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Footjoy Pro SLX Golf Shoe Review

Footjoy Pro SLX Review: Spikeless Performance

Do you need a new pair of golf shoes? Are you tired of your old shoes and worn down spikes making your feet move more than Scottie Scheffler?

If so, you’ll love this FootJoy Pro SLX review. They’re a great upgrade from the previous FootJoy Pro SL golf shoes which I liked as well. 

FootJoy is a powerhouse brand in the golf shoe industry and has made some of the best shoes for as long as I can remember. Which for context is a while – when I started playing golf metal spikes were allowed. Not to mention saddle shoes were the cool thing and athletic types of golf shoes were non-existent (let alone spikeless shoes).

Today I’ll review one of the newest FootJoy designs to learn how they might help your golf game. 

FootJoy Pro SLX Review

FootJoy makes a ton of different golf shoes for men and women in different styles of different types of climates. Whether you need a pair for summer or winter, spiked or spikeless, they have a great pair of shoes for you. 

Key Takeaways 

  • FootJoy has four versions of the new Pro SLX golf shoes. 
  • These shoes come in a variety of colors and styles to fit all types of golfers.
  • The latest shoes from FootJoy are spikeless designs and made with premium leather. Not to mention they’re 100% waterproof with a two-year warranty. 

Keep reading to learn more about these premium golf shoes from FootJoy. 

Footjoy Pro SLX Golf Shoe Review

Traction in Spikeless Shoes

I’m typically a golfer who prefers spiked shoes (unless I’m using a simulator) but wanted to try a new pair as I loved the design. So I figured I’d try the FootJoy Pro SLX as my friend has them and can’t stop raving about them. 

After trying them on I instantly felt the comfort but also plenty of support. Not to mention, a lot of traction when hitting outside on the range. 

As FootJoy noted on their website, “The PWR TRAX System uses swing forces to engage the Race Trak outsole and specific traction elements to provide no-slip grip during every swing, on any lie.”

Aside from the PWR TRAX system they also have 3D X-Wing technology. This also provides more stability and is countered with an exposed heel stabilizer for even more support.

As you can see in the images these shoes have advanced traction on the entire outside of the shoe, not just 5–6 areas like most spiked shoes. My lower body moves a lot (less than Scottie but a noticeable left leg slide) but still feel like I have a ton of traction. 

Incredibly Comfortable

Stability is important in the golf swing but so is comfort. These shoes are some of the most comfortable ones I’ve worn for a few reasons.

First off is the custom-fit insoles. As FooJoy noted, “Molded X25 with Ortholite® Impressions FitBed® provides immediate step-in comfort and molds over time for a truly custom fit.”

Footjoy Pro SLX Golf Shoe Review

I’ve used custom insoles for running half-marathon in the past and these are nearly as good! Not to mention they offer a 3D molded ankle collar for even more padding and performance mesh lining for good breathability. 

These FootJoy shoes also have a full round toe, standard fit on the forefoot, and slightly narrower heel. Everything about these shoes is very comfortable and I have no doubt I’ll use them during the few rounds a year when I need to walk. 

Three Color Choices

The FootJoy Pro SLX shoes are available in four colors:

  • Black
  • White 
  • Black and White

I ended up going with black/white pair as I live in Arizona and get to play in mostly dry conditions. Not to mention I’m still the guy who likes to wear a white belt for at least half of my rounds. 

My inclination is that the material used for these shoes is going to be very easy to clean. It seems like they’re very high quality and shouldn’t crack as quickly as a lot of other pairs. I also like the very simple design on all three color options. 

Multiple Sizing Options

Lastly, these shoes come in size 7-15 and are available in narrow, medium, wide, or extra-wide options. Overall, I think these run true to size (I usually buy a normal width) and felt like my feet were quite comfortable. It’s nice they have a huge selection of width sizes as some golfers “settle” and end up buying a pair that is too wide. 

There are also several models of the FootJoy Pro SLX which I’ll recap below.

Footjoy Pro SLX Golf Shoe Review

FootJoy Pro/SLX  

This model has similar sizing options but only available in four colors. 

FootJoy Pro/SLX Carbon BOA

The FootJoy Pro/SLX Carbon BOA design is the most expensive of the four models and has a very similar look. The main difference is the BOA Fit system. 

Here’s how FootJoy described it, “The BOA® Fit System delivers a micro-adjustable, precision fit engineered to improve power and performance in all conditions.”

FootJoy Pro/SLX BOA 

The final model is only available in white and also has the Carbon + BOA system. 

Other Notable FootJoy Shoes 

As I mentioned earlier, FootJoy makes a huge variety of shoes for all types of players and styles. Here are two others that I’m a big fan of and might be just what your game (and style) needs. 

FootJoy HyperFlex Series 

These shoes have a lot of similarities to the FootJoy Pro SLX and have four different styles as well. The biggest difference between these is the spikes that provide even more traction and stability throughout your swing. 

Some of the highlights include:

  • Soft insoles.
  • Four color options.
  • Carbon enforced stability.
  • Two-year waterproof warranty. 
  • Coated knit bootie for more structure and better stain protecting with impressive breathability. 

Click here to learn more about the HyperFlex shoes now. 

FootJoy Traditions 

Another one of my favorite pairs of FootJoy shoes are the Traditions which are an iconic looking, traditional golf shoe. The FootJoy Pro SLX and HyperFlex are more athletic looking while the Traditions is a classic saddle style. 

Some of the highlights of these awesome golf shoes include:

  • Spike design.
  • Sizing from 7 to 15.
  • Premium fashionable leather.
  • One-year waterproof warranty. 
  • A foam midsole and laser street fit for incredible comfort.
  • Six color options (including several saddle styles). 

Click here to learn more about the Traditions model of FootJoy shoes now. 

Or, read our full review of the FootJoy Traditions now. 

Footjoy Pro SLX Golf Shoe Review

FAQs About FootJoy Shoes 

Do you have more questions about FootJoy shoes? If so, keep reading through the most frequently asked questions and answers now. 

What FootJoy shoe is Tiger wearing?

Tiger Woods recently split from Nike after one of the most successful partnerships in golf history. Before the split and after his 2022 car wreck, he started wearing FootJoy shoes despite still being sponsored by Nike. During that time he was wearing the FootJoy Premiere Series Packard.

Now, Tiger has started his own brand called Sun Day Red. At the time they only offer clothing, but you never know, maybe he’ll get back into footwear as well. 

Do you have to break in FootJoy golf shoes?

FootJoy says that you do not need to “break in” a new pair of golf shoes. They note on their website if they aren’t comfortable on the first round it’s likely from buying shoes in the incorrect size. 

Are golf shoes with spikes better?

It’s more of a personal preference than anything else. Some players that have a lot of lower body movement only use shoes that have spikes on them. While other golfers don’t care nearly as much. 

However, the conditions you play in also play a big role. If you’re playing in wet, winter conditions, it’s much more beneficial to use shoes with spikes. This will help your feet from slipping during the swing and get better traction in the wet grass.  

Is FootJoy Pro SLX waterproof? 

The new SLX shoes are 100% waterproof and come with a 2-year warranty. 

Can you customize FootJoy golf shoes?

Yes, they are one of the few brands that offer impressive customization options using the “My FootJoys” feature on their website. This allows you to fully customize a pair of shoes so it’s 100% unique to you. 

My Experience

FootJoy makes some of the best shoes in golf – no questions about it. I’ve worn a variety of different FootJoy shoes over the years and it’s easy to see why they’re “the number one shoe in golf.”

Whether you want an athletic look or a traditional golf shoe, they have one for you. Not to mention a large variety of spiked, spikeless, and even the option to customize as well. 

They’re on the more expensive side, but they are built to last. With regular care they should last several seasons and sure to keep you feeling good on the course. 

Final Thoughts 

FootJoy continues to innovate and doubt you’ll have any buyer’s remorse with their new Pro SLX golf shoes. With four styles, different sizes, colors, and more, there is a perfect pair for you. 

Click here to grab a pair now. 

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