Best Golf Shoes

Yes, it matters! The Best Golf Shoes for 2021

Have you ever had a good round going and see it all crumble in the last 3 or 4 holes? 

In my mid-20s, I had one of those rounds going. 

I was 5 under through 14 holes. My personal best at the time was a 69, so this was one of those special days. My heart was racing as I tried not to think about what I could shoot if I only made pars the rest of the day. 

I made a shaky par on 15, as I had to get up and down out of a bunker to save par. Then on 16, I was in trouble off the tee. I had to chip out of the woods and unfortunately settled for a bogey. Now I’m only 4 under par. 

On 17, I was in trouble off the tee again. I went left into some high grass. However, I made a miraculous shot and hit the green in two. But it was not meant to be, I ended up 3 putting and falling to 3 under. 

However, I could still shoot a 68 with a par on 18. The problem, a green with water on 3 sides stood in my way of making a par. 

As you guessed, this story doesn’t have a happy ending. I sent not one, but two balls into the water. I ended with a nice triple bogey on the hole and my hopes of a new personal best were flushed down the toilet.

So why did this happen? Why did I fail miserably to close it out down the stretch? 

Some might say my nerves couldn’t handle the pressure, others may say that my swing couldn’t hold up under pressure. My theory… I was just tired. My body was tired, as well as my mind.

Getting to the course early, hitting balls, working on the putting green, and then playing 18 holes can be exhausting for someone who works a desk job all day. 

And you know where I felt fatigue the most? 

You guessed it, in my feet. You may think golf shoes are one of the most trivial things you can purchase in golf. Maybe you think golf shoes rank up there with a ball retriever. 

But you would be incorrect, a good pair of golf shoes can help slow down and maybe even prevent late round fatigue. Your only connection to the ground is with your feet, and if they are aching in pain what do you think that is going to do to your golf swing?

How to Find the Best Golf Shoes for Men

So if shoes are so important, I’m sure you’re wondering what to look for in a new pair of golf shoes? Here are the biggest factors when searching the best golf shoes on the market. 

Comfort Level 

This one is probably the biggest factor in determining the best golf shoes in 2021 and beyond. Comfort is especially important when trying to solve the fatigue issue I mentioned earlier.

If your feet are in pain, good luck playing a good round of golf for all 18 holes (especially if you decided to walk instead of ride). Comfort is the most important part when searching for the best golf shoes. 

Each brand and style seems to fit each person’s feet better than others. Some golfers prefer Under Armour or Skechers while others prefer Nike or FootJoy. Personally, I’m the type of golfer who will wear any type of shoe as I’m looking for comfort more than matching brands.

Best Golf Shoes

Also, if you have the option, try them on, walk around and feel confident with them before purchasing. And make sure they’re the right size too. Don’t settle for the wrong size just because you like the shoe because if they don’t fit right it’s not worth it!


If you’re playing golf in the rain or getting out early when it’s wet and dewy, the worst thing that can happen is your feet get wet. Especially if it happens early in the round as it’s impossible to dry them out. Finding waterproof shoes is so important when choosing the best golf shoes for men. 

Decide if you’re going to play more in the winter or live somewhere that it rains a lot more than other parts of the country. If so, make sure you find ones that are 100% waterproof so your feet stay dry the entire round. 

If you’re more of a fair weather golfer who prefers hot temperatures (or at least not playing golf in the rain) waterproofing isn’t as big of a factor.

Traditional vs. Athletic Style

Your personal shoe style is one of those things that is a completely personal preference. 

To me, I enjoy the looks of a classic golf shoe from the old days. Imagine those wingtip style golf shoes that the likes of Ben Hogan wore back in the day. For people like me, we gravitate towards styles like the FootJoy Icon. 

But the times are changing…

Modern golf shoes look more like running shoes than old-school golf shoes. In fact, the running shoe company New Balance and Sketchers now make golf shoes. 

Gone are the days of stiff leather shoes and clanky metal spikes walking on the cart path. As golf has become more athletic over the last 15 years, these modern shoes are made for athletes. Now, there is a huge selection of different types on the golf shoe market.

Even for a guy with a few gray hairs, I can handle the look of modern golf shoes. But I’m not even going to comment on the new “high-top” golf shoes (sorry Ricky Fowler but it’s not for me). But you see, many manufacturers going toward this new look.

My advice… Find ones that are comfortable and fit your personal style. Remember, comfort always trumps style when searching for the best golf shoes! 

Spiked or Spikeless

Remember the good old days of hearing metal spikes on the cart path or on the way to the clubhouse? If I close my eyes I can still hear the sound today just like you hear golfers hitting balls on the range before the round.

While metal spikes are a thing of the past, it’s harder and harder to find normal spikes too. In a lot of the athletic type golf shoes on the market, more and more of them don’t even have screw in spikes. Personally, this is a dealbreaker as I prefer to have plenty of traction with my shoes.

But this choice is 100% dependent on you. I love having normal spikes in my golf shoes as I have more lower body movement than a lot of other players. I have too much torque and need more footing or else I slip and don’t play my best golf. 

Make sure your spikes fit your type of golf swing and conditions you’re playing in. If you are playing in a lot of muddy and wet conditions, make sure you have spikes instead of spikeless golf shoes. Otherwise, spikeless shoes can be used for more than just golf and best for summer rounds. 

Laces or No Lace System

Believe it or not, some new golf shoes don’t include laces anymore (Ben Hogan is probably rolling in his grave somewhere). Again, this is a personal preference but you’ll also need to decide if you want laces or go to a new school and skip them.

On this list, you’ll also find a hybrid style as well. Some FootJoy and ECCO shoes have a twist switch on the back of the shoes that you tighten which replaces the laces.


The final thing to consider is price.

But let me ask, is it really worth it to save a few bucks for shoes that don’t last as long and end up leaving you miserable late in the round? You spend so much money on clubs, bags, and other golf gear that you shouldn’t skimp when it comes to spending money on shoes. 

That’s not to say that more expensive shoes are always the most comfortable but don’t cut corners just based off of the price. And if you find a pair you believe are the best golf shoes for you, always buy one or two extra pairs to store in the garage just in case the newer models aren’t quite as good. 

Best Golf Shoes for Men

Best Golf Shoes with Spikes

Now that you know what to look for when buying your next set of golf shoes, here are the best golf shoes with spikes. 

1. Adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoe (Best Budget Golf Shoes)

The Adidas Tech Response golf shoe is a great golf shoe if you’re just getting started out in golf or trying to shop on a budget. While they are cheaper than a lot of shoes on this list, they are still extremely high quality. Adidas has been making golf shoes for over two decades and doesn’t skimp on quality for the price. 

These shoes have a synthetic sole, are very lightweight, and have a lightweight cloudfoam sockliner. This style of Adidas is also a great model if you have a wider foot as they are naturally wider than most and even have an additional wide size option as well. 

adidas Men's Tech Response Golf Shoe, Iron Metallic/White, 10.5 W US

These are very comfortable with great support built throughout the entire shoe. Plus, they seem to last forever which is great if you’re just starting out playing golf. 

These are available in three colors; black, white, and gray. All three have the signature Adidas logo in the middle of the shoes and are bound to match with just about anything. For a small price upgrade you can also buy them in a spikeless version as well.

2. Callaway Balboa TRX Golf Shoe

The Callaway Men’s Balboa TRX golf shoe is another high quality golf shoe. These are a higher pair of leather shoes with waterproof opti-repel microfiber technology to not let water or moisture in the sole of the shoe.

Callaway Men's Balboa TRX Golf Shoe, Black/Grey, 9.5 D US

Even though they are waterproof, they are still extremely breathable thanks to their opti-vent mesh liner they added. All pairs come with a 7 spike dura-rubber outsole to give you maximum support even in the worst playing conditions. 

Since they are waterproof and have an all-black version, these are a great option for winter golf shoes. Plus, the all white is a great version to have for summer or opt to go with the spikeless version as well. Other colors are a grey/white and a white/blue as well. 

3. Skechers Go Golf Pro 3 LX Golf Shoe

The Skechers Go Golf Pro 3 golf shoe is made with comfort in mind. Sketchers are notorious for creating shoes designed with keeping your feet as comfortable as possible. From running shoes to loafers, Skechers doesn’t mess around when it comes to comfort. 

The Go Golf Pro 3 is made of genuine leather and has extra mid-foot support technology. They are very lightweight and also have a cushioned insole. Plus, they’re available in four different colors (charcoal/red, black/silver, white, and blue).

Skechers Performance Men's Go Golf Pro 3 Golf Shoe,Charcoal/Red,10 M US

These are perfect for you if you need extra cushion and comfort. While they aren’t as sleek as some on the list, they are definitely great to help keep your feet relaxed throughout the round. If you plan on walking a lot or find yourself wearing down late in the round, these are worth the investment. 

Click here to buy the Go Golf Pro 3 LX golf shoe. The Go Golf Elite is another awesome choice too!

4. Under Armour Spieth 2 (Best Premium Golf Shoes)

Under Armour has made quite the splash in golf gear and apparel thanks to Jordan Spieth’s success the past few years. The brand doesn’t make golf clubs so they focus 100% of their efforts on shoes and apparel. And I have to say, I’m a huge fan as the material is always super high quality and everything fits amazing.

The Under Armour Spieth 2 golf shoes are Under Armour’s signature shoes that come in a ton of different colors. They are a higher priced golf shoe but are made for the everyday golfer or a major champion like Spieth. 

Under Armour Men's Spieth 2 Golf Shoe, White (105)/Metallic Silver, 9.5

According to Under Armour, “This shoe was designed to meet the exact needs of Jordan Spieth and deliver professional-level performance. Its evolutionary spike technology is built to rotate perfectly with your swing, and a waterproof, lightweight upper provides a zero-distraction fit and feel.”

They are super lightweight, 100% waterproof and are extremely breathable. If you want one pair of shoes that you can wear year-round, these are definitely them. 

Need to save a little money but love Under Armour shoes? The Spieth 1 golf shoe can still be found at a discount (nearly half the price). While there aren’t as many color selections and don’t have all the features of the Spieth 3, they are still an awesome option. 

For more information, make sure to check out our in-depth review of the Under Armour Spieth 2 Golf Shoes.

5. FootJoy FJ Originals Golf Shoe

As I mentioned in the intro, I’m a sucker for the traditional golf shoe. But one thing I don’t miss about the old wingtip style is how uncomfortable they were. Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice looks for comfort anymore thanks to the FootJoy FJ Originals shoes

These shoes are 100% textile and have the traditional saddle look that golfers know and love. But thanks to their EVA lightweight cushioning system, your feet will feel great the entire round. 

FootJoy mens Fj Originals Golf Shoes, White/Brown, 10.5 Wide US

As someone who’s worn these a long time, I can say they do run slightly wide (and also offer wide sizes too). These classic shoes are available in three colors; all black, all white, and white/brown style as well. 

If you want a traditional look with modern day comfort and want some room for your feet to move, you’ll love these shoes. 

6. ECCO Men’s Cool 18 Gore-Tex Golf Shoes

If you’re more for the modern, athletic looking golf shoe made for winter golf, then you’ll love this one from ECCO. The ECCO Cool 18 Gore-Tex is a slightly high top shoe that has a very modern look and feel. 

They’re amazing for tough conditions thanks to their GORE-TEX Surround technology that is 100% waterproof. But they are still very breathable as the shoe has a removable insole. Plus, they come with their BOA closure system to say goodbye to old school shoe laces (more on that technology in the next section). 

ECCO Men's Cool 18 Gore-TEX Golf Shoe, Dark Shadow/Black Transparent, 9-9.5

I will say these aren’t cheap by any means but they have rave reviews from fans online. Plus, they come in four color schemes that will make you look as good as they feel. If you feel like splurging on a super nice set of shoes to make the most of tough playing conditions, these are a great option. 

7. Adidas Golf Men’s Tour 360 Boost-M (Runner Up – Best Premium Golf Shoes)

The Adidas Tour 360 boost golf shoes are the premiere shoes among players that are sponsored by Adidas on tour. I’m sure you’ve seen players like Justin Rose and Dustin Johnson wearing them the last few years and have become very popular with players worldwide. They are 100% leather with a rubber sole that is perfect for comfort and style.

adidas Men's TOUR360 XT Golf Shoe, FTWR White/Collegiate Navy/Silver Metallic, 7 M US

The spiked golf shoe comes with climaproof technology to help you play and look great in any course conditions. They also have superior cushioning and comfort with a midsole foam and new heel shape that contours to your foot. 

Plus, they come in more than 10 colors so there is a pair to match all of your golfing outfits. Click here to buy these Adidas now.

8. New Balance Men’s Sweeper Comfort Golf Shoe

If you rock New Balance’s off the course and want a pair for the links, you will love the Sweeper Spiked Comfort shoe. These rubber sole New Balance shoes not only look great but are 100% waterproof with their microfiber leather. They also have removable FTS 3.20 Pulsar spikes and have a traditional lace up system. 

Plus, they’re super comfortable thanks to the REVLite midsole. This allows them to keep the shoe very lightweight but not sacrifice any cushioning. 

New Balance Men's Sweeper Waterproof Spiked Comfort Golf Shoe, White/Black, 11D D US

The New Balance shoes are great looking shoes that are available in all white or all black. If you love one pair, grab the other color so you have one for each season. 

9. PUMA Ignite Caged Golf Shoe

If you’re a PUMA guy, you’ll love the Ignite Pwradapt Caged Golf Shoe. These are a perfect mix of a traditional golf shoe mixed with an athletic look. 

Let’s start with the look – first off these are super stylish but have a classic look too (especially  the black/white ones). But they’re extremely comfortable too thanks to the PWRCAGE sadly unit that goes around the side of the shoe. Plus, the laces tighten the cage around your foot to ensure it’s tight yet comfortable.

Puma Golf Men's Ignite Pwradapt Caged Golf Shoe, Puma White-Puma Silver-Peacoat, 10 M US

Not to mention the full-length foam cushioning is there to keep you comfortable for every step during the round. These awesome shoes are available in five different color selections and great for walking.  

Click here to buy them now.

10. Oregon Mudders Men’s CM400 Waterproof Shoe

The Oregon Mudders Men’s CM400 is one of the best golf shoes if you’re going to play a lot of winter golf or out in the rain. I mentioned earlier the importance of keeping your feet dry and these shoes will do just that. 

Oregon Mudders Mens CM400S Waterproof Oxford Golf Shoe with Spike Sole 11M US Mens Grey

The shoe is made of waterproof microfiber and incorporates a sealed membrane to keep moisture out even when it’s really wet. Despite being extremely waterproof, they’re still very lightweight with their flexible construction. 

If you want even more protection to keep your feet dry, check out the CM700N edition. This is kind of a boot style shoe that has everything from the CM400 and still extremely comfortable.

Best Golf Shoes (Spikeless) 

If you’re like a lot of players you might want to skip the spikes entirely with spikeless golf shoes. This style tends to be a bit more casual (some look like running shoes) and great for summer rounds with firm ground conditions and not muddy or wet conditions.

Ideally, spikeless golf shoes are great if you don’t have a ton of lower body movement and don’t need the extra traction that traditional spikes provide. If that sounds like you, check out the 11 best golf shoes for men spikeless versions here:

1. Callaway Men’s Balboa Golf Shoe

If you’re looking for spikeless golf shoes on a budget, these are some of the best on the market. The Callaway Men’s Balboa golf shoe is great looking, extremely comfortable, and very low in price. 

Callaway Men's Balboa Vent Golf Shoe, White/Black, 11 W US

They are made of an opt-vent mesh material that provides a ton of breathability and support. I couldn’t find much information on if they are great for winter golf so I’d recommend sticking with spring and summer rounds. 

For the price point, these are tough to beat!

2. Puma Ignite Nxt Men’s Lace Shoes 

The Puma Ignite Nxt is a great summer golf shoe and each year the Nxt just keeps getting better. These spikeless golf shoes have a soft foam dual density insole that is optimized for comfort even if you feel like an ambitious day of playing 36 holes. 

Puma Golf Men's Ignite Nxt Lace Golf Shoe, Puma White-Puma Silver-Peacoat, 11 M US

The Puma shoes come in a variety of different colors (all of which are mostly white) which is why I recommend wearing more for fun summer rounds. They are very affordable and very comfortable! 

I think it’s hard to get a better looking and more comfortable all around shoe. Click here to buy the Puma Ignite now.

3. Skechers Go Golf Elite 3

The Skechers Go Golf Elite 3 shoe is another low priced option for the everyday golfer but still has tons of style. And like anything Sketchers made, they were created for maximum comfort. The shoes are lightweight, 100% waterproof and come with their patented high-performance Resamax cushioned insole for stability and comfort.

Skechers Men's Go Elite 3 Golf-Shoes,gray/lime,7.5 M US

With six different colors, you can buy these and even wear them when you’re attending a casual dinner or happy hour with friends. These are a phenomenal choice if you’re looking for comfort and style.

4. ECCO Biom Hybrid 3 GoreTex Golf Shoe

The Ecco Biom Hybrid 3 golf shoe is another shoe that is great for looks and functionality. It has a waterproof design and made up of Yak leather for increased breathability and durability throughout your round. 

ECCO Men's Biom Hybrid 3 Gore-Tex Golf Shoe, White/Black Yak Leather, 44 M EU (10-10.5 US)

ECCO Golf Trip-Fi-Grip

These spikeless shoes are super advanced and has three specific areas on the sole to help your game. The first zone is all about stability. The wide zone gives your feet the necessary ground contact to ensure plenty of stability on the way back. The second zone is all about durability and walking comfort. And the third zone is all about rotational support and focuses on the movement of the foot to make it easy to rotate.

These golf shoes are tech-savvy and great to look at. Plus, they have tons of different colors schemes to make sure they look as good as they feel. 

Footjoy Flex XP Golf Shoes

5. FootJoy FJ Flex Golf Shoes 

Let’s not forget about FootJoy golf shoes either in the spikeless shoe debate. The FootJoy Flex golf shoes are a very casual pair of spikeless shoes that are made for summer, fair weather conditions. Made with performance mesh, these are super lightweight and will help you have tons of breathability, even in the warmest conditions. 

FootJoy Men's FJ Flex XP Previous Season Style Golf Shoes, Grey, 10 M US

But they still have plenty of support thanks to an EVA midsole that provides incredible stability. Despite being very lightweight, they also have a versatile traction and have a traditional lace up system.

These shoes are available in four different colors including navy, gray, black, and white/gray. Everyone at your golf club will love the traditional style!

6. FootJoy Contour Casual Golf Shoe (Best Spikeless Golf Shoes)

The FootJoy Contour casual shoe is a great option for informal play and both summer or winter. Not only are these spikeless shoes great to look at but they are extremely comfortable as well. Worn by players like Freddy Couples, these shoes look like a pair you’d wear to casual dinner with friends or a round of golf. 

Despite the casual look, the shoe is also waterproof and the leather is completely sealed to prevent any leaks. While there aren’t any spikes, FootJoy uses a “peg” design to grip onto slipper terrain for stability in any conditions. 

FootJoy Men's Contour Casual Previous Season Style Golf Shoes, Navy, 7 M US

A huge perk is that they’re very affordable and have four color options (charcoal, navy, taupe, and brown). If you’re looking for an all-purpose spikeless low top shoe, you’ll love this style from FootJoy. Plus, who doesn’t want to look like Freddy Couples on the golf course? 

7. Skechers Men’s Pivot Spikeless Golf Shoe

If you’re looking for a comfortable and low price spikeless shoe, I highly recommend the Pivot from Sketchers. They are a simple design, super lightweight, water resistant, and will match with any outfit.

Skechers Men's Pivot Spikeless Golf Shoe, White/Gray/Blue, 10.5

With their foam cushioning and GOGA Max technology you’ll find these shoes to be some of the most comfortable on the market. They’re available in an all black and a white design that you could easily wear off the course as well. 

8. Adidas Codechaos Golf Shoe

If you’re looking for some flash for your summer shoe, look no further than the Adidas codechaos golf shoes. This spikeless shoe is extremely lightweight and has a ton of flare to help you stand out on the golf course. 

adidas Men's CODECHAOS Golf Shoe, FTWR White/Crystal Whte/Grey, 8 Medium US

The Adidas Codechaos have a responsive boost midsole to help you bounce around on the course and have a water-protective op layer. The Adidas codechaos are available in three colors; white/neon green, white/red, and black/white to show up looking good on the golf course. 

If you’re feeling bold and want to get out of your style box, you can’t go wrong with these comfortable athletic shoes from Adidas. Click here to find the right size and buy now.

9. ECCO Men’s Tour Hybrid Wingtip Golf Shoe

These spikeless shoes aren’t cheap for golfers but you get what you pay for in this game!

These ECCO Men’s Tour Hybrid Wingtip golf shoes are amazing to look at and remind me of the good old days before any athletic type golf shoes existed. They are made using fine leather that is not only comfortable but also has a removable insole as well. 

ECCO Men's Tour Hybrid Wing Tip Golf Shoe,White/Brick,47 EU/13-13.5 M US

They look like a dress shoe with the saddle style and have built-in cleats so you don’t have to worry about changing them. Furthermore, they’re so great to look at that they can easily be worn off the golf course as well. 

10. Nike Air Max 1 Spikeless Golf Shoes

Nike makes a great shoe regardless of which sport you play. The Nike Air Max 1 looks more like a casual shoe that you’d wear off the course but is made for golf.

Nike Air Max 1 G Mens Ci7576-002 Size 7

The new Nike Air max style comes in several colors and has a clean, two-tone color setup. This shoe features a foam midsole and a Max Air unit for a comfortable feel all the time.

Click here to buy them now.

11. ECCO Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax Golf Shoe

Finally, the ECCO Biom Hybrid 2 golf shoe is built for comfort and style and rounding out our list for best spikeless golf shoes. While they are more expensive than most golf shoes on this list, understand that you are paying for quality. 

ECCO golf partnered with BOA to provide you a no-laces golf shoe that can be adjusted quickly and precisely using only one hand. They scanned over 2,500 athletes to provide the best level of support. 

ECCO Men's Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax Golf Shoe, Concrete/Royal, 6-6.5

Plus, they are super easy to clean even if you want to wear them in wet conditions. They use a GoreTex technology that helps with comfort and also makes them completely waterproof. Water from the outside isn’t getting to these shoes easily making them perfect for winter golf. 

Click here to shop now.

Best Golf Shoes for Women

Now that we’ve covered the 20 best golf shoes for men, let’s not forget about the best golf shoes for women either. While the selection isn’t quite as large, there are more ladies golf shoes now than ever before from top brands. Here are some of our favorite picks for 2021 and beyond.

1. Adidas Women’s W Response Bounce Golf Shoe

If you’re looking for an awesome all around golf shoe, you will love the Adidas Response Bounce. This athletic style leather shoe has an awesome pink, white, and gray design with some great features. 

adidas Women's Response Bounce Golf Shoe, grey two ftwr white/real coral s, 8 Medium US

First, it has traditional spikes with their 6-spike thintech outsole that will last a long time. It’s also super comfortable with their cloudfoam insole which provides tons of cushioning and comfort. 

Whether you’re walking or riding, you can’t go wrong with these golf shoes. Not to mention, they’re incredibly affordable and highly reviewed! 

2. FootJoy Women’s LoPro Collection

If you’re looking for a more traditional golf shoe, I think you will love the FootJoy LoPro collection. These have more of a classic look but they don’t sacrifice any comfort either.

The LoPro has a full rounded toe with a slightly more shallow forefoot and heel. It’s made with light EVA to provide tons of comfort throughout the entire shoe. 

FootJoy Women's FJ Leisure Previous Season Style Golf Shoes, Royal, 5 M US

Like the popular shoe from Adidas, these also have a traditional spike system. Not to mention, they are available in all white, black/white or white/tan.

You can’t go wrong with this classic shoe from FootJoy!

3. FootJoy Women’s FJ Leisure 

The Leisure series are similar to the Adidas W Response but offer one main difference – a spikeless golf shoe. The FJ Leisure shoes are a great choice if you’re a fair weather golfer and made with lightweight mesh making them super lightweight. 

FootJoy Women's FJ Leisure Previous Season Style Golf Shoes, Black, 5 M US

But there is still plenty of traction with their durable rubber outsole for maximum gripping during your swing. Plus, they have four awesome color combinations available including black, white, blue/white, pink/white. 

These are super casual but extremely comfortable. 

4. Skechers Women’s Go Pro 2 Spiked Waterproof Golf Shoe

Finally, if you’re looking for a more heavy-duty shoe to endure some nasty weather, you’ll love the Skechers Go Pro 2 waterproof shoe. The rubber sole and synthetic materials make these 100% waterproof (not just water resistant).

Skechers womens Pro 2 Spiked Waterproof Golf Shoe, Gray/Purple, 5.5 US

Plus, they have replaceable soft spikes so you can get plenty of traction even if the ground is wet and muddy. Despite their functionality, they’re still very stylish and comfortable with their Goga Max technology which provides plenty of cushioning. 

Also, you can get these in three different color combinations including navy/turquoise, white/pink, and gray/purple. While they’re the most expensive women’s golf shoe they’re also the most durable. 

Best Golf Shoes For Junior Golfers

If you’re like a lot of golfers, your kids are probably getting involved in this great game too. Make sure they have the right gear too with these kid golf shoes. 

While not all manufacturers currently make junior shoes, there are now more options than ever and hope the trend continues. Based on social media reactions to Tiger’s son Charlie teeing it up at the end of 2020 in the PNC Championship, I’m sure junior golf is on the rise.  

Here are our best golf shoes for kids.

1. PUMA Kids Grip Fusion 2.0 Golf Shoe

The Puma Kids Grip Fusion 2.0 shoe is an awesome all around shoe for junior golfers. These shoes are super comfortable with their soft foam technology and waterproof as well. 

PUMA unisex child Grip Fusion 2.0 Golf Shoe, High Rise-vibrant Orange, 4 Big Kid US

They are available in little kids (4-8 years) and big kids (8-12 years). Plus, there are four color options: orange/white, black/white, white, and pink and white. For a moderate price, you can’t go wrong with these Puma shoes for junior golfers!

2. FootJoy Kids Fury Junior Golf Shoes

FootJoy Boy's FJ Fury Junior Golf Shoe, White/Silver, 4 Big Kid

Another great pick is the FootJoy Fury Junior golf shoe that is very similar to the adult version. They are a very sleek shoe with traditional lace up laces and made with extremely durable construction. The one downside is that they’re only available in one color (white) and might not be the easiest for your kids to keep clean.  

3. Skechers Kids Max Mojo Spikeless Golf Shoe

Skechers has an awesome new shoe out for kids with its Max Mojo series. Following the trend of Skechers, these are extremely comfortable and sure your kids will love walking a round in them.

Skechers Girl's Max Mojo Spikeless Golf Shoe, White/Pink, 4 M US Big Kid

The ultra flight midsole is lightweight but dense and responsive cushioning. They’re water resistant and available in four colors; white/pink, purple/gray, black/red/ and white/lime. 

Golf Shoe Accessories 

If you’re a committed golfer, you might want to grab some of these accessories to make the most of your shoes. Hopefully these accessories will help you make them last a lot longer so you don’t have to spend money on more golf shoes anytime soon.

Golf Shoe Bag

Instead of just throwing your shoes in your trunk why not get them a nice bag for safe storage? This will ensure something doesn’t accidentally happen to them and keep them looking their best for an entire season or more. Here are some of our top golf shoe bag picks:

  • Adidas Stadium II Team Shoe Bag: This bag is 100% polyester and ventilated to keep your shoes protected. The one downside is no additional storage for golf balls or tees. But it’s very affordable and has a webbed loop handle for easy transport.
  • Adidas Golf Shoe Bag: If you’re looking for some more style instead of just functionality, you’ll love this bag. It’s two-tone gray and black style looks great and has an extra front zippered pocket for additional storage. 
  • Athletico Golf Shoe Bag Zippered Carrier: If you want a golf shoe bag with extra space, this is an awesome option. The Athletico carrier allows you to easily carry your shoe and has two side pockets for extra storage. This is great to store an extra pair of socks, tees, and balls. Plus it’s available in three different colors (including pink which makes it a great gift for your favorite lady golfer). 
  • JEF World of Golf Trunk Locker: Finally, if you want maximum storage for not just your golf shoes but all your gear, check out this locker. It’s a small suitcase design that has tons of pockets and mesh panels to store all your golf accessories. It measures at 9” W x 15” D and 6” H making it small enough to fit in your trunk. 

Golf Shoe Cleaner

While storage is important, don’t forget to clean your golf shoes on a regular basis. This is even more important if you’re playing in muddy, wet ground conditions that can take a toll on your golf shoes. Here are our favorite ways to protect your shoes.

  • Eason Golf Club and Groove Cleaner Brush: This two pack of brushes is cheap and a great way to keep your shoes and clubs clean. Simply attach the club cleaner to your bag and keep the shoe brush in your garage so you remember to clean after every few rounds of golf. One perk of spikeless golf shoes is that they are much easier to clean!
  • Shoe-Fix Shoe Glue: This highly rated product will help save your shoes if your favorite pair is a bit worn down but you want to keep them as long as possible. This professional strength glue creates an incredibly strong bond and doesn’t get affected by cold, heat, or moisture. For a small price, this is a great tool to keep your shoes alive just a little bit longer.
  • MGK Shoe Cleaner Kit: This cleaner kit is a great pick for golfers especially if you intend on playing winter golf. One bottle is a normal cleaner and conditioner designed to remove grass, stains, mud, and more. While the second bottle is a water and stain repellent that is formulated to provide extra protection for rain, snow, and dirt. Plus a large brush is included as well. 
  • Softspikes Ultimate Cleat Brush: Finally, don’t forget a cleat brush as well. Instead of using a golf tee or divot tool to remove mud and dirt from your spikes, use this spike brush instead. It has a unique design with three sets of bristles to clean your shoes fast and efficiently. Plus, it’s super cheap and will keep your spikes fresher longer! 

Spike Tool

Another way to make your shoes last longer is to regularly change the spikes. Let me tell you from experience, you want to do this sooner rather than later. 

If you wait too long to change your shoes then sometimes a part of the spike can break off making it nearly impossible to remove from your shoe. It’s best to do this every few months and regularly check the spikes instead of just buying new shoes. 

Here are some tools to help protect your golf shoes:

  • Golf Spike Wrench: This standard spike wrench has a long peg that will make it easy to change spikes and won’t hurt your hands in the process. 
  • Softspikes Ultimate Cleat Kit: This kit is made for shoes with Soft spikes and has everything you need to get started. With a two-prong wrench and a seat of golf cleats you’ll be up and running in no time. 

When replacing your spikes, make sure that you double-check the brand as each one has a different style. The same goes with wrenches as some spikes require a different tool as well. 

Golf Socks

Yes, even the best pair of shoes will be extremely uncomfortable if you have the wrong pair of socks. We’re not going to dive into golf socks in this article, go here for our picks for the best golf socks on the market.

FAQs on Best Golf Shoes for 2021

Do you have more questions on the best golf shoes and the golf shoe market? If so, hopefully this Q&A section can answer any questions you might have.

What are the best golf shoes in 2021?

As you can probably tell, there are so many awesome choices when it comes to golf shoes in 2021. Plus, with the game of golf on the rise thanks to the global pandemic in 2020, I don’t see it changing much either.

That being said, the best shoes are the ones that fit the criteria mentioned above. Since every golfer has a different swing, style, and foot, there isn’t one size fits all. 

Instead, you want to do your research and see which shoe will work best for you! Don’t buy a pair of shoes just because one of your golf buddies says it’s a good idea. 

What golf shoes do pros wear?

PGA and LPGA Tour pros wear a variety of golf shoes and usually depend on their sponsor. Even then players wear all different types of shoes as some prefer a loafer style (like Freddy Couples) while others play a more traditional style and some play an athletic style. Heck, some pros even still use metal spikes too! 

Some rock New Balance, others a traditional Nike Air shoe, and others like Rickie Fowler use a Puma Ignite pwrsport shoe. It’s a bit of everything on the PGA Tour!

How much should I spend on golf shoes?

As you probably noticed if you clicked on these shoes, there is a wide variety of prices. Some are $50 while others are $200 or more. So how much should you spend on your quest for the best golf shoes?

Personally, I think price is one of the last things you should consider. It’s better to buy a pair of shoes that last a long time instead of a cheaper pair that aren’t comfortable and won’t last long.

Also, I think your golf shoes depend on how often you’re playing golf. If you’re an avid golfer who is always trying to get better, spending more on shoes makes more sense than someone who plays a few times per year. 

What are the most comfortable waterproof golf shoes?

When it comes to comfort above all else, you can’t go wrong with Skechers golf shoes. These are constantly given the highest marks from reviewers thanks to all their newest technology. That being said, we did a ton of research so you can’t really go wrong with any of the shoes on this list.

What golf shoes does Tiger Woods wear?

Tiger Woods wears his own shoes that are made by Nike (that’s how you know you’ve made it in life right?). As Jordan Spieth has his own shoe with Under Armour, Nike has custom-made Tiger Woods shoes for years. His latest edition is the Nike Air Zoom Tiger Woods ‘20 model.

What shoes are best for wide feet?

Do you have wide feet? If so, no problem!

A lot of golfers also like to have a wider shoe in general if you have a lot of lower body movement and footwork during your golf swing. Most of the choices from the best golf shoes above have wide options so just make sure to double-check before purchasing. Some even have an X-wide size for a better fit as well!

Do pros use spikeless golf shoes? 

Yes, some pros do wear spikeless golf shoes while others wear traditional spikes. It’s a preference thing and some golfers need the extra traction while others don’t. Plus, some will switch from spikeless to spikes when playing in colder, wet weather conditions.

In the spiked or spikeless debate make sure you choose the ones that work for your game (not your favorite PGA Tour pro).

What’s the difference between waterproof vs. water resistant golf shoes?

Most shoes on this list (and on the market) are water resistant. This simply means they’re able to withstand some rain and water. 

On the other hand, waterproof shoes are geared toward players who plan to play in a lot of rain and standing water on the course. Waterproof shoes tend to cost more as they require more work from the manufacturer to keep your feet dry but are 100% worth the money.

Remember, if you intend on teeing it up when the conditions are really tough, don’t skimp on your shoes! Opt for a dark pair that is waterproof so that your feet stay dry and you play your best golf.

Final Thoughts on Best Golf Shoes

As you can tell, there is no shortage when you search for “best golf shoes” online. Whether you want spikeless golf shoes for your feet or traditional, full-grain leather with spikes, there is a massive selection.

In the past, picking out the best golf shoes was as simple as style, price, and comfort. But today, there is a lot more to consider when searching for your next pair of golf shoes so make sure to shop around. 

Now, you should also think about what type of spikes you want, the weather you’re going to play in, and what type of laces you prefer. If you’re playing regularly, I think it’s a good idea to have two pairs of shoes.

Ideally, one pair is a lighter color and more breathable shoe for summer and a heavier, more waterproof pair for winter. This way, you don’t have to sacrifice any season and not let your shoes get in the way of playing your best golf. 

Remember, don’t let price be the deciding factor as the ones that cost a little more can help save you shots in the long. Trust me, I wish I had more expensive and quality shoes when I was -5 on that historic day instead of cheap full grain leather ones that wore my feet down.

Now let’s get that sun out of your eyes, go here for our reviews of Golf Sunglasses.

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