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Perfect Hands Golf Review

Perfect Hands Golf Review – Training a Connected Golf Swing

Do you want to feel more connected in your swing? Are you looking to help improve your plane and develop a more consistent golf swing?

If so, you’ll love this Perfect Hands Golf review. 

This is a wearable golf training aid that can help you overcome common swing issues like fighting a slice or hook. Not to mention, it can also help you increase driving distance without spendings hours in the gym or speed training. 

I first discovered this device at the 2023 PGA Show and was impressed with its effectiveness. 

At both the 2023 and 2024 PGA Show, the Perfect Hands Golf (PHG) booth was packed every time I walked by and pros couldn’t wait to learn more. They even upgraded the size of the booth in 2024 because they had such a positive response in the previous year. 

Today, I’ll review more about this training aid and how it can help you build more consistency in your golf swing. 

Perfect Hands Golf Review 

So, what is this training aid? How can it help your game? 

The goal of this device is to help you stay more connected and retrain your swing plane. When your arms and upper body can swing as one piece, that’s when you can become a more consistent ball striker.

As mentioned on their website, “When training with Perfect Hands Golf, a golfer will naturally feel a higher level of body connectivity while swinging their golf clubs. This allows your mind to quickly capture the feeling of a “Tour Player” level swing. 

Perfect Hands Golfs allows golfers to create a repetitive on-plane golf swing every time, without restricting their body’s natural range of motion.”

Perfect Hands Golf Review

Key Takeaways 

  • Perfect Hands Golf is a training aid that can help you stay more connected as you swing the golf club.
  • This will help you improve your plane by developing a more consistent takeaway and downswing. 
  • What’s great about this training aid is that you can use it with your own clubs while hitting golf balls (it also works indoors, outdoors, or when making practice swings).
  • Perfect Hands also has a separate workout program as well to help accelerate your training schedule.

What’s Included

So, what’s included and how does it all work to help build more consistency? 

Let’s first start with the design, as it’s one of the unique gadgets I’ve seen. It’s not like a normal swing trainer such as the Lag Shot training aid or the Orange Whip

PHG is a three part system where a glove, belt, and bands all work together:

  • PHG Glove: This glove is made of highly durable fabric and very similar to a rain glove in terms of material. It has a strap with three rings, all of which help a certain issue (slice, hook, or distance) that is built to last and won’t wear down like a normal glove.
  • PHG Golf Belt: A belt is then worn around your abdomen – it’s about the size you might see a professional mover wear to avoid back injuries. This golf belt has two purposes – connect your glove to the bands and also improve movement. Here’s how PHG described this feature on their website, “Kinetic energy is transferred into the belt in the form of heat, which is captured by the synthetic rubber that lines the inside of the entire belt. This heat will allow your core muscles to fire at a higher level throughout the golf swing, allowing your other muscles to become engaged much quicker as well.” 
  • Four Acceleration Bands: Lastly, this comes with four acceleration resistance bands that connect to different rings on your glove. These bands provide 10, 20, 30, or 40 pounds of resistance to help with practice and reinforce a better swing plane. The bands can help create more width in your backswing, help with overspeed training, and also improve your tempo too. 

PHG does come with a carry case, which does make it easier to transport to the driving range or indoor simulator. 

How It Works 

So, how does this training aid help you groove a more consistent golf swing? It depends on what issue you need help with the most.

If you’re like most golfers, chances are you need help fighting a slice. After strapping on the belt and glove, you’ll connect the bands to the D-ring, which is located by your index finger. 

This will help prevent you from leaving the club open at impact and also help from getting too steep on the downswing. When the device is in this position, it will help you keep your arms closer and more connected to your body for a more repeatable swing.

If you have the opposite problem and are fighting a hook, it can help as well. If this is your biggest swing issue, you’ll connect to the D-ring by your pinky finger. This will help you stop flipping your wrist and make your swing plane slightly steeper so you’re not so in to out on the downswing.   

Or, if your biggest issue is a lack of distance, PHG can help as well. If you want to work on improving swing speed for longer distances, attach the band to the middle ring of your glove. 

In fact, they guarantee a minimum increase of 8-10 mph of clubhead speed within 4–6 weeks of recommended training. So if you’re someone that needs more distance but isn’t into speed training, this is a great alternative. 

What’s great about this training aid is that you can use it indoors or outdoors with your own clubs. Not to mention, it can help improve during the offseason even if you can’t hit balls by training your mind and body to develop a more consistent swing. 

Perfect Hands Golf Review

Three Setup Guides

As mentioned, Perfect Hands Golf can help overcome several of the biggest swing issues. Since the glove has three different rings, it can promote different moves in your swing to fight a hook, slice, or gain more distance.

But it might be a little overwhelming at first. 

Don’t worry, though – on their website, they have three video guides that walk you through how to set everything up correctly. This makes it easy to hook up the bands to the glove in the right ring position to help improve your practice sessions. 

Multiple Sizing Options

Perfect Hands Golf is sold with four glove types – men’s regular, men’s cadet, women’s, and junior. After selecting the glove type, you’ll also select the glove size which is available in XS, S, M, L, XL, and 2XL. 

You’ll also answer two questions about your height and waist to get the right size acceleration belt. 

30-Day Trial to Streak Performance App 

Aside from the training aid device, when you purchase, you also get a 30-day trial to Streak Performance App. This app was developed by Alex Keller – a competitive bodybuilder, former collegiate golfer, and fitness coach. 

The app has tons of training programs to help you improve strength and hopefully avoid golf injuries. It pairs very well with the Perfect Hands system and can accelerate your gains on and off the course. 

If you want to learn more about golf workouts, check out our guide here

FAQs About Perfect Hands Golf

Do you have more questions about this unique training aid? If so, keep reading through the most frequently asked questions and answers now. 

Are there junior sizes?

Yes, they do have an option for men, women, and junior golfers. 

Can you buy replacement gloves?

Yes, if your glove wears down, they do have additional replacement options available. I will say the material is quite durable and don’t expect it to wear down like a normal leather golf glove. 

My Experience 

I’m very glad to have met the inventor of this training aid and think it can absolutely be an effective training tool. It has some similarities to the Tour Striker Planemate which is also a belt but that device attaches to the club unlike PHG. 

My only worry is that it’s a little difficult to carry everything with you to the driving range and put it all together. But if you’re someone that is committed to improving, there’s no doubt it can help. Paired with their setup videos and carrying case, it’s very convenient and straightforward once you get the hang of it. 

Final Thoughts 

Training aids like PHG can help you develop a more consistent swing. If you’re someone that wants to improve your practice sessions without hiring a golf coach, this is a great option. 

Click here to learn more about Perfect Hands Golf. 

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