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Review of Athalonz Golf Shoes

Athalonz Golf Shoes: The Golf Shoe for Distance?

Can a pair of golf shoes help you add more distance and hit more fairways?

I know, it sounds too good to be true. But when you’re done reading this I think you will believe in Athalonz golf shoes.

These shoes are used by long drive competitors, Bernhard Langer, and other professional golfers.

The reason? They work!

If you’re looking to add more distance to your game, more confidence with your driver, and hopefully more fairways, keep reading.

Athalonz Golf Shoes Review

If you’re like most golfers you’re probably thinking, how can a pair of golf shoes help me hit it further?

It’s a good question because pretty much every training aid promises the world. Most of them have promises like “Never three putt again”, “add 10 yards overnight” or “fix your slice immediately.”

While this all sounds good, a lot of them are snake oil. But there are some training aids we fully believe in and have worked for tons of players.

However, we’d never seen a pair of shoes make such a bold promise. Instead, most market the comfort and durability of the shoe, not the impact on your golf swing.

Let’s get into the science behind the Athalonz Golf shoes and how they might help your golf game.

Key Takeaways

  • Their design is not like a normal pair of shoes.
  • According to Athalonz, “Better golf starts with better footwear.”
  • These shoes can add up 9.5% further drives without swing changes.

The Science of Athalonz Golf Shoes

These shoes went through years of research and development before making a splash in the golf world. The company was founded by Tim Markison, a patent lawyer with more than 3,000 patents and a passion for sports. His background in physics made these shoes possible.

Here’s how these revolutionary golf shoes work:

  • Center your weight to improve stability and consistency
  • EnVe midsoles work immediately to improve performance
  • Redirect forces back to your body for up to 9% ground reactive force

They’re a lightweight shoe (about 11 ounces), engineered for comfort but also for better performance too. Here’s how EnVe technology paired with their Grip & Glide Technology can help your tee box game.

Athalonz Golf Shoe Soles

Increases Groundforce

The midsole is the bread and butter of the Athalonz shoes. The midsole is not like your normal pair of shoes; this one is engendered to increase ground force which can help increase speed and distance.

If you watch the longest hitters on the PGA Tour or long drive golfers, they push off the ground on their downswing. The ground is almost a springboard to help them hit into the ball and activate their lower body.

While the everyday amateur golfer does the exact opposite. Most amateur golfers don’t use their legs enough (which are the biggest muscles in the body) and instead rotate their upper body only. This leads to over the top issues, pulled shots, and lacking on a huge amount of distance.

These shoes have a design to get your weight more toward the center of your body and keep it there in the swing. This helps improve ground force which can lead to up to 9.5% increase in driving distance.

Click here to learn more about ground force in golf.

Athalonz White/Black EnVe Golf Shoe Size 8

Reduces Sway

What makes their shoes so great is the patented midsole which keeps your weight centered to reduce sway and enhance stability. So if you’re the type of player that tends to rock laterally in your swing, these can help. Which makes it so much easier to swing around your body with plenty of rotation and a full shoulder turn.

The design forces your knees inward slightly at address position, which they call the “power triangle.” According to the company, “In this position, your body is able to maximize ground reaction force and minimize leakage forces. With your feet about shoulder width apart and more ground reaction force and less leakage forces, you generate 9% or more power!”

Insole Kits

The company also has optional insole kits for even more performance to individually fine tune your shoes to your game. Here’s what the company said about the extra accessory:

  • “The +3 OAP: This insole increases the slope, resulting in a highly aggressive, more powerful position.
  • The -4 OAP: This insole decreases the slope, resulting in a position that maximizes comfort.”
Athalonz Golf Shoes Review

My Personal Notes

Overall I am very impressed with these golf shoes. Like any avid golfer, I was a bit skeptical at the beginning but the numbers did not lie.

Using a high-end simulator I tested my current Skechers golf shoes vs. them. I hit 10 shots with each and found that my swing speed increased 3mph when wearing the shoes. While that might not sound like a ton – that’s 8–10 yards extra distance with a driver!

It took a few swings to get used to them as they force your lower body in a slightly different direction than a normal pair of shoes. But once I got comfortable I could feel a better downswing which led to more distance and stability. I’m excited to keep using them and see if I can get even better results.

After interviewing the founder on my golf podcast I was very impressed with his story and vision for the company. They now have a full US based operation which is much more expensive than almost any other shoe provider. But this helps supply issues and provide more job opportunities in the United States.

Overall, I really like the shoes and how the company is trying to help golfers play better without swing changes.

FAQs About Athalonz Golf Shoes

Do you have more questions about the golf shoes and their impact on your golf game? If so, keep reading to learn more now.

Are Athalonz golf shoes waterproof?

These shoes have a water-resistant toe box but wouldn’t say they’re 100% waterproof like some golf shoes. The company notes they are “dew-proof” more than they are waterproof.

Do any PGA pros wear spikeless golf shoes?

Yes, a lot of golf professionals wear spineless golf shoes. Which is pretty crazy to think about considering that so many of them used to wear metal spikes. But others still prefer soft spikes.

These guys typically test out all different types of shoes to see what works best for their game. They don’t leave much to chance because every shot on the PGA Tour can mean thousands of dollars (or more money) and/or missed cuts.

Do any PGA Golfers wear Sqairz shoes?

Sepp Straka won the 2022 Honda Classic in a pair of Sqairz golf shoes. Additionally, John Daly won with them on the Champions Tour and his son, little John, wore them as well.

Sqairz is another performance golf shoe that was voted the “most stable shoe in golf in 2022” by My Golf Spy. These shoes have similarities to Athalonz due to the design and ability to improve performance.

Do they have a return policy?

Yes, there is a 30-day policy for exchanges and refunds if you’re not fully satisfied with their golf shoes. Reach out to the support team inside 30 days for the next steps. Please note this is for domestic US customers only.

Yes, despite the distance advantage they are allowed by the USGA for competition.

Do they work for right and left-hand golfers?

Yes, they work for both types of golfers.

What shoes does Kyle Berkshire wear?

Kyle Berkshire is one of the most popular faces of the long drive golf world. Did you know that when he won the World Long Drive in 2021 he was wearing Athalonz golf shoes?

Click here to learn more about long drive competitions.

Athalonz White/Black EnVe Golf Shoe Size 8

Final Thoughts

As you can tell, these shoes are not like your normal pair of golf shoes. They are engineered to help you enhance stability and improve ground force to increase distance and accuracy. While you’ll see the distance changes most notably with your driver, you can see them with irons and wedges too.

They’re a piece of golf equipment that can help you hit it longer overnight (unlike most training aids). Not to mention keep your feet comfortable and stable during your swing to reduce swaying and activate your lower body.

As the company said, “With more force directed towards the body, athletic performance (e.g., more control, more power, more stable, less wear & tear on the body) is immediately and permanently improved.”

Unless you play in a very wet climate, these shoes are a great option to help you hit longer than ever. Don’t let your equipment and footwear hold you back from playing your best golf.

Click here to learn more about Athalonz golf shoes today.

Have you ever bought a pair of these or similar golf shoes to increase performance? Let us know in the comments.

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Michael Leonard

Michael Leonard

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