77 Tech Putting Green Review

Are you looking for a new indoor putting green to make the most of your time at home (or the office)? 

After the pandemic of 2020, golfers worldwide realize how nice it is to be able to practice indoors now more than ever. Not being able to head to the golf course or watch any PGA Tour is torture for golfers!

While some states went on full lockdown, it makes practicing at home that much more important. Not to mention, it’s fun to have a putting green to entertain friends and family or work on your game while watching the guys on tour. 

As you probably know, there is no shortage of indoor putting greens to choose from. But there’s a new one that not only looks great but will make you a better putter as well. 

It’s the 77tech Golf Putting Green system. Keep reading to check out the full review of this awesome indoor putting green.

77tech Large Artificial Grass Golf Putting Green Mat Indoor/Outdoor Golf Training Aid Equipment Mat (2.5x10ft)

77tech Golf Putting Review

What is the 77tech Large Putting Green?  

This is a professional practice putting green that can be used for fun and game improvement. 

They 77tech creators adopted realistic artificial grass as if you’re on the putting green at your local golf course. Plus, you can use it anywhere including indoors, outdoors, or the office.

While it is pretty big (10 feet by 40 inches), it’s very easy to roll up to store or transport without occupying space. 


Check out some of the features of this amazing indoor putting green: 

Rubber Bottom Drainage – The putting green has a cylindrical drainage rubber bottoms that allows you to use this outdoors as well. 

High Elastic Foam Bottom – The 77tech was designed with high quality material and has a 10 mm thick high elastic EVT foam bottom. This makes it incredibly durable and can also roll up as well. This will help you save space or move it inside during the winter months. 

Stainless Steel Cups – The two large cups provide a crisp sound as if you just holed on at the course. 

Two Hole Sizes – The way this putting green will make you better is by reducing the size of the hole. While it has two normal cup sizes (4.33” diameter), it also comes with two smaller holes (2.56”). These smaller holes will help you improve accuracy and force you to hit perfect putts to get them to go in.


Not sure if this is the right putting green for your home or office? Check out some of the alternatives to compare.

SKLZ Indoor Putting Green

If you’re looking for a smaller, more affordable alternative, the SKLZ is another great option. This one is almost as long, 9 feet, and has three different holes (although no mini flags) to help you hone your putting skills.

It’s one of the top rated ones on Amazon with hundreds of positive reviews. You can easily roll this up and take it anywhere you want but shouldn’t be used outdoors.

Learn more about the SKLZ golf indoor putting green.

MESIXI Indoor Putting Green

The MESIXI putting green is great for beginners or experienced players and has a few key differences. First, this alternative has a ball return system with a baffle plate. More than 90% of the ball’s rebound right back to you, regardless of if you make the putt.

Like the 77tech, it also has two holes. It features a normal cup and the smaller one to challenge you and not get bored. This device is a little smaller at 9 feet long and 15” wide and can only be used indoors. 

Learn more about the MESIXI putting green here. 

FORB Professional Putting Mats

If you want an even bigger (and more expensive) option, you want to check out the FORB putting mats. They come in standard, XL, and XXL versions, but they cost significantly more than the 77tech as they’re much larger.

Although all models are much bigger, you can still roll them up to save space and can be used inside or outside. The 12 feet standard edition features two holes. The XL is 13 feet and the XL is  20 feet long; both of these options have four strategically placed holes and come with a pack of golf balls as well.  

These putting greens replicate real-life golf greens with 40 mm rough and 12 mm green using high-quality artificial turf. While these look great and are fun for entertaining, they lack the small holes that the 77tech has to help you improve your putting from short range. 

Learn more about the FORB professional putting mats here.


How long will this putting green last?

According to the manufacturer, this indoor putting green can last 5-8 years with good care. 

How thick is the material? 

The entire green is about 2-½” which includes the rubber backing and surrounding fringe area. The 77tech also has a 10 mm thick elastic rubber foam base as well. 

What surface can it be used on?

This green can work on almost all surfaces including carpet, dirt, grass, and asphalt. 

How big is this putting green?

The 77tech is 10 feet long and 40” wide but can be easily stored and rolled up without damaging the turf. 

What’s the speed of this indoor putting green?

Reviewers have said it’s close to a 10 speed on the green. This is very comparable to most public golf courses. 

77tech Large Artificial Grass Golf Putting Green Mat Indoor/Outdoor Golf Training Aid Equipment Mat (2.5x10ft)

Summary of the 77tech 

Overall, this is a solid choice for the price. This putting green looks good and lets you practice short to mid range putts. Mastering your game inside 10-feet is crucial to shooting lower scores and this training aid will help you. 

Plus, the 77tech will help you improve your putting with the smaller, secondary cups. These smaller cups are common at a lot of courses, but rarely on putting greens which makes it a nice benefit for at home practice. Not to mention, you can cover them up with the turf covers as well.  

The 77tech does lack a few things that other putting systems have including; ball return system, alignment lines, and built-in gaming options. But if your goal is to have a high-quality turf to work on putting from 10 feet and in, this is a great option. For the price, it’s well worth the investment and is sure to last you for years to come. 

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