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Should Golf Shoes be Snug

Not too Big, Not Too Small: Should Golf Shoes be Snug?

Golf shoes are an underrated part of this great game.

But should golf shoes be snug? Or, allow your feet to move around since there is so much lower body motion in the golf swing?

We’ll address those questions and a lot more in this article to help you understand the perfect shoe size for golf. Because the incorrect size shoes or an overly tight shoe will hurt your performance on the golf course.

Golf Shoe Sizing

Ill fitting golf shoes are the enemy of good golf; here’s how to buy the right fitting golf shoes.

Key Takeaways

  • Always wear socks when playing golf.
  • Golf shoes are not like running or dress shoes in terms of proper fit.
  • Golf shoe size and width are important to avoid blisters during the round.
  • Shoes that are too big or small can impact performance and make it hard to walk 18 holes.
  • Golf shoes should be snug but still allow your feet room to breathe so you can play your best golf.

Ultimately, your golf shoes should be snug but not feel like your feet are cramped in there. You want adequate room in the toe box for the correct fit.

If your shoes are too small it’s going to lead to a lot of issues including blisters and sore feet after the round. There’s nothing worse than feeling your toes scrunched in your shoes and easily worrying more about them than your golf swing.

While shoes that are too big might cause some other issues.

When your golf shoes are too big it makes it easy for your feet to slide around as you swing the clubs. This can happen with fairway woods and driver swings since you have a bigger stance and faster swing.

Not to mention shoes that are too big can also lead to blisters and other foot problems too. You want a full secured heel and forefoot with the shoes tied.

Wider Shoes 

While golf shoes should be snug, some brands tend to have a more narrow fit. This can also cause discomfort as you swing and/or walk the golf course. 

Getting the right size is important, don’t forget about width too. A lot of companies make extra wide and sometimes 2X wide golf shoes to make sure they fit your feet perfectly. Always check the size and width before buying shoes.

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Tips to Find the Right Fit Golf Shoes

A new pair of golf shoes aren’t like normal shoes! When playing golf you want shoes that are:

  • The right size and width: This is the number one thing to consider when buying golf shoes.
  • Comfortable: You want to make sure the arch and mid-section of the shoe’s interior support your feet throughout the round.
  • Stable: Especially if you have a lot of lower body movement and/or play in wet conditions.
Should Golf Shoes be Snug

FAQs About Buying Golf Shoes 

If you have more questions about the perfect pair of golf shoes, check out the most commonly asked questions and answers below. 

Should golf shoes be a size bigger?

If I had to pick between smaller or bigger golf shoes, I’d opt for slightly bigger.

There’s nothing worse than feeling your feet cramped in a shoe, especially if it’s warm weather and hot outside. If you’re walking it’s likely better to have them slightly bigger as well. 

Are golf shoes the same size as regular shoes?

It depends on the brand as each golf shoe manufacturer is different. With so many brands making golf shoes – FootJoy, Callaway, Adidas, Under Armour, etc. – it’s hard to say if one brand runs big or small.

However, some golf shoe websites will actually discuss sizing to help you find the right pair. Even if you want to buy your golf shoes on Amazon, make sure to check out the company website for any sizing or width issues. 

Can you wear golf shoes for walking and running?

You can walk in them during the round but the shoe design isn’t meant for long runs. Opt for more room in a pair of running shoes to avoid injuries.

Do FootJoy shoes fit true to size?

Yes, I’ve had no issues when buying FootJoy golf shoes. I’m a size 10 in other brands – like Nike or Under Armour – and the same is true with FootJoy. Plus, I’ve bought different pairs (like the FootJoy Pro SL) and wear the same size for each type of shoe. 

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Why are golf shoes so stiff? 

Golf shoes are stiffer than your everyday pair of casual or athletic shoes. Why? 

Because they allow you to have plenty of stability as you walk and swing the golf club. Since the golf swing is normally around 100mph (with driver) you need shoes that are stable. Otherwise, you might lose your footing and/or balance and make a bad swing as a result. 

The majority of golf shoes have a rigid center and midsole to allow proper lower body rotation. Plus, some golf shoes have arch support and extra comfort features too. 

Do golf shoes stretch?

When buying new shoes online always measure your foot length to ensure your golf shoes fit properly. Most won’t stretch much so it’s essential to buy the right shoes from the start and they’ll last longer too.

Should I buy spiked or spikeless golf shoes?

Now that metal spikes are essentially banned from golf courses, it’s time to decide spiked vs. spikeless. There isn’t one size fits all answer though and depends on the type of golfer.  (See our article on the best spikeless golf shoes.)

Spiked shoes are better for wet playing conditions, hilly golf courses, and if you have a lot of lower body movement in your swing. While spikeless shoes are better for warm weather, walking (or playing 36 holes), and more casual rounds of golf. 

My Experience (Tips to Find the Right Golf Shoes)

Buying the right size golf shoes are key to playing your best on the course and need a snug fit.

There’s nothing worse than wearing shoes that cramp your toes or ones that allow your feet to move around too much. I’ve developed some nasty golf blisters before and can make for a long week if you have multiple rounds back to back. 

Buy shoes that are snug but not too tight. If you can’t walk 18 holes in your golf shoes there’s a problem and you need to address it asap. While it’s normal for your feet to be tired after that long of a walk, they shouldn’t be aching from the incorrect shoe size. 

Things to Consider When Trying New Golf Shoes

When buying shoes don’t forget to think about comfort, arch support, color, deep toe boxes, width, and spiked vs. spikeless golf shoes. 

Final Thoughts on the Right Shoes for the Golf Course

Golf shoes are completely necessary if you plan on playing any more than just a round or so. Finding the right pair of golf shoes can do a lot for your swing and game. 

Don’t wear shoes that are too small as it can hurt your feet and lead to some nasty problems (like blisters or athlete’s foot). While shoes that are too large or too wide can lead to slipping as you swing the club back and negatively impact your swing. 

Ultimately, golf shoes should be snug but not overly tight. Plus, always wear golf socks too.

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