PRGR Launch Monitor Review

Simple Accuracy: The PRGR Launch Monitor Review

The golf world is obsessed with one word – distance. And how do you generate long distance and hit bombs off the tee?

One word: speed.

Without speed, you’ll never max out your distance potential. That’s one of the reasons why the modern PGA Tour player is hitting the gym and focusing on building muscle. They know that more extra muscle, paired with their immaculate swing, will lead to more distance.

It’s the reason that Bryson DeChambeau changed his body to go from looking like a scientist to looking like the Hulk. It’s the reason Rory changed his swing and countless others. Plus, it’s why so many amateur golfers are training hard as well.

While strength and speed are important, there is one more thing that is needed – speed training. This phenomenon has helped golfers add 5-20+ yards of distance by retraining your muscles to swing faster.

And now, the company that made it all possible, SuperSpeed Golf, has a new product to help all golfers. It’s called the PRGR launch monitor and pairs amazingly well with their other devices.

If you’ve never invested in a launch monitor before, here’s why you should start using one now.

Why Launch Monitors are Important

Here’s the thing – every golfer wants to shoot lower scores. There isn’t one player on the face of the earth that is content with their game. It’s why we all love the sport – we’re always looking for ways to improve.

Yet, so many golfers are making it nearly impossible to improve. Why?

Because they don’t practice properly. So many golfers mindlessly hit golf balls over and over again at the range without getting better.

But one easy way to improve every single practice session is to practice with a launch monitor.

A launch monitor will tell you valuable information about your swing and make sure that you walk away from each session with confidence. Because as I’m sure you know, there is nothing worse than going to the driving range only to get in your car and feel frustrated about your session.

Instead of practicing like most golfers, break the cycle and use a launch monitor to learn more about your distances. This will help you pick the right club when you’re on the golf course, which will:

  • Help you hit more greens.
  • Give you more chances at birdie.
  • Avoid short-game mistakes by having more putts than tough up and downs.

All of which will translate to more confidence and likely lead to lower scores too. But the problem is that most launch monitors aren’t convenient for the average player.

Most launch monitors:

  • Cost a small fortune.
  • Require you to download an app and sync up.
  • Are tough to set up and transport to the course or driving range.
  • Don’t display results on a screen which forces you to use an app and kills your phone’s battery life.

But the PRGR launch monitor isn’t most launch monitors. Here’s why…

Hands On PRGR Launch Monitor Review

SuperSpeed Golf PRGR Portable Launch Monitor Review

While the past version was good, the 2021 PRGR model is great. They pulled out all the stops to create a truly amazing device that can benefit every single golfer. The new 2021 model of the SuperSpeed Golf PRGR makes some awesome updates to make it one of the best launch monitors on the market.

PRGR Launch Monitor Features

  • Small and easy to transport. Unlike a lot of launch monitors, this device is very small and can fit in your pocket or golf bag easily. This makes it much more convenient and also much more likely to actually use it instead of collecting dust in your garage. At only 4.4 ounces (with the 4 batteries) it’s lighter than your phone!
  • Simple and easy to use. One of the best, if not the best features is that it’s simple and easy to use. One of the common complaints about launch monitors in general is that they are too complicated for most players. But this device is simple and straightforward to use with a high resolution screen display. No need to sync it to an app or go through a long setup process. Instead, it’s pretty much ready to go right out of the box.
  • Extremely affordable. The second feature that can’t be ignored is the price of this launch monitor. It pales in price to nearly all on the market, but does not sacrifice quality at all. In fact, PRGR is a trusted brand that has been around for over 40 years, so you know that you’re in good hands.
  • Incredible accuracy. This launch monitor uses Doppler Radar and updated algorithms to display tons of valuable information about your swing.
  • Easy to set up. This battery powered launch monitor comes with an instruction manual, but chances are you won’t need it. Simply hit and hold the power button for 2 seconds, place it behind your swing, and hit the golf ball. The launch monitor will then instantly deliver the five metrics to help you analyze each shot and learn more about your game. Plus, it won’t drain your phone’s battery life either.
  • Keeps 500 swings and measurements of past shots. This will help you develop a baseline for your golf clubs to master your distance control. It should also help take your game from range to the course with precision.

Other features of this epic low-cost launch monitor include:

  • Easy to toggle to metric or imperial systems.
  • Automatic shutoff to maximize battery life.
  • Works for both right and left-handed golfers.
  • Updated features to help analyze high lofted wedges (to help you become a wedge wizard from short range).
  • Multi-purpose. Not only does this device work for training your golf swing but can also work for tennis, baseball, hockey, and soccer too.

Swing Data Available

The PRGR provides tons of useful information about your swing, including:

  • Ball speed – How fast the ball is traveling once it leaves the clubface.
  • Swing speed – How fast you swing the club (which is how you get more distance from your game).
  • Carry distance – How far the ball goes in the air.
  • Total distance – How far each shot goes based on carry and roll (which is nearly impossible to measure on your own).
  • Smash factor – How well you convert club head speed into golf ball speed.

But the best part of this launch monitor? You don’t even need to use a real club!

That’s right, this device will even measure these five metrics if you are using one of their SuperSpeed Golf training clubs too. Meaning, you can use this indoors to work on your game or outdoors at the driving range.

This is a huge bonus as a lot of launch monitors only work outside, with range balls. But this device will help you measure the success of your game year round and make adjustments to your swing as needed.

How accurate is the PRGR launch monitor?

Golfers and reviewers have found this device to be extremely accurate within one mph for ball and swing speed! Although it is a much lower price than most launch monitors, it uses Doppler radar to provide the most accurate results. I placed it beside a much higher priced launch monitor and the results were pretty consistent between the two.

Plus, the 2021 update got a new updated algorithm for even better precision and consistency. And it’s been updated to accurately measure higher lofted wedges too.

One of the biggest downsides to most launch monitors is that they struggle with high loft wedges due to their high launch. But this device has been reworked to help you know the distances for every single club in your bag!

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Does the PRGR launch monitor work indoors?

Yes, this small handheld device works both indoors and outdoors. While some launch monitors really struggle to work inside (as there isn’t enough distance to get accurate results), this one works great.

In one of my testing sessions, I hit balls indoors into a net (about 10 feet from the ball) and the PRGR picked up the ball flight and gave me the results I would expect with the club I was using.

Plus, you don’t even need to hit a golf ball or use a real club to get results. Whether you’re hitting bombs on the driving range or doing a practice swing in your garage, this device will deliver results!

PRGR Launch Monitor Comparison

What does the PRGR launch monitor measure?

Does this device deliver everything that you would get with a Trackman or Foresight launch monitor? No, it doesn’t.

But quite frankly, the everyday golfer doesn’t need half that information. Nor does the average player want to spend $5-$20,000 on a launch monitor.

Instead, it provides some of the most needed data that can actually help your game. This launch monitor measures five key metrics of your swing, including:

  • Ball speed
  • Swing speed
  • Carry distance
  • Total distance
  • Smash factor

While other launch monitors provide even more data, they are usually 2-3X the cost or much more. This device can help any golfer as two of the most important pieces of data to evaluate are swing speed and carry distance. For this low price, it’s hard to beat it!

Is there a guarantee for this launch monitor?

Yes, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked, simply contact their customer support team and they’ll advise you on the next steps. Plus, if you do love the device, know that you get an ongoing 1-year support from them as well.

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SuperSpeedGolf Training System

If you buy the device and realize that you’re losing some distance, it’s time to invest in the SuperSpeed Golf training system. We’ve used these clubs extensively and found them to be extremely useful and live up to the hype.

Superspeed Golf Swing Training Review

In as little as 4-6 weeks you can add up to 5-8% power to your game. Plus, with your launch monitor, you can measure your results throughout the process! The standard men’s set comes with 3 sticks (light, medium, heavy) and an instructional video series to help you get started.

They even have a senior version, ladies version, junior version, coaches set, all star set, and a long drive set too. Speed training is the future of golf, so no matter who you are, take advantage of these amazing devices to start gaining more distance with consistent practice.

Click here to see our hand-ons review of the SuperSpeed training system.

SuperSpeed C

If you already love and use the normal SuperSpeed training system, check out their latest product. The SuperSpeed C is the newest addition to their epic line up to help golfers increase hand and arm speed.

SuperSpeed-C Hands On Review

Thanks to its counterweight design, it helps change the balance point of the club by moving the mass behind your hands. This makes it easy to release the club faster, which leads to additional club head speed. Plus, it has its own online video training series as well.

Click here to read our review of the SuperSpeed C.

Final Thoughts on the PRGR Launch Monitor

SuperSpeed golf has been at the forefront of speed training and understands the importance of speed and data to max out distance. While their SuperSpeed training system is great, make it even better by adding their portable launch monitor.

This launch monitor is extremely cost-efficient, easy to use, and will help you get the most out of your game. It will provide instant feedback on every shot you hit without breaking the bank. Plus, it’s easy to use, small, and extremely convenient.

Quit spending valuable time on the driving range without any idea if you’re getting better or not. Instead, use this small portable launch monitor to get to know your game like never before.

Click here to learn more about it now!

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