Titleist Vokey SM8 Wedge Review

Hands On Review of the Titleist SM8 Wedge Lineup

If you want to start shooting consistently lower scores, spend more time on your short game. So many golfers want to break 90 or 80 but don’t practice the part of their game that matters the most.

What you do from 125 yards and it determines how low you can go every single round.

Because even if you hit every fairway, there are no guarantees that you will score well. In fact, there is probably nothing more frustrating than hitting it well off the tee, only to mess up around the greens and score terribly that day.

Wedge and putter are where the magic happens.

You need to love your wedges as much as any club in the bag. They can save you when you miss the green and can help you hit them close when you have a good look into a Par 4 or 5.

One of the greatest wedges on the market is the Titleist SM8 wedges. These clubs continue on from their predecessors to deliver a truly amazing club that will help you shoot lower scores. Well, as long as you’re the right type of golfer for them because they aren’t for everyone.

In this post, we’ll break down everything you need to know about these wedges to learn if they are right for you.

Titleist Vokey SM8 Wedge Player's View

Titleist SM8 Wedge Review

When it comes to wedges, it’s hard not to think of brands like Cleveland and Titleist. For years, if not decades, they continue to deliver some of the best looking and highest performance clubs on the market.

The Titleist Vokey SM8 wedges are the newest model from Titleist and a step up from the previous SM7 vokey model.


Titleist has been making amazing wedges for what feels like forever. But the SM8 is the most complete Vokey yet thanks to a few tweaks.

As Titlest said, “Through a reimagined progressive center of gravity that produces the most accurate and forgiving Vokey wedge yet, tour-inspired grinds, maximum spin and total control with grooves cut to the edge.”

Thanks to a shifting of CG (center of gravity), these clubs have higher MOI. Which is great because higher MOI means better feel and easier to square at impact. Which leads to more consistent strikes and a little more forgiveness on full shots too.

The grooves are 100% USGA legal and will give you plenty of spin around the greens. These grooves won’t wear down quickly either thanks to custom heat treatment at the impact area. That makes these clubs ultra durable and sure to last you a long time.

Titleist Vokey SM8 Wedge Grip

Shaft, Grip, and Finishes

The Titleist SM8 comes stock with the True Temper Dynamic Gold shaft. This shaft provides a low launch thanks to its heavier weight of 130 grams.

The one downside here is that it’s a pretty heavy shaft for a lot of golfers. There’s no doubt this club is geared toward someone that can break 90. But it’s a shame they don’t offer a lighter steel or even a graphite option.

The SM8 also comes stock with a Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 white flat cap grip. This is one of the best grips in golf and super comfortable.

Finally, you get four different options for the finish on your wedges including:

  • Tour Chrome
  • Brushed Steel
  • Jet Black
  • Raw

Grind Options

One of the great things about Vokey wedges is the different loft and bounce combinations. Vokey offers several grind options in a variety of styles and lofts. Ideally, it’s best to have a mix of different grind options for different courses and conditions you might play in.

Here is a quick breakdown of the different grind options.

F Grind

This grind is an all-purpose wedge that is designed for full shots. It comes in pitching, gap, and sand wedge options.

M Grind

This grind provides a bit more versatility and offered from 56 to 62 degrees.

S Grind

This grind is for a shallow to neutral swing type and available in 54, 56, 58, and 60 degrees. Ideal for firm to neutral playing conditions.

K Grind

This grind is a great bunker club and comes in a 58 or 60 degree loft. This is ideal for steep swings and soft conditions.

L Grind

This grind is for extremely firm playing conditions and shot makers. I wouldn’t recommend this for most golfers as the four degrees of bounce isn’t ideal for most swing types. But if you have a shallow plane and play in super firm conditions, this is the one for you.

D Grind

This grind is only for golfers with a steep swing type as it’s a high bounce option. Ideal for soft playing conditions thanks to its high bounce (12 to 14 degrees).

Alternatives to the SM8 Wedges

Not sure if these are the right clubs for your game? Check out a few alternatives from top clubmakers in the game.

Callaway Mack Daddy 5 Wedges

While Callaway is usually known for their woods and irons, they have made huge strides in their wedges. The latest, Callaway Mack Daddy 5 wedges which made the Golf Digest Gold 2020 Hot List.

These wedges are similar to the Vokey wedges with multiple finishes, lofts, and grinds. Click here to learn more about them now!

Or, if you need a little more forgiveness and lighter shaft, check out the Mack Daddy CB wedges. These have a small cavity back and lighter shaft that will make it easier to transition from your irons.

Click here to learn more about them now.

TaylorMade MG2 Wedge

Another similar wedge is the Taylormade MG2 wedges.

These also made the Golf Digest 2020 Hot list and look great from all angles. They also have a different groove setup and a TPU insert on the back of the club. This helps create a solid feel at impact with vibration dampening and a little more forgiveness too.

Click here to learn more about them now.

Cleveland CBX 2 Wedges

If you need a little more forgiveness with your wedges, the Cleveland CBX wedges might be the ones for you instead of a blade style. Thanks to a cavity back design, they have much more forgiveness on off center hits. These are great for higher handicappers or beginner golfers.

Even though they have a slight cavity design, they are still extremely sleek and versatile around the greens. They are offered in two different finishes; Tour Chrome or a Black Satin finish.

Perhaps the best part about these wedges though are the shaft options. The steel shaft is a Dynamic Golf 115 gram, lightweight shaft. And they also have a graphite shaft which is a light Rotex Precision wedge shaft.

Click here to learn more about them now.

Titleist Vokey SM8 Wedge

FAQs About Titleist Wedges

Do you have more questions about playing Titleist wedges? If so, hopefully we have answers in our frequently asked questions section.

Are SM8 wedges good?

I think good is an understatement. These wedges are great and deliver like their previous predecessors to help golfers shoot consistent scores.

They’re great for full swings and extremely versatile for tough shots around the green. Plus, with a huge selection of bounce and loft options, there are ones for any type of weather condition.

Remember to get an array of grind options so you can play in soft, normal or firm conditions with one of the wedges in your bag. There’s nothing worse than only having one type of bounce which makes it hard to score in certain situations.

Is SM8 better than SM7?

Yes, the SM8 model is a nice upgrade from the SM7 for a few reasons. The main one being the adjustment to the center of gravity to help promote a more consistent strike.

Not to mention, the SM8 shifts the weight forward and adjusts based on each loft. The past models didn’t have this adjustment which made shots with lob and sand wedges less consistent.

What are the loft options?

Titleist has a loft and bounce option for pretty much every possible condition. They range from 46 to 62 degrees loft and 4 to 14 degrees of bounce. Plus, they are available in right and left handed options.

Final Thoughts on Vokey Wedges

If you’re a mid to low handicap golfer, you will love these wedges. If you’re a beginner, look at these wedges for beginners. While these Vokey wedges aren’t as forgiving as some wedges, they are much more versatile than most. Their crisp design and huge selection of lofts and bounce make them a no-brainer for the avid golfer.

If you’ve played the SM6 or the SM7 and need some fresh grooves, you can’t go wrong with the SM8. And if you’ve never played a Titleist wedge before, get ready to hit all kinds of cool shots around the greens with them.

These clubs look great, perform consistently, and are loved by golfers worldwide. They can help your game tremendously from 125 and in so make sure to get them in the bag ASAP.

Click here to learn more about them and find the right wedge(s) for your game.

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