Best Golf Towels

1,000’s of Uses: The Best Towels for Golf

Golf towels are one of the most important accessories for your game. Without a towel, your clubs and ball don’t get cleaned properly, which only hurts the performance of your game.

I know it might sound simple but a good microfiber towel can make a huge difference.

Plus, if you don’t have a towel, you might also negatively affect your game with sweaty hands from hot weather or a pressure situation. But instead of just buying a $5 towel from Walmart, instead invest in a few golf specific towels. These are specifically made for golfers to give you the best chances to succeed on every shot. 

There are so many to choose from now that will help you shoot lower scores! In this post, we’ll break down everything you need to know including the types of towels, best way to use them, how to clean them, the best accessories, and a lot more. 

Let’s get to it… 

Best Golf Towels 

Here are the best golf towels to help you find the right one for your game. 

1. StickIt Magnetic Golf Towel 

When you search for “Best golf towels”, the Stickit magnetic towel always comes up near the top spot. So why is this towel so awesome?

A few reasons… 

STICKIT Magnetic Towel, Gray | Top-Tier Microfiber Golf Towel with Deep Waffle Pockets | Industrial Strength Magnet for Strong Hold to Golf Carts or Clubs

First, I think it is so popular because it is magnetic and helps golfers keep track of their towel. It’s always within arms reach thanks to its powerful magnet. Not to mention it’s an incredibly strong hold of up to 25 pounds! 

It’s also made of high quality material and offers deep waffle pockets via microfiber design to clean your groove quickly. And you can always throw it in the washer and dryer as it is machine washable Choose from white or gray to match your bag. 

Click here to learn more about it now.

2. Mile High Life Microfiber Waffle Pattern Golf Towel (Best Budget Towel)

If you need a simple but effective towel without wasting a dime, you’ll love this microfiber towel. The Mile High golf towel offers a microfiber waffle pattern towel with a convenient size of 16” x 21”.

What makes this deal even better is that you get a two pack of whatever towel to choose from. Plus, a matching golf brush with extension cord and clip too.

Mile High Life Microfiber Waffle Pattern Tri-fold Golf Towel | Brush Tool Kit with Club Groove Cleaner, Retractable Extension Cord and Clip (Black Towel+Black Brush)

The best part? The massive color selection.

Choose from more than 15 colors with matching brushes. Click here to learn more about it now.

Alternate Selection: ToVii Golf Towel

If you want a third towel included in your price, opt for the ToVii selection. While they don’t offer nearly as many colors to choose from, they are nearly the same size and pattern as the Mile Life brand. 

ToVii Golf Towel Microfiber Waffle Pattern Golf Towel | Brush Tool Kit with Club Groove Cleaner | Golf Divot Tool | Golf Accessories for Men

Plus, they include a matching golf brush and divot tool as well. It’s a great golf towel bundle for someone who is just getting started and needs a few extra accessories. Plus, it’s a bargain for the great price. Click here to learn more about it now.

3. Callaway Golf Uptown Golf Towel (Callaway Tri Fold Towel)

If you love your Callaway clubs and want a matching towel, this is the one for you. This Callaway towel is small (16 x 21”) and great for taking with you to the green. It’s 100% cotton and comes in several colors including navy blue, pink, white, black, or gray.

Callaway Tri-Fold Towel, Navy, 16 x 21 Inches

Proudly display the Callaway logo the entire round and keep your clubs clean all 18 holes! Click here to learn more about it now.

Alternate Selection: Callaway Golf Cart Towel

If you want something slightly bigger, opt for the cart towel instead. It’s got a cool design with a large logo and 1982 for the year the company began. It’s 16×24 in size and perfect for the fan of Callaway! Like most large towels, there is no carabiner attachment system or carabiner clip.

Click here to learn more about it now.

4. Mizuno Microfiber Tour Golf Towel

If you love your Mizuno irons and wedges, why not pair it up with a matching towel? But not just any towel, instead use a Tour towel from Mizuno. 

Mizuno Microfiber TOUR Towel, Staff

This 100% polyester, all blue towel is one of the best towels and worth the higher cost. It’s super absorbent with a massive Mizuno embroidered logo.  Click here to learn more about it now.

5. Ghost Golf Magnetic Golf Towel (Best Microfiber Golf Towel)

One of the best microfiber golf towel in recent years is the Ghost Golf magnetic towels. These have become more and more popular as they’re magnetic and easy to pick up with your golf club. It’s so much easier than bending down every hole and makes it easy to never leave them on the course.

Ghost Golf offers these in several different sizes; the greens towel and the caddie version. The greens towel is a smaller version of the magnetic towel while the caddie version is large, Pro Tour size of 18” x 40”. 

Both offer a deep waffle weave pattern that makes it faster and easier to clean your clubs and balls. You can buy them individually or together to save some money as well. 

With each golf towel there are several color options in this microfiber design. Click here to learn more about it now.

6. Club Glove Golf Towel (Caddy & Pocket Towel Set)

The Club Glove towel is one of my favorite golf towels and worth every penny. This microfiber golf towel features a waffle texture that holds 300 percent of its towel weight in water! No matter the conditions, this piece of golf equipment is in your corner.

Club Glove Golf Microfiber Caddy and Pocket Towel Set (Black)

This golf towel set is great because you get two in your set too. A larger golf towel and smaller pocket golf towel that is 8×12 too. These towels are non-abrasive and bascially lint free!

Not to mention you can choose from all kinds of colors in the microfiber construction. Some include black, light blue, bright orange, camouflage, and more. Click here to learn more now.

7. Uther Golf Towel (Most Stylish Towel)

When searching for the best golf towels online, the one problem I found is that most golf towels don’t have much flare or style. An overwhelming majority of them are one color and definitely don’t make a statement on the course.

Uther Premium Golf Towel - Cart Small Golf Towel (Flamingo Lake)

Well, until the Uther golf towel came out with 20 plus unique designs! These are some of the best looking towels on the market and would make a great gift as well. 

Some of the original designs include:

  • USA print
  • Donuts print.
  • Flamingo print. 

And a lot more for any type of golf enthusiast.

These 15” x 24” towels are made of soft microfiber and are 3X more absorbent than cotton and 5X more durable. Sure, they cost more than your average towel but they are made of high quality material and built to last. 

Click here to learn more about it now.

8. Titleist StaDry Performance Golf Towel 

If you love Titleist golf clubs and golf balls, why not add a matching towel to the mix? The new StaDry towel from Titleist isn’t the cheapest by any means but it’s a high performance quality towel. 

Titleist StaDry Performance Golf Towel, Black

It is great for all types of weather thanks to it’s sheared velour terry exterior. This towel features a proprietary hub patterned microfiber construction interior which is ideal for cleaning your wedges and iron grooves. 

Click here to learn more about it now.

Alternate Selection: Titleist Players Golf Towel

Titleist Players Golf Towel, Black, 16' x 32'

If you prefer a larger towel size, opt for the Players towel instead. It’s 16” x 32” and offered in all black or white design. It also includes a center slit that easily fits over your clubs to ensure it doesn’t fall off your cart either. No carabiner clip included.

Click here to learn more about it now.

9. Center Cut Microfiber Golf Towel (Best Large Towel)

If you’re looking for a large towel, you will love this selection from Clothlete. The towel is massive at 16” x 40” and is an incredible deal. It’s lightweight, large in size, and offers a center hole to secure it to your golf bag instead of using a carabiner clip.

Center Cut Microfiber Golf Towel 16'x40' (White w/ Blue Edge)

This large golf towel also comes in eight colors and is simple, super absorbent, and extremely high quality. Click here to learn more about it now.

10. Frogger Golf Wet and Dry Amphibian Golf Towel 

Golf towels continue to innovate and this one from Frogger is truly one of a kind. It’s a 14” x 14” towel that is two in one deal! 

Frogger Golf Amphibian Wet/Dry Golf Towel, Blue/Black

The inner layer of the towel is to clean your clubs and the outer layer is to dry them. It also comes with a carabiner clip that can attach to your golf bag so you don’t misplace it on the course. Plus, you can choose from six awesome colors too. 

Click here to learn more about it now.

At this point I don’t know what else is left to make in the golf equipment world! It seems like manufacturers have made just about every accessory ever. And this is a great one for any golfer to pair with the normal size Amphibian towel.

The Frogger Golf Amphibian is a small ball towel to help you keep your ball looking brand new. Simply wet the inner towel to clean your ball then dry it on the outside layer. 

Frogger Golf Amphibian Wet/Dry Golf Ball Towel (4' x 4')

It’s also super convenient and attaches to your golf bag or belt loop. Keep your hand dry and your ball clean with this small 4×4” ball towel. It was even awarded the “Best new product” at the PGA Merchandise show! 

This is an awesome piece of golf equipment you don’t want to miss out on. Click here to learn more about it now.

11. Spotless Swing Golf Towel

The Spotless Swing Golf Towel is another top pick that helps keep your golf balls and clubs clean. In fact, it acts as three golf towels in one and is incredibly absorbent.

Spotless Swing Premium Multi-Use Golf Towel

First, it helps keep your hands, glove, face, and grip dry. Plus, the inside traps debris from dirt and mud. Then the microfiber golf towel effortlessly cleans your clubs thanks to it’s awesome design.

The Spotless Swing is a super absorbent golf towel that really does it all. Choose from five different colors including pink, red, black, and more.

Click here to learn more about it now.

12. USA Golf Towel 

Want to show your love for America and golf? Then make sure to grab one of these USA flag golf towels.

Golf Towels for Golf Bags with Clip and Brush Set 14″x42″ USA Flag Pattern Grommet Personalized Clubs Cleaning Tools for Men Women (USA Flag+Brush)

Not only do you get the towel but a free golf brush too. Click here to learn more about it now.

Funny Golf Towels (Other Golf Towels)

Let’s not forget about funny golf towels either to help clean clubs. Here are some of the best ones I found if you want to send a friend a useful golf gift or have an upcoming celebration for a fellow player.

  • The Golf Father: If you love golf and the classic movie, “The Godfather” then this tri fold towel is for you. Choose from cotton or waffle style.
  • Swing, Swear, Repeat: Is there a saying better than “Swing, Swear, Repeat” that is more true in this crazy game of golf? Have some fun with this piece of golf gear or send it to someone who has some anger issues on the course.
  • May The Course Be With You: If you’re a Star Wars fan and a golfer, you can’t beat this towel. The black and yellow letter towel is sure to get a few laughs and is highly rated as well. It’s 16” x 24” design is the perfect size and hopefully it will give you some good luck too.
Best Towel for Golf

How to Pick the Best Golf Towel

As you can tell, there are tons of great choices when it comes to finding the right towel. Instead of just grabbing a random bath towel from your house, upgrade to a golf specific towel to look the part and clean clubs! 

Most golf towels will help complete your golf equipment and help you play better. If you’re not sure what to look for in a golf towel, here are some things to consider.

Size of Towel

This is arguably the most important thing to think about when buying a towel. It’s all personal preference as some golfers like a small towel, while others prefer a larger one. Or, some golfers carry two towels; one for cleaning clubs and one for taking with you to the green (more on that in the next section). 

Larger towels are great if you’re walking and don’t have a place to sit when there are groups bunched together. They’re also very helpful if you encounter some nasty weather during the round and need to protect yourself from the elements

Also, some players prefer microfiber towels that are super small in size called a pocket towel. As the name implies, these small towels don’t go in your golf bags but instead, in your pocket. No need to keep your towel secure as a pocket towel is small enough to fit in your back pocket and clean your ball on each green.

This is a newer piece of golf equipment that tons of golfers love having!

Types of Towels 

Personally, I like to carry two towels for a few reasons.

First, I like one towel specifically for cleaning my golf clubs with my golf brush. This is a cheaper towel that is used solely for cleaning golf clubs. 

The other towel is much softer and used for wiping my hands and cleaning my golf ball. This is the towel I take when I walk to the green from the cart. I always bring a towel to wipe my ball before I line it up for my putt.

Plus, carrying a towel up to the green helps if you get sweaty hands and need to dry them or clean your grip. Finally, carrying a towel to the green will help you keep all your stuff together (clubs, headcover, etc.) and make sure you don’t accidentally leave something behind. There isn’t much worse than getting a few holes ahead and realizing you left a club a few holes back! 

Material of Golf Towel (Microfiber Material vs. Cotton)

Don’t forget about the type of material either. Some are considered as extremely high quality golf towel (aka a premium towel) while other towels are a little more basic.

As you probably saw on the list, there are multiple kinds including cotton, polyester, and what is known as a “waffle” towel. The first two are pretty self-explanatory and the waffle version is a softer towel that is great for drying your hands and/or cleaning golf balls. 

Microfiber material is great for green towels or pocket towels. If you choose a small, pocket towel make sure it’s microfiber material too. A pocket towel will make it easy to clean your ball, even if you don’t bring a full size towel to the green.

Attachment Style (Swivel Clip vs. Carabiner Clip vs. Center Cut)

Another thing to think about is what type of attachment style you prefer. A lot of golfers like a towel that clips onto their golf bag with a carabiner attachment system, a swivel clip, or a metal hook to make sure they don’t lose it.

While other players like a golf towel that has no sort of attachment feature and instead goes in between your clubs. Or, some golfers like one that has a central slit that you can stick in between clubs so you’re less likely to lose it. 

Price of Golf Towel

Finally, we can’t forget about the price. Some golf towels are not cheap and the high price tag is hard to swallow for some players.

In general, the “Tour” style towels and ones from manufacturers are the most expensive. If you’re someone who is notorious for losing towels, make sure to grab a magnetic clip when buying a higher priced one. Or, opt for a lower to mid price so you can buy a few just in case you do leave on the golf course. 

Other Golf Bag Accessories 

While a towel or two is a great accessory, there are tons of other great golf gear as well. Here are a few of the most popular ones to help you carry everything you need in your golf bag. 

Stripebird Magnetic Clip for Golf Towel 

While all these golf towels on this list are great, is there anything worse than accidentally losing it on the golf course? I hate that feeling and am always bummed as you never know if someone will return it to the clubhouse or not. Sometimes electric golf carts or push carts seem to make your towel fall off and leave you helpless mid-round.

Stripebird - Magnetic Clip for Golf Towel (Fairway Green) - (Highest Strength Magnet) - Easily Access Golf Towel While You Golf - Attaches to Golf Cart, Clubs or Golf Hub - Removable from Towels

Luckily, Stripebird understands our pain and created a magnetic clip to secure your golf towel. This easily attaches to your golf cart, golf cart bag or golf clubs to ensure you never lose your towel again.

Plus, they have four different color options to match your golf bag. Click here to learn more about it now.  

Cooling Golf Towel (Best for Long Lasting Heat Relief)

While normal towels are great , let’s not forget cooling towels to help you stay cool either. When the conditions get hot or muggy outside, a cool towel is great for your golf game. You can leave it in your cooler and apply it when you’re ready to go. Plus, you can wrap it around your neck and swing as normal. 

YQXCC 8 Pack Cooling Towel (47'x12') Ice Towel for Neck, Microfiber Cool Towel, Soft Breathable Chilly Towel for Yoga, Golf, Gym, Camping, Running, Workout & More Activities

This 4-pack of cooling towels are great for more than just golf too. You can use them for running, camping, workouts, and more. Plus, they have all kinds of different colors too so buy a set if you play team golf too. 

Click here to learn more about them now.

Alternate Choice: Chill Pal Cooling Towel

Unlike most PVA towels, the Chill Pal Towel is extremely afforadble and offers several color options. It’s recently switch to pouch packaging design but still the same great Chill Pal that you might have used before.

Chill Pal PVA Cooling Towel (Ocean Blue)

This kind of towel makes summer golf more enjoyable than ever!

Click here to find your cooling towel now.

BallBrite – Portable Golf Ball Cleaner

One of the biggest mistakes amateurs make is not cleaning their ball enough (or at all on the greens). While it seems like a small mistake, the consequences can be big! If there is just a little excess dirt or debris it can throw your ball offline and affect it from going in.

To help you clean your ball, a portable ball cleaner might be a great investment. This one from BallBrite is great for cleaning your balls and even polishes your irons too. 

BallBrite - The Ultimate Portable Golf Ball Cleaner

All you need to do is add a few teaspoons of water into the accessory before the round and use it throughout the round. The moisture locking technology will help keep the inside surface wet and the outer surface dry. Click here to learn more about it now. 

Golf Ball Washer Cleaner 

Golf Ball Washer Cleaner - Golfer's Best Gift Idea, Accessory, Gift For Men Women, Souvenir, Present

If you want something to clean your balls and keep in the golf cart, opt for this cleaner device. You can strap it to your bag or keep it in the cup holder of your cart too. Grab one today. 

FAQs About The Best Golf Towel

Do you have more questions about finding the right golf towel for your golf game? If so, hopefully we’ll cover in our frequently asked questions and answers below.

What towels do pro golfers use?

Pro golfers use a variety of towels but one thing they have in common is that they all use large ones. Since caddies are using them to clean every groove on every club, it’s vital that they have a large towel. Some players prefer a generic one while others prefer one from their main sponsor such as Titleist or Callaway. 

What is the best golf towel?

As you can tell, there are so many different but awesome choices to choose from. In general though, I would recommend carrying more than one towel as noted above. Having a large and small one will make you much more equipped on the golf course.

So what’s the best one? 

Well, it depends on a number of factors which are outlined above. While you shouldn’t break the bank on a towel, don’t just use a generic bath towel from home or one in the garage. Instead, use one that is meant for golf to help keep your clubs and balls clean for optimal performance.

What do golfers use the towel for?

Professionals use a golf towel for a ton of reasons. Some of them include:

  • Cleaning their clubs.
  • Drying their hands between shots.
  • Cleaning their golf shoes between shots.
  • Drying their forehead when it’s hot outside.
  • Drying their grips when it’s raining or humid/hot outside. 
  • Cleaning their golf balls is arguably the most important as this plays a huge role in putting. 
  • Golf drills! That’s right, besides just cleaning loose dirt off your clubs, you can use them for all kinds of full swing and short game drills. A mid size towel works great for full swing drills. While a small towel makes for great target practice when you are pitching and chipping. And a smaller microfiber cloth one works great for putting too on a busy putting green.

How do you take care of a golf towel?

Almost every golf towel is simple to clean with cold water in the washing machine. Remove any loose dirt that you have and add in with other towels (and not with your fancy golf shirts). Since they’re machine washable, they are very easy to take care of between rounds.

Do you need a towel for golf? 

Yes, you 100% need a golf towel or several to show up ready to go.

This might seem like something is optional but it’s one of the most important things that every golfer needs. A quality towel will keep your equipment and hands clean to give yourself the best chance to shoot low scores every single round! 

While a smaller, microfiber towel that offers soft and absorbent cleaning systems make it easy to clean your golf balls.

Final Thoughts on the Best Golf Towels 

Overall, I think having several golf towels is the way to go. It’s nice to have one for each purpose of cleaning clubs vs. carrying to the green. Plus, when you carry a towel with you to the green, you’re much less likely to accidentally leave your wedges behind.

Not to mention, carrying several towels also does protect you if something accidentally happens and you end up losing one. To avoid that, make sure you wrap them between your golf clubs or use a magnetic clip. This is a great way to make sure you never lose a towel and avoid getting frustrated mid round.

If you play in a lot of warm or muggy weather, I also suggest a cooling towel as well. This will help you from getting overheated and help you play your best golf. 

Finally, make sure to use our checklist above to help you find the right towel(s) for your game. 

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