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Vessel Golf Bag Review

Vessel Golf Bags – Premium Golf Bags to the Next Level

Are you looking for a new golf bag to protect your clubs and show off your style on the course? If so, you’ll love this Vessel Golf Bag review. 

As you probably know, there is no shortage of golf bag brands in the market. 

Big brands that sell all types of golf equipment – including Callaway, Titleist, Ping, and TaylorMade – all have a variety of bags to match their gear. Plus, there are a ton of bags that only sell golf bags like Sun Mountain, Ghost Golf, and many others.

So, how did Vessel become such a top name in the game? What makes them different from most brands? Are they worth the higher price tag?

We’ll answer all these questions and more, plus provide a breakdown of their bags to see if they’re what your game needs. 

Vessel Golf Bag Review 

Key Takeaways

  • Vessel is a brand that makes premium golf bags for all types of players. 
  • PGA Tour players use the Staff bags, while amateur golfers tend to prefer the smaller designs of the stand bags or cart bags.
  • Vessel also makes small Sunday bags if you’re someone that prefers to take a few clubs to practice or play executive golf courses. 
  • Vessel also makes other bags for tennis, premium backpacks, tote bags, shoe bags, and more. 

Keep reading to learn why these are some of the best bags in golf. 

Vessel Golf Bag Review

Vessel Golf Bags Overview

The first time I spotted a Vessel bag a few years ago, I was instantly impressed. They have an incredible design, made of high quality Tour leather, and offer stand or cart bags. 

They have six different stand bag options – all of which are about $400 or more. The two cart bags are priced a little bit more and only have two in their product lineup. Additionally, they also make Tour bags, pencil stand bags, and Sunday stand bags. 

Plus, they have 6-way dividers or 14-way dividers, depending on the style you choose. Not to mention a myriad of colors too. If you buy online from their website, you can also get your name added for free, add a logo ($85), or name plus logo ($120). 

Here is a quick recap of some of the most popular bags in their lineup. 

Vessel Player IV Pro Stand Bag 

The most expensive stand bag is the Vessel Player IV model, but let me just say, it looks good! I took a look at them at the 2024 PGA Show and was impressed with the incredible design. 

Here’s how Vessel described their best stand bag. 

“Taking cues from the needs of tour players, the Player IV Pro was designed with distinct features such as: a larger 9.5” top, a magnetic pocket that can be accessed while the bag is being carried, increased beverage storage, purposeful pockets, and an internal base divider to keep grips separated for effortless club retrieval.”

It’s available in a 6-way or 14-way top. The six way weighs 6.55 pounds, while the 14-way divider weighs 7.45 pounds. 

Other highlights include:

  • Matching rain hood.
  • Carbon fiber stand legs. 
  • Premium waterproof zippers.
  • 14-way dividers are big enough to fit midsize and jumbo grips. 
  • Magnetic side pocket which is ideal for yardage books or scorecards. 
  • Jam resistant base on the base of the bag to prevent grips from jamming when the legs are deployed. 

If you want a slightly smaller design, opt for the Player IV Stand or the Player III Stand. 

Vessel Sunday III Stand Bags 

If you’re someone that wants the lightest bag possible and prefers to walk vs. using a push cart, it’s hard to beat the Sunday III Stand. This bag is sleek, lightweight (4.55 pounds), and ideal if you’re someone that likes to practice a lot and it’s incredibly easy to travel with. 

As Vessel said, “Carefully crafted with modern minimalism in mind, this carry bag boasts a refined silhouette with 5 pockets, including a magnetic accessories pocket and an antimicrobial valuables pocket. The clean 3-way top fits up to 14 clubs for a full walking round, quick nine, or trip to the driving range.” 

Despite its smaller size, you can still easily carry all 14 clubs too. Other highlights of this small, minimalistic design include:

  • Four color options.
  • Magnetic accessories pocket.
  • Insulated water bottle sleeves.
  • Ultra lightweight carbon fiber legs.
  • Waterproof personal pockets to keep your valuables dry in all weather conditions. 
  • Convertible EQ2 Double strap. This uses their patented 8-point swivel mechanism which self-adjusts to ensure maximum comfort. 

Overall, this is the lightest bag they offer that allows you to carry all 14 clubs. If you’re someone that is trying to get some more exercise by walking without a push cart and avoiding golf injuries, it’s tough to beat. 

Vessel Golf Bag Review

Vessel Lux Cart 

Let’s face it, most cart bags are bulky and hard to even carry from your car to the golf cart staging area. But Vessel is changing the game as their cart bag looks nothing like a normal oversized bag. The Lux Cart design is about the same price as the Player IV Stand, but has a sleek look without compromising on storage. 

As Vessel stated on their website, “Starting with 2 forward-facing pockets and an upper pocket pod that swings over the cart strap and snaps down with a magnetic closure, securing your bag in place without restricting access to essentials while on a cart.” 

Other highlights include:

  • Large cooler pocket.
  • Dedicated putter well.
  • Dual water bottle sleeves.
  • Two antimicrobial lined personal pockets. 
  • Two carry handles plus a large padded single strap. 
  • Lockable valuables pocket (something you don’t see very often). 

The Vessel Lux Cart bag is available in a 7-way (6.55 pounds) or 14-way top (6.8 pounds). You can also choose between six colors, including an all white or all black design. 

It’s also significantly smaller than most cart bags, making it a lot easier to travel with. Learn more about the best travel cases here

Vessel Pencil Stand Bag 

The final bag in the lineup to point out is their pencil bag. A pencil bag is typically the same as a Sunday bag, but not in this case. 

The Vessel pencil bag is even smaller than the Vessel III mentioned above and fits up to six clubs. It still has the same great look as the other Vessel bags, with its Tour-grade synthetic leather (available in black or black/white). Plus, it has a two-way top to separate your putter and/or driver from the other clubs.

It also has a sturdy bag hook so you can hook it to your main bag when riding in a golf cart. This works great if it’s winter rules and carts can’t leave the path. You can take this small bag with you to the fairway or green to keep your grips and towels dry – what a great innovation! 

The Vessel Pencil bag has a padded single strap and two clip on/off points for right or left-handed carry. It even has a velour lined, magnetic rangefinder pocket too to protect your investment. Not to mention a waterproof accessory pocket too (including waterproof zippers). 

FAQs About Vessel Golf Bags 

Do you have more questions about Vessel golf bags? If so, keep reading through the most frequently asked questions and answers now. 

Do any pros use Vessel bags?

Yes, some of the biggest names in golf play Vessel golf bags! A few notable names include Tiger Woods, Jordan Spieth, and many others. 

Vessel Golf Bag Review

What are the best brands of golf bags?

If you’re looking for a premium golf bag, it’s hard to beat Vessel. But other top names in game include 

How do you organize a 14-way golf bag?

Organizing a bag is an art and science. You want to organize in a way to protect your clubs and hold all your gear (like rangefinder, yardage books, wallet, etc.) and a 14-way makes it a lot easier. Check out our full guide to organizing your golf bag

Are Vessel golf bags easy to clean?

Yes, they are one of the easiest golf bags to clean thanks to the Tour-grade Synthetic leather design. Which is great because most of their bags have white in their design, which are typically very hard to clean. However, this is not the case with Vessel and I’d argue one of the easiest bags to clean. 

My Experience

After playing this game for 20+ years, I’ve tried out nearly every brand and style of bags. Most of them have a lot of similarities in terms of design and quality. But Vessel is not the case and seems to have made one of the best bags in golf.

Anytime I spot a golfer at the range or course with one, I always ask them how they feel about it, and the response is always positive. Yes, they are more expensive than most golf bags, but I think based on the premium leather design they’ll also last much longer. 

Not to mention, they’re so much easier to clean than most bags. So not only will they last longer, but they’ll look better too. 

I also love that they have a huge selection of golf bags – whether you want a stand, cart, hybrid, or pencil bag. 

Final Thoughts

Is Vessel the cheapest golf bag? Absolutely not – they’re one of the most expensive. But like all things in golf, you get what you pay for.

If you’re looking for a high-end, premium golf bag, it’s hard to beat Vessel. 

The high quality design, huge selection of different bags, colors, and more make these a top name in the game. It’s easy to see why so many people – both professional and amateurs alike – trust Vessel. 

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