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Force Pedals Review

Train your Feet: The Force Pedal Review

Are you using the ground to produce power in your golf swing? Or, missing out on tons of distance?

If you’re like most golfers, the answer is no and you might be losing 10-15 yards (or more) on every swing. But once you read this Force Pedal review I’m confident you’ll learn how this training aid can transform your game. 

Let’s face it, to play your best you need to hit it as long as possible so you have shorter approach shots. While accuracy is important to an extent, distance usually wins the battle (just watch the PGA Tour).

While there are a lot of ways to increase speed and distance (including golf workouts, stretching, speed training, etc.) fundamentals play a key role. Specifically, making sure you transfer your weight properly to get the most out of every sign.

The Force Pedal can help you feel this power move and use the ground like never before. 

Force Pedal Review

So what is the Force Pedal anyway? 

It’s a simple and easy to use training aid that will help you finally understand how to transfer your weight properly. 

Here’s how the company described it, “The Force Pedal is a training aid designed to help you increase club head speed by training ground reaction force and developing new neuro-physiological patterns.”

Let’s get into how this small device can have a huge impact on your game.

Key Takeaways

  • The Force Pedal helps improve your weight transfer and increase clubhead speed.
  • Most golfers struggle with their weight transfer by swaying instead of rotating and losing tons of power.
  • The better you can master the weight transfer, the sooner you can start hitting better drives and approaches. 

Keep reading to learn how this device can take your game to the next level.

Force Pedals Review

How to Use the Force Pedal

Before getting into why we love this device, let’s review how to use it. 

Unlike other aids it’s very straightforward you don’t need any other accessories or apps. Plus, they’re so small you can easily carry them in your bag too.

Start by choosing the firm or soft pedal (more info below) and place it underneath the ball of your lead foot. Take your normal swing push down on the force pedal to release your vertical force at impact. 

As Force Pedal said on their website, “Once you get the point of application & the timing of the vertical happening at the right place & time you will start to feel the transfer of energy from the ground, up to the club head, which allows you to start the process of increasing your club head speed.”

The Force Pedal Bundle -Created Golf Training Aid - Made in Italy- Increase Club Head Speed - Ground Reaction Force and Stability- All of Our 4 Force Pedal Included

Improves Ground Reaction Force 

How you use the ground force has a direct impact on your total clubhead speed and total distance. 

The best golfers in the world who hit long drives push off the ground to increase clubhead speed to 100+ mph. This increased speed leads to more distance and shorter approach shots… which makes it easier to score.

But most everyday golfers are the complete opposite and don’t use ground reaction force correctly. 

Most golfers don’t get their lower body involved at all and instead rotate their upper body only. This leads to getting steep on the downswing which causes a lot of pulled shots and slices. Not to mention losing out on tons of power. 

These pedals help develop neuropsychological patterns for more force on every swing.

Force Pedals Review

Two Thicknesses 

With each pack there are two pedals; a soft force and firm force pedal. 

The soft force pedal helps you learn how to use the ground correctly. It has more stability and lessens the posture and balance demands of the firmer pedal. This is great for beginners who are just starting out and need to learn how to transfer their weight.

While the firmer pedals require more balance and stability with your posture. By challenging you and your muscles it’ll help you learn this important move even faster. Don’t start with this pedal unless you’re already a more advanced golfer. 

Additionally, once you become more advanced you can also buy the Force Pedal mini. This is a smaller version that gives you even more of a challenge to use the ground to generate power. 

Increased Speed 

Not only will this device help you make better contact with each swing, it will improve your speed too. The faster you swing the golf club, the longer you can hit it which should make it easier to score lower. 

They have tons of drills on their Instagram to show you exactly how to use the pedals to increase speeds. Some users have gained 10-15 mph of extra swing speed!

For context, for every extra one mph you can gain with a driver equals about three more yards of distance. Paired with speed training (we love SuperSpeed Golf) you can transform your game off the tee. 

Force Pedals Review


Do you have more questions about the Force Pedal training aid? If so, keep reading the most commonly asked questions and answers below.

Can’t I just cut up a tennis ball?

No, as it won’t create the same effects. In fact, the creators tried to use this method among others but weren’t able to replicate the effects. Here’s what they said online:

“The hallowed tennis ball, like other methods, wasn’t giving the same spring and proprioception of what the ground is giving back, losing the feel of ground reaction forces. So after years of frustration, we were able to develop The Force Pedal, with its unique patented hexagon shape, in two different thicknesses, to give you exactly that.”

If your goal is to increase swing speed they suggest using the PRGR Radar as well. This is one of our favorite launch monitors as it helps you track your speed and other metrics with every swing. 

What’s great about the PRGR is that you can use it when hitting balls or making practice swings. So if you need a device to track your speed over time (which is very important with speed training) you’ll love this device.

Click here to read our full review now. 

My Experience

I’m very impressed with this training aid as I had really been struggling with my weight transfer. I was suffering in terms of ball striking and total distance. But these pedals made it easy to feel and started seeing results immediately. 

The Force Pedal Bundle -Created Golf Training Aid - Made in Italy- Increase Club Head Speed - Ground Reaction Force and Stability- All of Our 4 Force Pedal Included

Final Thoughts 

Not all training aids are created equal and this is one of the best bangs for your buck. The Force pedal is affordable and can help you learn one of the most important fundamentals in golf.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Easy to use and very affordable.
  • Helps improve total swing speed for longer drives.
  • Improves weight transfer for more consistent ball striking.

Click here to purchase today.

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