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Golf Forever Program Review

Play your Best at Any Age: The Golf Forever Program Review

If you want to play your best golf, you need to take care of your body. This Golf Forever Program review will show how this new tool will change your life (and golf game).

Let’s face it, Tiger Woods changed the game with his insane workout routines. Now, more golfers train like athletes in other sports than ever before. Sorry John Daly, fitness is a big part of playing your best golf. 

Regular golf workouts, stretching, and speed training are now a crucial part of playing pain-free golf. Plus, your overall fitness levels have a huge impact on shooting your best scores. 

But not all fitness programs are created equal and it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the fitness products available. Keep reading to learn why Scottie Scheffler and other professional golfers love Golf Forever.

Golf Forever Program 

If you watched Full Swing on Netflix chances are you saw a lot of players working out in the mobile gym before and after rounds. A lot of them were the same product to get loose, improve their core, and stretch their bodies – Golf Forever.

So, what is Golf Forever anyway?

Here’s how they describe it on their website. “Golf Forever is a digital golf fitness and wellness system created by PGA Tour doctors and trainers to give all golfers the same world-class workout and recovery programs as the best players in the world.

It’s the safest, most direct route to gain fluidity and speed in your swing, increase your energy on the course, and play the best golf of your life.”

This swing trainer can help you on and off the golf course to shoot lower scores and feel better. Keep reading to learn why we think it’s one of the best fitness programs available for golfers. 

Key Takeaways 

  • All types of golfers can enjoy Golf Forever as there are tons of workouts available.
  • Golf Forever is an exercise program with equipment and an app that acts like a personal trainer. 
  • Improving your health, strength, and mobility can have a massive impact on your golf game.
  • Golf Forever is a fitness program endorsed by top golfers like Scottie Schefler and Justin Leonard. Needless to say, we think it can work wonders for you too. 

Here’s how it works… 

Golf Forever Program Review

Step 1: Buy the Gear 

The first step to use the full Golf Forever program is to buy the swing trainer kit. This is available on their website, Amazon, and even golf stores like the PGA Tour Superstore. Then, download the app which is available on iOS and Google Play. 

What’s included in Golf Forever? 

Everything you need for great workouts at home or in the gym including: 

  • Two sweat resistant rubber band handles. 
  • 15-pound latex training cord with safety sleeve.
  • Two carabiners which you can use if a door isn’t available.
  • Premium carry bag with strap to easily store all your gear in one place. 
  • Training bar with attachments that work with the cord or weighted balls. 
  • Universal nylon door anchor so you can attach it to any door at home or in the gym. 

Plus, you get 30-days of free access to the Golf Forever program. This app has 500+ instructional videos that are customized to help your body. I was very impressed with the massive vault of fitness programs and individual exercises in the app. 

GolfForever Golf Swing Trainer Aid as seen in Netflix - Full Swing | Official Golf Fitness System of PGA Tour | Premium Golf Training Equipment Proven by Scottie Scheffler to Improve Swing Posture

Step 2: Take Your Fitness Assessment

Once you download the app and create an account it’s time to do your fitness assessment. This gives the app more information about your current fitness levels to develop a plan that is right for you. 

They have videos inside the app that walk you through the process so you know what to do for each exercise. Some of the exercises in the assessment include push-ups, reverse lunges, and a side plank test. 

Please, do not skip this step! 

This is arguably the most important step as it will help the app learn more about your current fitness levels. Answer the questions honestly and do the exercises to the best of your ability to create a foundation for success. 

This shouldn’t take more than 5–10 minutes to complete. 

Golf Forever Program Review

Step 3: Browse the Library of Exercise

Once you have completed the assessment you can then explore the app. There is a customized program at the top of the screen and a library of 500+ exercises. This was impressive when I first logged in as there was an exercise for any part of your game.

Whether you need a general warm up, shoulder focus, back pain, or just about anything else, they have a program for you. Plus, they even have lessons with Justin Leonard to help you break 90, break 80, and learn course management principles. 

Step 4: Start Working Out 

After you get familiar with the app it’s time to start working out. You can do the full workout which are longer workouts that take 30–45 minutes. 

For example, on my first day I had a 40-minute workout divided into two parts; fundamentals and rotational power.Each took about 20-minutes to complete and loved how easy it was to follow. 

Or, you can do more specific workouts inside the app that only take 5–15 minutes. Some examples of these workouts include:

  • Cardio.
  • Stretching.
  • Injury prevention.
  • Education and pain relief. 
  • No-equipment workouts (which is great if you’re traveling and can’t bring the swing trainer). 

This D3 swing weight optimized club is 2.5X or more times heavier than your driver. It’s a great tool to use as soon you get to the range to start warming up. Plus, it’ll help with tempo and speed too. 

Golf Forever Program Review

Benefits of Golf Forever

There’s a reason that professional golfers like Scottie Schefler use and love this program – it works! Here’s why we like this program so much.

  • Customized for you. The problem with most fitness programs for golfers is that they are one size fits all approach. But as you know, your fitness levels are different from anyone else. This app creates workouts based on your health and adapts as your progress. 
  • Pre-Round warm-ups. One area that most golfers can improve is their pre-round warm-ups (or lack thereof). You can’t expect to play great golf if you get out of your car and head straight to the first tee. The library has tons of pre-round warm-ups that focus on full body, back pain focused, and rotational warm up exercises. 
  • Golf Fit Score. The fit score allows you to track your progress in mobility, flexibility, and strength. This will also help you avoid injuries and keep you motivated along the journey. 
  • Low-cost. Once you buy the equipment it’s only $25/month to have all this exercise information at your fingertips. It’s significantly cheaper than hiring a personal trainer and customized specifically for golf.
  • Easy to follow: All workouts have video training inside the app to guide you through and not leave you feeling confused on what to do. 
  • Can do the workouts anywhere. Whether you want to take your gear to the gym or do it from home, these workouts are very. 

Plus, don’t forget there is a 30-day free trial too. You get access to hundreds of videos inside the app that you can start applying right away. If you don’t love it, you can cancel inside 30 days risk-free. 

GolfForever Golf Swing Trainer Aid as seen in Netflix - Full Swing | Official Golf Fitness System of PGA Tour | Premium Golf Training Equipment Proven by Scottie Scheffler to Improve Swing Posture

FAQs About Golf Forever

Do you have more questions about the Golf Forever program? If so, keep reading to learn if this is the right program for you.

How much does the Golf Forever app cost?

There are two fees; the first is for the bag of fitness equipment. The second cost is for the recurring monthly subscription to the app or the yearly fee. Other costs might include foam rollers, dumbbells, and other exercise equipment. 

Is Golf Forever free?

No, Golf Forever is a fitness program that you need to buy the gear for (which is available on their website or other online retailers). You then have a recurring monthly fee (or you can pay annually) for the app which provides thousands of training videos. 

What is the best exercise to improve your swing? 

Legs and core workouts are some of the most helpful exercise. Click here to read our favorite golf workouts or go here to learn more about your golf muscles.

Is Golf Forever speed training?

No, it’s not a speed training specific program like SuperSpeed golf. However, you might gain speed as a result of improving your strength and mobility. 

Golf Forever Program Review

My Experience 

After seeing a lot of ads for this product I have to say I’m impressed with the program and app. When I tested it out at the PGA Show I loved the design and how easy it was to use. 

For a lot of golfers it’s overwhelming at times to figure out the best exercises for golf but this system makes it easy to follow. The app is a game changer as you can easily follow along every day without having to hire a trainer. Whether you need something to do before the round or a full-on exercise program, this is a great choice. 

Final Thoughts 

Golf Forever is changing the way golfers exercise. It’s not a one size fits all approach like most apps and instead, provides customized workouts to match your fitness goals. Plus, you can use it for pre-round warm up so you walk up to the first tee shot with confidence. 

This program has everything you need to take your game to the next level including:

  • Speed drills.
  • Pain-relief training.
  • Pre-round warm up routines
  • Improved flexibility and balance. 

Plus, you can do all the exercises from home as it anchors to a door or sturdy object (including a golf cart). Keep it with you in your bag so you always have a great tool that prepares your body for golf. 

Click here to learn more and buy Golf Forever now. 

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