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PuttOut Pressure Trainer Review

No More Knee-Knockers: PuttOut Pressure Trainer Review

Want to become a more clutch and consistent putter?

Then you need to start making your practice sessions harder. One of the best ways to do that is with the PuttOut Pressure Trainer. 

There is a new premium design that was just released and it got some nice upgrades from the original design. This compact device provides great feedback and requires a perfect line and speed on each stroke. 

PuttOut Review

Key Takeaways 

  • The PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer is a compact training aid that allows you to practice anywhere.
  • This training aid is easy to use, works indoors on mat or outdoors on real greens. 
  • What’s so great about the device is that it forces you to hit a perfect putt to stick in the mirco-target. 

Keep reading to learn more about this unique training aid and how it can help you save shots on the greens.

Unique Design

The PuttOut Pressure trainer is a foldable device that you putt toward instead of a normal golf hole. Here’s how the device works according to PuttOut. 

“With a scientifically shaped parabolic ramp, each ‘made’ putt is returned to the player the same distance it would have gone past the hole had it missed, anything else is a miss. Only putts of absolute perfection will hold in the micro-target, so let the practice begin.” 

To get the ball to stick in the micro-target you need to hit it with perfect speed – about 18 inches past the cup. Otherwise, the ball will roll up the ramp (which is the same size as a normal golf hole) and will return the ball to you. This gives you immediate feedback on how far you would have missed the putt long. 

PuttOut Pressure Trainer Review

Upgraded Design

The original PuttOut Pressure Trainer was great but the new “Premium” model got some nice upgrades including:

  • Alignment setup: There is now a hole at the top of the device to insert an alignment stick to replicate the “string drill.” This is a big upgrade as this is a top golf drill used by elite golfers. 
  • Alternate targets: The new design also has three alternate targets that will allow you to focus on something smaller. Plus, it works great if your mat has breaks so you can focus more on the left or right side of the cup.
  • Microtarget: There is no more visible pop-down target so you never lose your aim point. 

These trainers are available in stone, white, red, and other limited edition colors. Plus, you can opt for the Platinum design for an even better look. 

PuttOUT Premium Pressure Putt Trainer - Perfect Your Golf Putting (Stone)

More PuttOut Training Aids

PuttOut makes a ton of other great putting aids to help your short game. Here are some of our favorites. 

Devil Ball Golf

Golf is hard and putting is even harder… So why not make it even harder? Or, devilishly hard? 

The Devil Ball Golf Ball is a unique aid that has the same size and weight of a ball. But there’s one major difference – the ball has flat edges, not a perfect circle. Which makes it significantly harder to get the ball straight and rolling like normal. 

But it works for all types of golfers from high handicappers to scratch golfers since there are three difficulty levels. Plus, you can use it with the PuttOut Pressure Trainer for an even more efficient practice session. 

Click here to read our full review of the Devil Ball Golf Ball. 

Compact Putting Mirror

Mirrors are one of the best tools to help your putting as they allow you to see where your eyes are in relation to the ball. Your eyes should be directly over the ball or slightly underneath it to make a consistent stroke. This compact mirror can help do just that.

But it’s not like most putting mirrors… Here’s how according to PuttOut. “Covering the absolute essentials of eye alignment and putter face position, the Mirror is built with shatterproof and scratch proof upper, and encased in a mid-tack rubber surround, complete with 1.5 mm spikes covering the bottom of the product to hold it in place on any putting surface.”

It’s very durable, compact, and works on any type of putting green or mat. It’s a no-brainer if you travel too but want to take your putting mirror with you.

Putting Mat 

Finally, don’t forget they have an indoor putting mat as well. We love indoor putting greens as they allow you to practice from the comfort of your home and improve from short range. 

Their medium putting mat has a green speed of 10, crease-free, and rolls flat. It also has alignment lines to make sure your alignment and putter are square to the target. It’s ideal for tight spaces and comes with a bag for easy storage. 

Paired with the mirror, Devil Ball, and Pressure Trainer, you’ll have everything you need to make more putts. 

PuttOut Pressure Trainer Review

FAQ About PuttOut Training Aids 

Do you have more questions about the PuttOut device and/or other training aids for your short game? If so, keep reading to learn more of the frequently asked questions and answers below.

Is the PuttOut pressure trainer worth it?

Yes, it’s one of the most highly reviewed and loved training aids for putting. I’ve used it myself for quite some time and always enjoy the challenge of this device. It also works great with an indoor putting mat to help you groove your putting stroke without leaving home. 

How do you use a PuttOut pressure putt trainer? 

Simply drop a ball (or use the Devil Ball) and start putting to the device. If you hit the “perfect putt” the ball will come to rest in the small micro target. Otherwise, the ball will roll up the ramp and back based on how far it would have missed the hole. 

How do you use a PuttOut mirror? 

Their compact putting mirror is another great accessory for your golf game. You put your golf ball in the hole and then check your eye position once you’re standing over it. You can also check your putter face alignment too. 

Then, simply roll your putts but always make sure your eyes and putter are in the right starting position. 

PuttOut Pressure Trainer Review

My Experience  

This device is so simple to practice with but far from easy to master. Paired with the Devil Ball, you will have to hit perfect putts to make them. But that’s a good thing as you want to make practice harder so golf on the course feels easier.

I once had a coach say you perform best in practice, not as good in a normal round, and even worse in competition. This goes even for the best golfers in the world as tournament golf amps up nerves and pressure. But if you can make your practice sessions more difficult by using devices like these, it can lead to much more clutch performance on the golf course. 

Final Thoughts 

The PuttOut Pressure Trainer is a great update from the original and a great tool to improve your putting. As a quick recap, here’s why we love it:

  • Affordable.
  • Compact and easy to use.
  • Provides instant feedback.
  • Works with other training aids. 
  • Works with indoor mats or outdoors on the green for any length putt. 

Paired with some of their other tools, your putting is about to get a big upgrade! 

Click here to buy the PuttOut Trainer now.

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