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Keep it in the Black Review

Keep it in the Black Review

Not all short game training aids are created equal. 

This Keep it in the Black golf review will show how this tool can help you shoot lower scores fast. Because let’s face it, who doesn’t want to lower their handicap and beat their friends on the golf course? 

After attending the 2023 PGA Show I was overwhelmed with the amount of training aids. Despite there being hundreds already available to the everyday golfer, there were tons of new ones coming too. Some were great and felt like I could use a lot… while others weren’t quite as useful.

But the Keep it in the Black product impressed me and wanted to share my findings to show how it can help your golf game.

Keep it in the Black Review 

No matter how good of a ball striker you are, short game is so important. Yet, the everyday golfer spends most of their time banging balls on the driving range instead of the chipping or putting green. But I’ve found that one of the reasons this is because most golfers don’t have great tools for feedback. 

This is why Keep it in the Black is such a stellar product. Before getting into all the reasons we love this aid, let’s first discuss the product itself. It’s a 41” x 41” target to help you get more chips, pitches, and putts inside a three foot circle. The device provides great visual feedback to see just how close you’re getting shots to the cup. 

Take it out of the bag, place it on the putting/chipping green, and insert a golf tee into each corner. This will secure it from moving and give you a target to improve every short game practice session. 

Key Takeaways 

  • This training aid will help your short game practice dramatically.
  • It’s small and convenient so you can easily keep it in your bag for regular use. 
  • This training aid works for both putting and chipping to help you become a more consistent golfer. 

Keep reading to learn why we like this short game tool.

Keep it in the Black Review

Improve Your Short Game 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a 20 handicap or a scratch golfer, the closer you are to the hole, the more likely you are to make putts. The make rate on the PGA Tour from 8-feet is only about 50%… while it’s closer to 90% for putts of four feet. Inside three feet and it’s almost 100%.

Needless to say, the closer you can get to the hole on chips and putts, the more likely you are to make the putt and save shots. This device works wonders as it can help you visually assess each shot and see if you made it inside the 3-foot circle. 

Easy to Use 

One of the biggest complaints about a lot of new products I saw at the PGA Show was how hard they are to use. Don’t get me wrong, I think almost every product I saw had value but some were very difficult to use. 

Keep it in the Black Review

I’ve always said that the bigger and more complicated a device is to use, the less likely you are to use it. Which results in a lot of golfers wasting money on products that don’t help them hit their golf goals

But this product doesn’t have that issue. Simply pull it out of the bag, lay it down on the green, insert tees so it stays down and you’re ready to go. 

Works for Chipping and Putting

Most training aids only work for one aspect of your swing or game. But Keep it in the Black works for both your chipping/pitching and putting. This makes it much more useful than a lot of other gadgets that only work in one area. 

Use For Competitive Practice 

This visual aid makes it easy to see if you hit your goal or not. Plus, you can easily do competitive games using it during solo practice sessions or when practicing with a friend. I like to play the following game and scoring system with it:

  • In the hole = 5 points
  • Inside the black circle = 3 points
  • On the green part of the aid = 1 point
  • Not on the target = 0 points

Play to 11 or 21 with a friend to make practice more competitive and stimulating. 

Keep it in the Black Review

Works With Other Training Aids 

Finally, this aid is great as you can use it with other devices. For example, you could stand on a Why Golf Pressure Plate to help you with your chipping fundamentals and hit toward a target, Or, use it with long putts and the Back to Basics Putting mirror to dial in your putting technique and give yourself a goal of hitting it inside a three-foot circle. 

FAQs About Improving Golf Practice 

Do you have more questions about this short game aid? If so, keep reading to learn some of the most frequently asked questions and answers below.

How often should I practice my short game in golf?

I’m not sure if you can ever work on your chipping, pitching, putting and bunker shots enough! Your short game is such a vital part of the game and can directly affect your scores. 

I suggest spending at least 50% of your time inside 100 yards as it will help you shoot lower scores fast. Plus, even if your ball striking is off your short game can help save the day. 

Where can you buy this product?

At this time it’s only available on their website and not in any golf stores. 

Who should use this product?

Any golfer who wants to save shots in practice and make each session more efficient. This device is great whether you’re a beginner, senior, or advanced golfer. 

What are other good devices to improve practice?

There’s no shortage of gadgets and aids to help your game. We think all golfers can benefit from having a roll of impact tape, a launch monitor (like the Voice Caddie SC300), and a tripod to record your swing

Keep it in the Black Review

My Experience 

I love finding tools that make the game easier and practice sessions more effective. This product is simple, small, easy to use, and a decent price to help make each session better. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced golfer, there’s no doubt this product can do wonders for your game. The only downside is that it’s a little steep in price ($49) for a simple device. 

Final Thoughts 

The better you have your short game dialed in, the more likely you are to shoot lower scores. Remember, the closer you can get lag putts or chips/pitches to the hole, the chances of making the putt increase dramatically. 

Keep it in the Black is a great tool to give you a visual aid in practice to hit more shots inside the circle. When you do, you will have more tap ins and shorter putts to help you shoot lower scores more consistently. 

Click here to learn more about Keep It in the Black now. 

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