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Meridian Putters Review

Meridian Putters Review – Highly Customized Putters

If you’re ready to roll the rock like Tiger Woods, you need the right putter. Choosing the right putter is half the battle in golf – otherwise, it can lead to a ton of frustration on the greens. 

Unfortunately, most putters that golfers use are off the rack and aren’t always right for your stroke, height, or putting style. While a custom putter fitting is never a bad idea, sometimes you want even more customization with your equipment. 

Meridian Putters now allows you to do just that with a one of a kind online putter experience. It’s time to say bye to expensive putters that offer no customization options. 

With Meridian, you can easily customize the putter head style, face, finish, and stamping to create a truly one of a kind putter. Keep reading to learn why these putters made the Golf Digest Gold List in 2024 and how they can help your confidence on the greens. 

Meridian Putters Review 

Putting is everything in golf – okay, not everything, but 30% (or more) of all strokes happen with the flat stick. Needless to say, it’s a big deal to play the right putter so you have a lot more confidence and fewer putts every round.  

Enter Meridian Golf – you might not have heard of them yet, but I can almost promise you will in future years. Their motto is, “Your putter, your way” as they offer a unique way to build your own putter so you look down with extreme confidence. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Meridian Putters offer seven different putters and are made from one piece of stainless steel.
  • They make it easy to choose your face, milling, finish, shaft length, grip, and even add engraving to create a truly unique putter designed for you. 
  • These putters are made in the USA and come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Here is the breakdown of the six-step process to build your own one of a kind putter.

Meridian Putters Review

Step One: Select the Right Putter Head 

The first step is to find the right type of putter based on your personal preferences and putting style. They have a good mix of blades and mallets for a total of seven putter heads to choose from.

The Okatie Putter is an old school design that reminds of the putter Phil Mickelson used for a lot of his career. While the Charleston blade has several hosel options and offers a much more traditional blade putter.

There are three mallets to choose from including the Tybee, Key West, and Tybee Face Balanced putter. I’m a little surprised they don’t have a larger modern mallet type of design like the Spider series, but maybe they’ll offer it in the future. 

Step Two: Choose the Feel  

The second step in the putter process is choosing your feel. All putters are made from one piece of stainless steel but do offer three “cuts” on the putter face.

The three options are:

  • Meridian Cut: This provides the softest feel and has the design in the middle of the face.
  • Fly Cut: This provides a medium feel, with the design spanning across the entire putter face. As noted on their website, “It strikes an excellent balance between our Fly and Meridian face finishes. While providing a soft feel, players will experience subtle feedback upon impact.”
  • Smooth Cut: This provides a firm feel and is smooth across the entire putting surface. It offers the most feedback of the three designs. This model is ideal for a player who wants to feel as though the putter and ball are nearly connected. 

At the address position, you won’t notice much of a difference, but it’s all about feel. Some players like a lot of feel, while others like one with a lot more firmness when the ball hits off the face. 

Meridian Putters Review

Step Three: Choose the Look 

Once you select the right putter head and feel, then it’s time to get the right look. You can choose from stainless steel or an oil can finish.

From time to time they also offer a black PVD finish, but unfortunately, this isn’t offered year round. All the options look great, but I’m more of a traditionalist and preferred the stainless option when checking out at the PGA Show

Step Four: Find the Right Putter Shaft Length 

Once the putter head is all set, it’s time to find the right shaft. This is a huge deal, as finding the right putter shaft length is nearly as important as the head itself.

Why is the putter shaft so important? 

Because it helps get you in the proper setup position so that your eyes are over the ball (or slightly underneath). Not to mention, the right length can help improve posture and avoid back injuries as well if you spend a lot of time practicing.

Meridian lets you find a putter from 31 to 38 inches, which is pretty impressive. Most average male golfers will benefit from 33 to 35 inches, but this type of customization is a great perk that doesn’t cost extra. 

Additionally, it’s important to note they do not offer long putters (commonly known as Broomstick styles). 

Step Five: Choose Your Grip 

Once the head and shaft are fit for you, it’s time to finish the putter design with the right grip. They have a few different offerings:

  • Lamkin Meridian Deep Etch: Their stock rubber grip that has a very traditional look and feel. 
  • Meridian Blue Grip: This grip style gives a softer feel and overall a much more stylish look. It can help remove excess wrist action and does cost a little extra.

This is one area I’d like to see a little more customization. 

The right putter grip is key to a consistent stroke, and feel like they could have another 3–5 options. But, it’s easy to always add your own grip or get it installed at a golf store near you.

Don’t forget to learn more about jumbo grips to see if they’re right for you. 

Meridian Putters Review

Step Six: Customize Your Putter 

The final step in the Meridian Golf fitting process is stamping and engraving. 

You can choose to stamp or engrave your putter to make it truly unique. It’s important to note this does cost extra and will delay shipping time.

But it’s worth it, in my opinion. This isn’t offered at many golf stores or manufacturers, so it’s a nice perk. 

FAQs About Meridian Putters

Do you have more questions about Meridian putters? If so, keep reading through the most frequently asked and answers now. 

Can you order with an adjusted loft and lie? 

Not at this time unless you’re fitted in person. 

Meridian Putters Review

Otherwise, the putters are shipped based on the description of the product pages. However, you can easily take it to a certified club fitter to adjust based on your old putter loft/lie or get a custom fitting. 

Learn more about a custom putter fitting now. 

Does Meridian Golf ship internationally? 

Yes, even if you’re overseas, you can get these amazing putters. It will cost more for shipping, but that’s displayed during the checkout process. 

Do they have a return policy?

Yes, according to their website, they do offer a 30-day refund if you aren’t 100% satisfied with your purchase. However, it doesn’t state if you can refund an item if it’s stamped or engraved (my guess is you can’t as it’s fully customized). 

What’s the best way to care for this putter?

They recommend always drying your putter at the end of the day with the provided silicone cloth. Keep protected with the headcover and don’t leave it in a cold environment so it’ll last as long as possible. 

My Experience

If I could give advice to every golfer who wants to break 90, 80, or become a scratch golfer, it’s to put more time into finding the right putter. It’s nearly impossible to putt well if you look down and don’t have a ton of confidence in your equipment, especially the putter. 

Finding the right head is half the battle and I think more everyday golfers will benefit from mallets over blades. But don’t forget about the right shaft length too, as studies have shown that most golfers have putters that are too long. 

Finally, make sure you have a grip that lets your hands rest comfortably on the club. Grip pressure (or lack thereof) is key when it comes to putting consistently. 

Meridian Putters Review

Final Thoughts 

Overall, I’m impressed with the entire customization process of Meridian Golf. 

They make it very easy and quite affordable to create a truly one of a kind putter. They’re priced on the higher end, but as I mentioned, spending a little more money on the right putter is a great investment in your game.

Don’t forget, putting is 30% or more of all strokes during the round. Make sure your club inspires a ton of confidence and is right for you. 

Hopefully they’ll continue to expand their type of putter heads and a few more grip options for even more customization in the future. 

Click here to learn more about Meridian Putters today. 

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