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PuttOut Devil Ball Golf Review

The Devil Ball Review: Learn the Perfect Strike

This Devil Ball Golf Review will show how this putting aid is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. But despite the “devilish” design, it can do wonders for your performance on the greens. 

So what is the Devil Ball anyway? 

It’s a new putting aid from PuttOut that requires you to make a nearly perfect stroke to get it rolling well. It’s nothing like their top-selling training aid, Putt Out, which we’ll also discuss as well. 

Devil Ball Golf Review 

I first discovered the Devil Ball at the 2023 PGA Show which featured hundreds of training aids, gadgets, and other devices all claiming to help your game. Some were amazing, most were average, and some weren’t the most useful if I’m being honest. But the Devil Ball fell into the amazing category with its almost diabolical design. 

Key Takeaways

  • Devil Ball is a new training aid created by PuttOut.
  • This unique training aid has a “devilish” design that makes it hard to hit consistent putts. 
  • But if you’re able to roll it smoothly, you will develop a wildly consistent putting stroke. Paired with their main product, PuttOut Pressure Trainer, you can become very consistent on the greens. 

Keep reading to learn how this unique golf ball design works to see if it’s right for your game. 

Unique Design

What makes the Devil Ball truly unique is the design. While it’s about the same size of a golf ball, it has one big difference – it’s not circular. Instead, it has flat edges on the back of the ball which make it much harder to roll well.

Here’s how the company described its unique design. “With its flat-edged impact zone, Devil Ball exaggerates the face angle of your putter at impact. If you deliver a closed putter face, Devil Ball will spin off erratically to the left of the target. 

Devil Ball Golf Review

Deliver an open face and it will spin off to the right. Putts from 3-5ft are twice as hard with Devil Ball compared to a regular spherical golf ball.”

That’s right, using this device makes putting from 3–5 feet twice as hard. Which is arguably the important putting distance on the course so if you can roll it well with this device, a normal ball is easy.

What I love most about this product is that you get immediate feedback on every putt. No more having to guess if you pushed or pulled a putt. Instead, it gives you instant feedback to start changing your putting stroke so you can get the ball rolling better off the face. 

Despite its unique design, the Devil Ball is the same size of a golf ball and the same weight. This helps improve each practice session as the polymer inner core and elastomer shell mimic a real golf ball.  

Works For All Types of Players 

Another reason I thought this device was one of the better ones from the PGA Show was that it works with all types of players. There are three difficulty levels to match your game and give you a great challenge on the greens.

  • Beginner: Newer golfers and high handicappers should start at this level to see how the device works. Instead of the flat edge facing the putter face, it will point toward the target. This will make it closer to rolling like a normal golf ball but still exaggerate push or pulled putts. 
  • Intermediate: The second level is great for most golfers and a good way to start using the device. Roll the Devil Ball 45 degrees forward from the beginner position so the cross is pointed more toward the target. 
  • Pro: The final method is the pro level where you place the flat edge facing the putter. Anything less than a perfect strike will be greatly exaggerated. It’s frustrating at times but also very motivating and sure to help every practice session. 

Plus, you can use it with an indoor putting green or outdoors on the practice green. It’s also very small and easy to keep in your bag to improve every putting practice session. 

Other Great Putting Training Aids

Looking for more putting aids to improve your short game? Here are some of our other favorite options to groove a more consistent and repeatable stroke. 

PuttOut Pressure Trainer 

The PuttOut Pressure trainer is their best-selling aid that has made quite a splash in the golf world. The main focus is helping you develop great speed on the greens and requires a perfect stroke to end up in the 

At the PGA Show the PuttOut team member set me up for a four-foot putt using both the Devil Ball and the PuttOut Pressure Trainer. Somehow, I achieved the impossible on my first stroke and hit a perfect putt that ended up 

Click here to read our full review of the Putt Out Pressure Trainer now.  

Back to Basics Putting Mirror 

Putting mirrors have been around for years as they’re a great tool to check your eye position. If your eyes are over the ball too much, it can throw off your perception and lead to a lot of missed putts.

But the Back to Basics Putting Mirror not only shows your eye position but your shoulder alignment as well. This makes it easy to spot open or closed shoulders at address positions that can lead to a lot of missed putts. 

Click here to read our full review of the Back to Basics Putting Mirror. 

Pelz Putting Tutor 

The Putting Tutor is another great putting aid created by legendary short game coach Dave Pelz. This product can help you check your start line with its unique design and is used by pros like Phil Mickelson and many others. Like the Devil Ball, there are different difficult levels so it works great for all types of golfers.  

Click here to buy one now.

Devil Ball Golf Review

FAQs About PuttOut Products 

Do you have more questions about PuttOut products to improve your short game? If so, keep reading to learn more now. 

What is a devil ball in golf?

The Devil Ball is a PuttOut aid that helps golfers of all skill levels hit more consistent putts. The unique design provides immediate feedback on push or pulled putts which makes it easier to fix your stroke. Plus, you can use it with other training aids to make it even more effective. 

How do you play Devil Ball in golf? 

The Devil Ball has three difficulty levels built into the same training ball. This allows golfers of all abilities to use it and get immediate feedback on their putting stroke. This device makes it easy to spot inconsistencies and quickly fix your putting stroke. 

Can you use the Devil Ball indoors or outdoors? 

Yes, whether you’re using an indoor putting mat or at the golf course, this device works either way. 

Final Thoughts on Devil Ball Golf

Putting is one of the most important parts of golf but often the least practiced by most golfers. But even 10–15 minutes of work a few times per week with the Devil Ball can make a big difference to shoot lower scores. 

Don’t forget, this device makes 3–5 footers twice as hard! Once you can roll in these short putts consistently with the Devil Ball, a real golf ball will be easy. This should translate to lower scores on the golf course… fast. 

Plus, this device works for all types of golfers with three difficulty levels. It should last a long time and it comes with a backup golf ball and carry pouch too. 

Overall, it was a big hit at the PGA Show and think golfers around the world can greatly benefit from this device. Change your putting, change your game! 

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