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Sunday Golf Ryder Bag Review

Sunday Golf Ryder Bag Review

Do you need a lightweight stand bag that makes it easy to practice and walk the golf course? If so, you’ll love this Sunday Golf Ryder Bag review.

Sunday Golf is most commonly known for making “Sunday bags” – sometimes referred to as pencil bags – that are smaller than a normal bag. They carry 6–10 clubs and are ideal for walking and taking to the practice area.

However, Sunday Golf now has regular sized carry bags that have plenty of room for all your equipment. Keep reading for our full review of this bag to learn if it’s worth the money now. 

Sunday Golf Ryder Bag Review 

Key Takeaways

  • Sunday Golf now makes more than just small “Sunday” bags, including lightweight carry bags.
  • Their Ryder 23 bag is super lightweight (4.9 pounds), very easy to carry, and tons of color choices.
  • It has a padded double shoulder strap, flat base design to attach to cart, and a duraflex stand system.
  • They also have tons of pockets including a ball pocket, range finder pocket, apparel pocket, 4-can frosty pocket, and even a smell proof pocket.  

Keep reading to learn more about this bag and other features to consider when replacing a golf bag.

Ryder 23 Golf Bag Overview

The Ryder 23 looks great and has some similarities to Vessel golf bags (read more about them here). The Ryder is available in a ton of colors including navy, black, green, toasted almond, light gray, and pink/white. They also have a leather design as well, which is water-resistant and easy to clean. 

Some highlights include:

  • Umbrella slot.
  • Water-resistant zippers
  • Side water bottle sleeve. 
  • Felt-line valuables pouch.
  • Velcro path to hold your golf glove.
  • Cart strap when using in a golf cart. 
  • Front pocket can be customized with a logo/name. 
Sunday Golf Ryder Bag Review

Lightweight Design

One of the biggest perks of this golf bag is the super lightweight design. At only 4.9 pounds, it’s one of the lightest designs and makes walking a round of 9 or 18 holes easy. 

If you do want to use a push cart, it makes for an easy walk as well. Plus, it makes practice at the driving range or short game area much more convenient, too. 

5-Way Top and Full Length Dividers 

This stand bag has a 5-way top that makes it easy to keep your clubs organized. It doesn’t have a 14-way top like some stand bags – which tend to be more like hybrid bags. But there is still plenty of room for all 14 clubs.

Lots of Pockets and Accessories 

There are plenty of pockets as well (six in total) with a four-can frosty pocket to keep your drinks cold. 

The gear pocket is perfect as it has internal dividers to separate balls, tees, and markers. Additionally, it has something I can’t say I’ve ever seen before – a smell proof pocket. We’ll leave it your imagination on what to put in there, but as they said on their website, “Smell proof pocket can elevate any day on the course.” 

Don’t forget about some accessories like the glove holder and towel hook. Overall, you have tons of storage for a bag that weighs under five pounds. 

Sunday Golf Ryder Bag Review

Free Lifetime Warranty and 30-Day Return Policy 

These bags cost a little more than most bags but still wouldn’t’ consider them ultra expensive compared to Vessel and Sun Mountain. But they also have a free lifetime warranty to protect your investment. 

Sunday Golf warrants their products with a lifetime guarantee against defects in materials. Plus, they also offer a 30-day no hassle return policy as well. 

Other Sunday Golf Bags

Sunday Golf has expanded their product lineup for all types of players and different types of golf outings. Alongside their popular Ryder Bag, they also offer these designs.

Par 3 Bag

The par 3 bag is a true “pencil” bag and the smallest design they offer. It holds six clubs and is ideal for the driving range and executive golf courses. It’s only 1.95 pounds, has a single strap, and don’t worry – it still has a “frosty pocket” for one can. 

Half Set Bag

The half set bag is slightly bigger at 3.4 pounds but still ultra lightweight. It has a double strap, 2-can frosty pocket, and 3-way divider top. This bag is perfect for walking eighteen at a smaller length course, par 3 course, or taking to the practice area. 

Mid-Size Stand Bag 

The other option is the mid-size stand bag, which is 3.9 pounds and carries up to 10 clubs. You can also strap this into a cart with ease, has a double strap, and a 4-can frosty pocket. 

Sunday Golf Ryder Bag Review

Choosing the Right Type of Golf Bag 

As you can tell, the Ryder 23 is a great golf bag that is ideal if you’re looking for one to carry during the round. However, it’s important to note the different types of bags to see which one is best for you.

Stand/Carry Bag 

Stand bags are a great choice for golfers who want a lightweight design above all else. As mentioned above, Sunday Golf has no shortage of options, including the Ryder 23 and the El Camino (mid-size stand bag).

Benefit of a stand bag include:

  • Convenient for traveling.
  • Easy to carry or use with a pushcart.
  • Don’t take up much room in your garage or trunk. 

The only downside is less storage space, but Sunday Golf seems to be fixing this issue with their array of pocket sizes/types. Read our list of the best carry bags now. 

Hybrid Bag

A hybrid bag is the best of both worlds, as it has the perks of a stand bag and a cart bag. These bags typically have 14-way individual club dividers and more storage space than a stand bag. But are lighter than a cart bag so they’re easier to travel with and store in a locker or trunk. 

Read our list of the best hybrid bags now. 

Cart Bag

Another popular choice is cart bags, which are meant to be used on a golf cart or electric push cart. I wouldn’t recommend using these types of bags with a standard push cart as they’re quite large, heavy, and might make for a long day on the links.

Like the other bags above, there are pros and cons. Some of the benefits of a cart bag include:

  • Built-in cooler pockets.
  • Maximum protection for clubs. 
  • Extra pockets and storage space.

However, there are a lot of downsides too, including:

  • Heavy.
  • Not easy to travel with.
  • Take up a lot of space in your trunk or garage. 

But if you want extra storage space, you can’t beat a cart bag. Read our list of the best cart bags now. 

Sunday Bag 

The final option is a Sunday bag which, as you guessed it, is the specialty of Sunday Golf. They began making these smaller bags – which typically hold about 10 clubs – but have branched out to carry bags as well. 

Check out the best Sunday bags here. 


Do you have more questions about this Sunday bag and other golf bags? If so, keep reading through the most frequently asked questions and answers now. 

Is there a rangefinder pocket?

Yes, they have a dedicated rangefinder pocket to protect your device. Not to mention a built-in cooler pocket (holds up to four cans) and golf ball pocket, among others. 

Does this bag work in a golf cart?

Yes, it has a flat base so you can easily ride instead of walk and it has a pass through system as well to secure it to the cart. It’s also easy to use with a push cart too. 

Does Sunday Golf offer a hybrid or cart bag?

Not at this time – they currently only have small par 3 bags, other smaller stand bags, and full size bags like the Ryder 23. They do have a good selection of leather bags as well. 

Are there cooler pockets?

Yes, even their smallest bag has a “frosty pocket” – the size of the bag determines how many cans will fit. They also sell individual golf bag coolers as well that match your bag. 

My Experience

I’m very impressed with the Ryder 23 bag from Sunday Golf. 

They’ve always had good options in smaller designs and nice to see they have larger, full size carry bags as well. It’s smaller than some carry bags but still shouldn’t have an issue getting all your gear inside. 

I love the design and am confident it will help me walk more for some additional exercise on the golf course. Plus, it’s super lightweight, tons of pockets, and overall I love the quality. 

Final Thoughts 

Whether you need a small par 3 bag or a full size stand bag, Sunday Golf has an option for you. 

If you would like to purchase or learn more, go to the Sunday Golf website.

Make sure to buy the right bag for your typical playing style (walking, riding, pushing, etc.) so you have plenty of pockets and all the features you need. 

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