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Pro Path Putting Mirror Review

Pro Path Putting Mirror Review

If you’re like most players your putter is used 30-45% of all shots during a round of golf. This includes putting from the fringe too, which is a great option when you miss the green.

Needless to say, putting plays a pivotal role in your total score. But so many golfers struggle still with their flat stick and equipment isn’t always to blame.

Instead, it’s poor fundamentals like bad alignment that lead to a lot of missed putts and a lack of confidence on the greens. If you’re ready to finally putt to your true potential, we have a training aid that can help you improve instantly.

Introducing the Pro Path putting mirror from Back to Basics Golf.

Pro Path Putting Mirror Review

Black Friday sales led me to buying the putting mirror after learning that putting was my weakest category in the 2022 season. Since I tracked all my statistics, it was clear I needed to improve with my flat stick and had read nothing but good things about this putting mirror.

After a few sessions with it, I fully believe the hype and see why so many golfers (including Cam Smith), love it. Let’s get into the review…

Putting Mirror Design

Learning how to aim the putter is key to dropping shots on the greens and shooting lower scores every round. You could have a perfect stroke but if your alignment is off, you won’t make a ton of putts.

Luckily, the Pro Path putting mirror helps with both eye and shoulder alignment – unlike every other generic putting mirror.

Pro Path Putting Mirror Review

Eye Alignment

Proper eye alignment is one of the most important fundamentals with putting.

A best practice is to have your eyes over the golf ball – so if you dropped a ball from your nose, it should land on the inside part of the ball. Or, have your eyes slightly underneath to see the putt better (or if you’re left eye dominant).

Regardless of if you like your eyes over the ball or slightly underneath, this putting mirror gives instant feedback. No more having to guess if your eyes are in the right position at address or not.

Shoulder Alignment

While all putting mirrors ensure proper eye alignment, most aren’t big enough to see your shoulder alignment too. Which I would argue is just as important as eye alignment; if your shoulders are open or closed to the line of the putt, you’re going to miss a lot of putts too!

But like eye alignment, it’s hard to notice this error in practice… until now. The Pro Path putting mirror gives you instant feedback on shoulder alignment to make sure you’re setting up square to the target. The slightly larger design is to thank for this feature!

Within minutes of using the device I noticed my shoulders were constantly open which led to a poor stroke and a lot of missed putts left of the hole. After a 30-minute practice session I was dialed in and felt like my stroke improved during the process too.

Back 2 Basic Golf Pro Path Golf Putting Mirror - Portable Putting Mirror Training Aid for Golf - Perfect Swing Alignment Mirror - Enhance Indoor/Outdoor Golf Practice

Putting Path

Aside from getting your eyes and shoulders in the right position at setup, it has a built-in putting arc. Good putters take the putter slightly back on the inside and this mirror has a built-in 15-degree putting arc.

This visual makes it easy to see the perfect backstroke and train your putter in practice for consistency on the golf course. The more reps you can put in, the more you can start to develop a consistent stroke.

This should help you get the right amount of top spin with the putter and create a smooth roll. The smoother the roll, the more likely the putt is to go in (assuming you read the green correctly). There’s no doubt it’s setting you up for success with the 15-degree arc.

High-Quality Design

Finally, I can’t forget to mention how impressed I was taking this device out of the box. It felt like I was removing a brand-new iPhone from an Apple box.

The presentation was absolutely amazing with the black/green design – it was clear this wasn’t another cheap putting mirror. The box was padded, came with four putting gates, carry bag, and clear instructions on how to use it.

The mirror is also packaged with a black microfiber bag that keeps it safe and can be used to clean it as well. If you buy the mirror with the gates it has a small black matching pouch for them too.

Pro Path Putting Mirror Review

Easy to Use + Portability

Another great perk of the Back to Basic putting mirror is that it’s easy to use. No apps, gadgets, or anything else needed.

Simply insert tees into the device (if you’re using the putting green) to secure its position. Then, line up your eyes, shoulders, and start hitting putts.

Make sure to read our full article on how to use a putting mirror.

Works for Right and Left-Handers

The sad truth is that so many training aids only work for right-handed golfers. While some have the option for both right and left-handed players, it’s not as common.

But the Pro Path is an exception to the training aid rule. Simply flip it over to use if you’re a left-handed golfer and you’re ready to go.

Use Indoors or Outdoors

Another huge perk to the Pro Path putting mirror is that you can use it in a variety of ways.

If you have an indoor putting green, this tool works well and can train your stroke at home. Or, even if you’re on a golf trip and want to use the hotel room floor to roll some putts.

Since it’s so small, you can easily take it with you to the course in your golf bag.

Putting Gates (Optional)

Lastly, you have the option to buy four matching putting gates as well. Putting gates allows you to see the entire break of the putt and forces you to hit a perfect putt to get them through.

With four gates, there is one for every type of golfer. Newer players and beginner golfers will use the larger ones and once you get the hang of it, move on to the smaller ones.

These require perfectly rolled putts to get through the gates and end up in the hole. But it will make your putting practice even more effective! Paired with some of these putting drills, you will become unstoppable on the greens.

Pro Path Putting Mirror Review

FAQs About Putting Mirrors

Do you have more questions about putting mirrors? If so, keep scrolling through our frequently asked questions below.

Do pros use putting mirrors?

Yes, pros use a myriad of putting devices and training aids to help them dial in their stroke. One of them is a putting mirror as it helps with their eye position over the golf ball.

As mentioned before, this is one of the most important fundamentals to becoming a clutch and consistent putter. If your eyes are out of position at setup, it’s easy to push/pull and not make a solid stroke.

What does a putting alignment mirror do?

A putting alignment mirror helps you build confidence by creating a consistent setup for your putting stroke. As I’m sure you know, golf is a game of inches… if you’re off a fraction on the greens, it’s the difference between a putting finding the bottom of the hole or missing.

With putting, alignment is so crucial. If you don’t set up with your eyes over the golf ball or slightly underneath with correct shoulder position it’s hard to putt consistently well.

The Pro Path putting mirror is better than most normal mirrors because it’s larger and includes a shoulder alignment checkpoint as well. Instantly when I started using this I saw my shoulders were open to the target and impacting my stroke.

A putting mirror can work for a variety of reasons and overall, 10X your confidence on the greens when used regularly.

Should I buy a putting mirror?

If you’re like most golfers you’ve probably wondered, should I get a putting mirror?

Here are three reasons why we think you should invest in a mirror and why Pro Path is one of the best options.

  • Portable and easy to use.
  • Works with indoor putting greens and outdoors on the putting green.
  • Helps with eye position and shoulder alignment with every putt. Not to mention the built-in path lines create a perfect putting stroke.

Not all putting mirrors are created equal and it’s easy to see why this one is used by so many golfers around the world.

Pro Path Putting Mirror Review

What putting mirror does Cam Smith use?

Cam Smith is the face of the Back to Basics putting mirror. He’s become one of the best putters on the PGA Tour (and now LIV Golf) and has been seen using this mirror at a ton of events.

Paired with his unique pre-shot putting routine (which doesn’t include any practice strokes), it seems to be working great. If you want to putt more like Cam, this putting training aid is for you.

Final Thoughts

The Pro Path is not your average putting mirror as it includes both eye and shoulder alignment, plus a 15-degree arc for your stroke. It makes it easy to get feedback on all parts of your putting stroke and setup. As Cam Smith said on their website, “Of all the aids I have in my bag, this is the most important and used.”

If you’re ready to take your putting to the next level, this training aid is for you. Whether you’re at home on a rainy day working on fundamentals or need something to use in practice, it’s there for you. Plus, I like to use it before a round of golf to ensure my fundamentals are dialed in too.

The putting mirror from Back to Basics is a low-cost training aid with a high-quality design. Not to mention it’s portable, easy to use, and works for all types of golfers. Once you get your alignment square, you can start putting out of your mind.

Click here to buy the Pro Path putting mirror today.