Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 is for you. These are some of the most popular golf grips on tour and feature a larger lower hand and soft rubber material.

The larger lower hand will help keep a light pressure for less tension and ultimately more power with every shot. These are great for any conditions and priced very well for such a high-quality grip that will last you for a long time.

Winn Golf Club Grips Dri-Tac

Winn is one of the biggest names in the golf grip industry and has consistently created amazing grips for decades. The Winn Golf Club Dri-Tac is one of their latest models that doesn’t lose its stickiness even when it’s wet or your hands get moist, making them one of the best golf grips for sweaty hands.

These grips are also great for senior golfers who might have arthritis and be unable to grip the club firmly. One to thing to note, these grips are a little bigger than a standard .580 grip, so plan accordingly. They also come in a midsize model if you prefer a much larger grip and also run slightly bigger than normal.  

Click here to learn more about them.

Golf Pride Z Grip Cord Grip

One of my personal favorites is the Golf Grip Z Grip which is a full cord model that isn’t cheap but worth the money. They last a lot longer than most grips and come in both standard and midsize as well. 

Click here to learn more. 

Wosofte Golf Grips Set

If you don’t care about name brands and are looking for a low cost, anti-slip grip, this a top pick on Amazon. For a low price, you can get a whole set for a fraction of the price of Lamkin or Golf Pride.

Click here to learn more about them. 

Putting Grips

Finally, don’t forget your putter as well. It’s arguably the most important grip in the bag to keep dry as you want as low amount of pressure when you’re putting as you don’t wear a glove. The last thing you want when putting is tension!

Here are two of our favorite putter grips:

  • Super Stroke Slim 3.0 – This is an awesome deal on a top grip that is used by pros and amateurs worldwide. They also have an oversized model and a “pistol” grip style as well. 
  • Winn X Pro Putter Grip – With this putting grip, Winn brings their signature rubber grip to help you make more putts on the greens. Plus, they come in a variety of two-tone colors to match your bag as well. 

Use 2-3 Golf Gloves

Once you have the right grips, lets talk about using gloves. While this might sound pretty basic, I wanted to make sure that you’re using a golf glove as well.

If you have wet hands, it’s nearly impossible to get the best grip when your primary hand doesn’t have a glove. If you watch the PGA Tour, you’ve probably noticed that 95% of them use a glove. 

Not only will these help keep your hands dry, but your grips should last longer as a result. Plus, you’ll have more consistent grip pressure as well.

Finally, keep at least three gloves in your bag at all times so you can rotate them. Every few holes, switch to a different glove and strap each sweaty glove to your golf bag or cart to let them air dry during the round.

Instead of buying each glove individually, you can always buy in bulk like the 2-pack of FootJoys as well.

Dealing with Sweat During Golf

Carry Extra Towels

Once you have the right grips and gloves, I suggest carrying several golf towels with you, especially in the summer. You want to separate them from your normal towel to clean your clubs and eliminate dirt and debris from the clubface.

I suggest having specific towels just for your hands and cleaning your grips. Having 2-3 smaller towels is also a good idea as you can have a backup in case one falls out of your golf bag or cart. Use them to dry off your grips and hands before each shot so you aren’t worried about slipping or losing your grip on the shot.

If you’re standing over the ball and feel like your hands are the focus instead of the shot at hand, back away and dry off. Otherwise, you might grip the club too hard and add extra tension in your forearms, which makes it hard to swing correctly. 

Go here to see our recommended golf towels.

Use a Rain Glove

If you’ve ever played in hot humid conditions, you know how hard it is to grip your clubs. Growing up on the West Coast, I never had to deal with much humidity until I went to Q-school in 2019 in Lincoln, Nebraska.

I remember on the second day of the event it was 91 degrees with 91% humidity – it was awful. Paired with the highest stakes a golfer can face to play well and advance to the next stage, I was extra sweaty and nervous.

But one trick that worked wonders was using rain gloves instead of normal gloves. Since we had to walk and be our own caddy, I was even sweatier due to the conditions but rain gloves helped my hands stay dry. Sometimes, I even used both gloves as the round progressed. 

Rain gloves helped my hands stay dry and fend off sweat as they use a different type of material than a traditional golf glove. This helped focus on golf instead of worrying about my glove or a poor grip on a club that could cost me a crucial shot in the competition. 

Remember, it doesn’t need to rain to use rain gloves! Take advantage of the features of these gloves to help you grip it better and shoot lower scores. 

Click here to grab the FootJoy rain gloves I love and recommend. 

Buy Grip Powder, Grip Spray or Gripping Solution

If your hands are extra damp and you want some extra ways to keep them dry during the round, check out these products on Amazon:

  • Dry Hands “The Ultimate Gripping Solution” – This topical lotion alleviates grip problems from extra perspiration or rain. This is a non-sticky gripping solution for hot, humid, or rainy conditions. Plus, it’s so small you can easily carry with you during the round.
  • Firm Grip Powder – The anti-slip powder is great for wet hands in any sport. It’s made with a Rosin based formula to improve your grip without an overly sticky feeling for dry hands all day. 
  • GripShield – This grip enhancer will keep your hands dry all day and provide a nice grip boost. Plus, it won’t leave a powdery mess and is so small you can carry it in your pocket as well. 

Sandpaper or Baby Powder

If you’re a handyman and don’t want to replace your grips as frequently, you can use sandpaper to freshen up your grips too. This will help them stay tacky and easier to grip during the round.

But please, only use sandpaper on corded grips, not soft grips like Winn or this will ruin them and give them the exact opposite of a grip boost!  Another hack is to use baby powder when you’re on the course. This will help soak up moisture and keep your hands dry the entire round.

Final Thoughts

While it’s easy to overlook something like sweaty hands compared to everything else in the game of golf, control what you can. Make sure to have the right grips, carry plenty of gloves, have extra towels, and use some other methods mentioned above.

If you’re competing in tournaments or competitive events, expect to sweat a little more as you’ll likely have some nerves as well. Always carry a specific towel only for sweat, not cleaning your clubs, and use it throughout the round. 

Also, take your sweat towel with you to the green so you can wipe off your putter grip and clean your ball before getting into your pre-shot routine. Since you aren’t using a glove, it’s important to wipe off any sweat on your putter grip so you can make more putts.

Hopefully, all of these strategies will help you keep your hands dry and not get yelled at by Samuel L. Jackson if you ever see him on the golf course. Or, shake his hand with a glove to avoid a sweat an incident like I had!

Do you have any other advice to keep your hands dry in the heat on the golf  course and fend off sweat?

Let me know in the comments! 

Michael Leonard

Michael Leonard

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