Best Golf Gloves

Take Care of your Hands: The Best Golf Gloves

For most of us, golf gloves are a 100% necessary part of the game. 

Heck, just thinking about playing golf without one makes my hands sweat. Even if I just go to TopGolf, I use one.

And chances are, you do too. Golf gloves make the game just a little bit easier.

They help keep your hands blister free, get a better grip on the club, and a ton of other benefits. Plus, they can help you battle the elements in extreme wind, cold, or even blistering heat. But as you probably know, not all gloves are created equal. It’s vital that you find one fit for your hand and the type of conditions you tend to play in. 

Some are $25 or $30 while others are $6-$10. With such a large price range, you might be thinking, what is the best golf glove to buy?

If so, don’t worry, we reviewed tons to find the best ones for you. We’ll also help you learn how to pick the right one and some accessories you might not have heard of yet. 

Let’s dive in… 

How to Choose a Golf Glove

First off, should you wear a glove?

Yes, I think you should wear a glove to make the game easier and ensure you always have a proper grip on the golf club. The last thing you want is a golf club flying out of your hand on the golf course.

In the past, buying almost anything in the golf world was much easier as there wasn’t a massive selection. But now, it feels like there are millions of choices for pretty much anything. From clubs, to apparel, and accessories, the options are endless.

Golf gloves are no exception either. You might have even asked yourself, “How do I choose a golf glove anyways?”  

Here are some of the most important factors when it comes to choosing the right glove for your game. 

Typical Playing Conditions

First off, I suggest thinking about what is the typical type of weather conditions that you play in. For example, do you play in a lot of muggy conditions in Florida? Or, do you play in very wet weather like some parts of the country? Or, do you play in a combination of them?

Your typical weather conditions are so important because as you’ll see below, each type of weather determines the glove to use. Some have moisture wicking technology while others have lengthened cuffs to keep your hands warm. Each one makes a big difference!


Another important thing to think about is the type of material used. The majority of golf gloves are made from Cabretta leather. Cabretta leather is a sheepskin leather that is soft, affordable, and works well for most golfers. 

But as you’ll see on this list, there are other types of materials as well, especially for bad conditions. This is great because even if you play on tough days, there is a glove out there to make it easier on you. In general though, most gloves are made with trusty Cabretta leather.


The next thing to consider is the size of the golf glove. One of the worst things that you can do is buy a glove that is too large or small for your hand. You want it to feel like a second skin and find a glove that fits!

If a glove is too small, it’s going to be very uncomfortable and you might not even be able to velcro it. And if a glove is too big, you risk getting blisters and discomfort during your swing.

When picking a size, the biggest thing to consider is if you want a normal or cadet size. As you’ll see on this list, most brands offer cadet sizing which have the same hand size but shorter fingers. Remember, you don’t want your hand moving around so avoid any extra fabric.


Durability is key when it comes to finding the right glove for your game. As you’ll see on this list, some are meant to last longer than others thanks to better materials.

But one thing to notice is that if you do wear down gloves faster than you think is normal, you might want to check your grip. A lot of times golfers blame the glove, when in reality, an improper grip is the reason they wear down so fast. Make sure to notice if you spot any trends to wear your glove rips or tears to find any consistency issues with your grip.  

Price Tag

We can’t forget about the price per golf glove either. Like anything with golf, you get what you pay for. But that being said, we did find some great gloves that are both affordable and reliable. 


Lastly, you want to think about the color of gloves as well. In the past, 99% of gloves were all white, but now there are more color selections than ever before. You can get bold colors to match any outfit or stick with more traditional style as well. Just make sure it’s not too distracting when you’re looking down at the ball. 

Golf Gloves

Best Golf Gloves for 2021

So what are the best golf gloves anyways? 

Now that you know how to choose the right glove(s) for your game, let’s get into our best picks for 2021 and beyond. 

1. FootJoy WeatherSof Golf Gloves (2 Pack)

When it comes to an old reliable golf glove, you can’t beat the FootJoy WeatherSof. I’d argue these are some of the most popular gloves on the market as they’re affordable and durable. There’s a reason their slogan is “The #1 glove in golf.” 

FootJoy Men's WeatherSof 2-Pack Golf Glove White Large, Worn on Left Hand

This leather golf glove is reliable, available online, at your local shops, and lasts a long time for a low price. And the best part? They come in a 2-pack unlike most gloves which you buy individually. Click here to learn more about the Footjoy WeatherSof gloves.

2. Callaway Golf Weather Spann Premium Golf Glove

Callaway makes pretty much everything in the golf industry now and they have some quality gloves as well. This premium golf glove is made with premium Japanese synthetic material for a perfect fit. It’s a nice step up from the Callaway Tour authentic of 2020.

Callaway Golf Men's Weather Spann Premium Synthetic Golf Glove (Medium/Large, Single, White, Worn on Right Hand)

This golf glove also has a 4-way stretch synthetic fabric at the knuckles to make it extremely breathable. Plus, it has a reinforced palm patch for extra traction for each club in your bag. 

This material is a lot softer than the FootJoy but still priced nearly the same. It’s available in right or left hand with tons of sizing options and a 2-pack as well. Click here to learn more about the Callaway Weather Spann gloves. 

3. Nike Dura Feel VII Golf Gloves

Next up is the Dura Feel golf gloves from Nike. This leather golf glove is very similar with the first two gloves on this list as a go-to option for most normal conditions. 

Nike Men's Dura Feel Golf Glove (White), Medium-Large, Left Hand

There is genuine leather on the palm and thumb and perforated synthetic leather on the back of the hand. This makes these golf gloves stretchy and very comfortable. Click here to purchase a Nike Dura Feel glove. 

4. FootJoy Pure Touch Limited Golf Gloves

While the first few gloves on this list are solid choices, they aren’t what are known as premium golf gloves. Premium gloves usually cost 2-3X as much, but are made with the highest quality materials available. These are usually what the best players on the PGA Tour play as they last longer and provide an incredible feel for all types of shots.

FootJoy Men's Pure Touch Limited Golf Gloves White Large, Worn on Left Hand

The FootJoy Pure Touch is a limited edition and Tour authentic so make sure to stock up soon.  Click here to pick up your Footjoy Pure Touch glove.

5. Taylormade Tour Preferred Golf Glove

The Taylormade Tour Preferred glove is another great option. This leather golf glove is preferred by world best players like Dustin Johnson, Jason Day, and more Taylormade players.

TaylorMade Tour Preferred Glove (White, Left Hand, Medium/Large), White(Medium/Large, Worn on Left Hand)

This glove uses durable AAA cabretta leather and an ultra-thin construction for an idea fit. While the price is higher than most, this leather glove is worth it. Click here to learn more about the Tour Preferred Glove.

6. MG Golf Gloves

MG Golf Glove Mens Left (RH Golfer) DynaGrip All-Cabretta Leather (Medium-Large Regular Size)

MG Golf is another one of the best golf gloves and an all-time best seller! This all cabretta leather has a small price tag for a high quality glove. It’s most comparable to the FootJoy Sta-Sof but much cheaper. Click here to purchase a MG golf glove.

7. BIONIC Stablegrip Golf Glove

Next up is a bionic leather golf glove which isn’t like your ordinary glove. Instead, it’s engineered to help you prevent fatigue and increase grip pressure. They’re able to do this with its extra padding and anatomical relief pad system in the leather glove. 

BIONIC Gloves –Men’s StableGrip Golf Glove W/Patented Natural Fit Technology Made from Long Lasting, Durable Genuine Cabretta Leather, White, Large

It also has pre-rotated finger design to give you a more effortless and comfortable grip. The bionic glove is also extremely breathable and will help keep your hands dry even in tough conditions. 

While it’s not cheap, it’s made with genuine leather and has extra support on the palm to last longer. Not to mention, you can wash it in the laundry and it will be as good as new. Click here to learn more about the BIONIC Stablegrip.

8. Bionic ReliefGrip Golf Glove

While the Stablegrip glove is a solid choice, there is another top competitor in the ReliefGrip glove. This is also a bionic glove that helps provide relief for arthritic hands. Thanks to its enhanced triple row finger grip system, this glove features a lighter grip and should reduce fatigue throughout the round. 

Bionic Men's ReliefGrip Golf Glove (Large, Left Hand)

This golf glove is made of 100% cabretta leather in a unique gray and white design. It also has terry cloth micro-pads inside the glove to keep your hand super comfortable and dry even in wet conditions. Like the other bionic glove on this list, you can always wash and air dry your glove too. Click here to learn more the BIONIC ReliefGrip.

9. FootJoy TropiCool Golf Glove 

Golfers are ambitious individuals, often playing in weather that baffles most. To help battle the extreme heat conditions, you’ll love the TropiCool gloves. They provide excellent grip thanks to their Nano lock fiber palms. 

FootJoy TropiCool Gloves, White, Cadet Large, Worn on Left Hand

This is the lightest weight golf glove from FootJoy and provides a cool relief for your hands even in the toughest of conditions. Thanks to moisture wicking technology, these are great for summer golf to keep your hand cool. Click here to learn more about the TropiCool glove.

10. Under Armour Men’s UA Iso-Chill Golf Gloves

Under Armour makes a ton of high quality golf apparel, including gloves. The Iso-chill leather golf glove is made of 84% polyester and 16% elastane which is ideal for hot weather. It’s incredibly lightweight and its design is sure to keep your hands cool. 

Under Armour Men's UA Iso-Chill Golf Gloves , Steel (035)/Steel , Left Hand Medium/Large

This glove is available in four color choices (including white with a red/white/blue scheme) and made of soft cabretta leather. Click here to purchase a Iso-Chill glove

Under Armour Men's Strikeskin Tour Golf Gloves , White (100)/Black , Left Hand Medium/Large

Or, check out the Strikeskin Tour gloves for a great, all around golf glove. These are machine washable and great for everyday rounds or practice sessions. 

11. Callaway Golf Thermal Grip Golf Gloves

While the gloves above are great for normal conditions, let’s not forget golfers who brave the cold. If you’re out there in freezing weather but addicted to the game, you need the right glove to make things more enjoyable.

To help your hands stay warm, you’ll love the Callaway Thermal Grip golf glove. These are made with digitized synthetic leather that actually improve in wet conditions. 

Callaway Golf Thermal Grip, Cold Weather Golf Gloves, Medium/Large, 1 Pair, (Left and Right) , Black

Thanks to the opt shield microfiber outer shell glove features, they actually repel water. They’re also great for playing in wind as well thanks to the inner fleece lining. But they’re still very light and thin, making them the best of both worlds. 

This pair of gloves is available in a multitude of sizes (eight in total) and come as a set for both hands. Click here to learn more about the Thermal Grip gloves from Callaway.

12. FootJoy RainGrip Golf Gloves

Another great option for cold and wet weather are the FootJoy Raingrip gloves. They are very similar to Callaway’s thermal gloves in both look and soft feel. 

FootJoy Men's RainGrip Pair Golf Glove Black Large, Pair

These gloves are made with QuickDry II knit material to dry off quickly, even in wet weather. It also has a ball marker and a spot to put a tee in your glove as well instead of digging in your pockets. I’ve used these in extremely wet weather and have nothing but good things to say. I’ve also used them in very muggy conditions and encourage you to give them a try for hot weather as well.

Similar to the Callaway, these are only available in black or white and sold as pairs. Multiple sizing options available. Click here to pick up your new favorite gloves for rainy golf.

13. WinterSof Gloves 

Finally, rounding out our list is the FootJoy WinterSof Golf Gloves. These two golf gloves are made for cold weather, not rain specific like the RainGrip one. 

FootJoy Men's WinterSof Pair Golf Glove Black Medium/Large, Pair

Thanks to the auto suede knit palm, you get tons of feel with a thicker glove for protection against the cold. They also have a weather shield cuff, which is an extended cuff to keep out the cold. These gloves are your best bet for staying dry in the absolute worst winter weather conditions. 

Sold in pairs only. Click here to purchase these essential gloves for playing in the cold.

Best Golf Gloves for Women

Let’s not forget about female golfers either as there are tons of great options. Here are some of our best gloves women. 

Callaway Golf OptiColor Leather Glove

When it comes to a high quality golf glove that will last longer than most, the OptiColor is a great choice. This glove is made of premium Cabretta leather with opt fit adjustable closure for a perfect fit. It also has specific performance features to reduce moisture and make it incredibly breathable.

Callaway Golf 2017 Women's OptiColor Leather Glove, Aqua, Large, Worn on Left Hand

But maybe the biggest perk of this leather golf glove is the three color choices; women golfers can choose from blue, pink, or black. Click here to learn more about the Opticolor glove

Lady Classic Cabretta Leather 1/2 Finger Golf Glove

The one thing that women have to worry about that men don’t – their fingernails. Thankfully, there are plenty of golf gloves made specifically for women to help figure out this problem and still play great golf.

Lady Classic Cabretta 1/2 Finger Golf Glove White Medium LH

The Lady Classic Finger cabretta leather golf glove helps protect your hand and your nails. Since the glove ends just above the knuckles, your nails won’t get caught in the glove. Plus, they are incredibly affordable, breathable, and come with a ball marker as well. 

Click here to learn more about these 1/2 finger gloves.

FootJoy Women’s StaCooler Sport Golf Glove 

If you need even more protection against sweaty hands for warm weather, the StaCooler glove is a perfect choice. What makes it so unique is the aloe vera cabretta leather technology. This offers a dry feel and incredible performance with aromatic Aloe Vera softness for your hands.

FootJoy Women's StaCooler Sport Golf Glove, White Medium, Worn on Left Hand

This leather golf glove is incredibly breathable and will help for those warm summer rounds. Only available in white and sold individually. Click here to purchase the StaCooler golf glove. 

Golf Glove Accessories

While you can’t go wrong with any of the gloves on this list, here are a few more accessories you might want as well. These will help your gloves last longer and keep your hands the right temperature you’re playing in. 

Golf Glove Case

A golf glove case is a great way to ensure your glove doesn’t get crusty. This is an issue for most golfers and significantly shortens how long you can use your gloves. 

To help you avoid this, store them in a glove case in your car or bag. Here are some of our top picks:

  • Stripebird Performance Glove Case: This case helps you air out your gloves and keeps them organized. Plus, it comes with a large carabiner to attach to your bag. There is a small storage space as well for valuables such as your smartphone. And it’s available in several color choices as well. 
  • PE Golf Glove Case: This breathable mesh cover makes it easy to lay your gloves flat and keep dry. It comes with a strap that you attach to your bag and works with up to 10 gloves.
  • Brappo Golf Holder: This case is larger than others and works well if you have larger hands. Plus, it’s two sides so you can store even more gloves. 

Golf Glove Shaper

While a glove case is great for on the course, don’t forget about a glove shaper as well. A glove shaper will help your glove keep its form by stretching them in between rounds. Or, you can easily strap it to your bag too.

-Glove Dryer-Glove Shaper-Official Licensed Product of The PGA Tour-Extend Glove Performance-Glove Accessory-Put an End to Crinkly Stiff Golf Gloves-Includes Golf Bag Carabiner Clip (White Left Hand)

Using this device will stop your glove from getting balled up and make them last longer. This made in the USA product is great for golf but also works for gloves for racquetball, cycling, softball, football, and more. 

Plus, there are several color choices and models for left handed golfers too. 

Click here to learn more about the Golf glove shaper.

Golf Glove Mittens 

When you’re playing in the coldest conditions, a pair of mittens might help you a ton. While you obviously can’t swing with mittens on, they’re great to use as you drive to your ball and between shots. 

Here are some of our best golf mittens and warmers to choose from:

  • Callaway Winter Mitts: These black and gray golf mittens from Callaway are a one size fits all and help with wind, rain, and cold weather. They are made with opti thermo fleece lining to keep your hands warm but are 100% waterproof as well. Plus, they also have a zippered pouch where you can add a hand warming pocket too.  
  • Titleist Golf Warmer Cart Mitts: Another great option is from Titleist with their mitten style. These are also water resistant and have a strategically placed internal hand warmer compartment as well. Great for all types of cold weather conditions!
  • Titleist Golf Warmer: If you don’t love taking mittens on and off, you might want to check out the Titleist Golf warmer instead. This accessory goes around your waist and gives you a warm place to put your hands between shots. You might see NFL quarterbacks wearing these in snowy conditions but they are great for golfers as well. This tube design has micro fleece lining and is made of 100% spandex to battle the elements. 

Also, don’t forget to get Hot Hand warmers too. These are great to keep in your mittens or pockets as well. 

FAQs About Gloves

Do you have more questions about finding the right golf glove? No problem, we got you covered with the most common questions below to find the right new glove. 

What hand should a golfer wear a glove?

It’s a good question and something that a lot of beginner players struggle with. If you’re only wearing one golf glove (which is the overwhelming majority of people), you want it on the opposite of your dominant hand. 

For example, if you’re a right handed golfer, you want to wear your glove on your left hand. And vice versa if you’re a left handed player, wear it on your right hand. When buying, make sure to choose the hand that you want it for (example, left = left hand).

The reason you want the glove on this hand is because it’s the dominant hand on the grip. If you’re a right handed player, your right hand is sitting on top of your left hand, then the grip. This is why it’s important to wear your glove on the proper hand. Otherwise, it wouldn’t help you gain any better traction. 

How do I choose a golf glove?

When choosing a new glove, use our checklist at the beginning of this post. This will help you weigh the pros and cons of each glove to find the best one for your game. 

Remember, you need the right size glove more than anything else. If your glove is too big, you risk discomfort during the round. And if it’s too small, you’ll likely feel cramped and your hand will get extra sweaty during the round. 

How can I make my golf glove last longer?

It’s a good question because if you play and practice a lot, you want to make your gloves last as long as possible. Otherwise, you might have to buy new ones each month which adds on a sport that is already on the expensive side.

Here are a few tips to make your golf gloves last longer:

  • Rotate them throughout the round. Try to use a different one each 9 holes to give the other one time to breathe. 
  • Take them out of your bag and dry them out from excess sweat or if you play in wet conditions.
  • Use a golf glove stretcher pack to ensure they don’t get balled up and crusty between rounds.
  • Store them in a golf glove case instead of just tossing them into your golf bag. 

What golf glove does Tiger Woods use?  

If you see Tiger Woods or any PGA Tour player for that matter, it’s amazing how many gloves they use. Most carry between 5-10 in their bag at any given time. Especially when they play in hotter conditions to avoid sweaty hands.

Tiger Woods plays his oldest endorser’s glove – Nike. He plays a Nike Dri-Fit cabretta leather glove as his go-to glove. Only in rare instances does he wear a different glove (like playing in the rain). 

Do all pros wear gloves?

Not 100% of every professional golfer wears gloves but most of them do. Usually though, I would guess that 90% or more of all pros wear a glove. For as often as they swing a club, it makes sense to protect their hands which are arguably the most vital part of their careers. 

Should you putt with a glove on?

Since putting is all about feel more than anything else, I would suggest taking off your glove. This will help you feel the putter in your hands better and hopefully get a better role. 

If you watch the PGA Tour on TV, you’ll see that every golfer takes it off when they get to the green. This helps them connect with the putter more and maintain a light grip pressure.

Meanwhile, if you watch someone who shoots in the 90s or 100s, a lot more of them wear gloves. Now, I’m not saying that when you skip a glove you’ll automatically become a better putter, but I think it’ll help. Leave wearing a glove for full shots, not on the greens.

Can you wear 2 gloves in golf?

Yes, you absolutely can wear two. But in general, most golfers only opt for a glove on the hand that grips the club first. A guy on the PGA Tour named Tommy Gainey aka Tommy “2 Glove” Gainey, is one of the few pros that does. 

Should a golf glove be tight?

Yes, you want your glove tight to avoid getting blisters and find a glove that fits above all else. But you don’t want it too tight so that your hand(s) feel suffocated either. This is why it’s so important to find the right size glove for your game and don’t settle for anything else. It’s nice that regardless of which brand you buy, the sizing is pretty much the same across all of them (unlike shoes and shirts). 

What is the most durable golf glove?

The most durable golf gloves are the ones made with the highest quality cabretta leather. Opt for a Cabretta leather golf glove as it’s highly dependable and well worth the price.  

What is the best golf glove for sweaty hands?

For sweaty hands, I would recommend the FootJoy TropiCool golf gloves. It’s made for the hottest of conditions and made to keep your hands cool and dry. 

But if you need even more protection, use the FootJoy RainGrip gloves instead. These are just as good for heat (and now they’re available in white too) and you get a pair. While they’re intended of course for the rain, they’re lightweight and still work in summer as well. Plus, you get a pair with each purchase so both your hands can stay dry in challenging conditions. 

What is the best golf glove on the market? 

As you can see from our list, FootJoy might have the largest selection of gloves overall. Their slogan “The #1 ball in golf” is true and easy to see why Titleist paired up with them for apparel and gloves. Whether you’re playing in extreme cold, wet, or hot and humid conditions, FootJoy has a specific glove for every scenario. 

While Bionic gloves are great for players with arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome, they aren’t ideal for tournaments. According to the USGA, bionic gloves are only legal if you have a documented hand injury. You must get approved by the USGA before using these gloves in competitive events. 

While these quality leather gloves are more expensive than most, they’re great for players who need help gripping the club. Plus, they last quite a bit longer than a standard glove so it’s worth the investment in my opinion. 

How long should a golf glove last? 

There isn’t a hard and fast answer here as it depends on the golfer and the glove. Some of the gloves on this list might last a few rounds while others can last 10, 15, or even 20 rounds. 

Overall, it comes down to the golfer and how much he/she sweats during the round. Then, what they do protect the glove from getting crusty in between rounds. Not to mention, if their grip is correct as well. A poor grip is one of the reasons that most gloves don’t last long as they’ll get a hole or worn down in areas without proper protection. 

How do I keep my leather golf glove from getting crusty?

To help your glove stay like new, make sure to do a few things to avoid them getting crusty. Some best practices include:

  • Rotating gloves every 2-3 times per round to avoid excessive perspiration.
  • Use some of the gloves accessories we mentioned (like the holder and stretcher) to protect them while not in use.
  • Play the right gloves for the conditions you’re playing in. Play the winter or rain gloves when it’s cold and the lighter fabric ones for summer conditions.

Final Thoughts on Best Golf Gloves

So, are golf gloves worth it? 

My answer is 100% yes, a leather golf glove is necessary to play your best! There’s a reason that 99.99% of PGA Tour Pros are wearing a glove in competition. They make the game just a little easier and protect your hands as well.

My biggest piece of advice is to play the right gloves for the conditions you’re playing in. When you switch from a normal glove to a winter glove in cold and wet conditions, you’ll be amazed at the results. The same goes for playing different gloves in extreme heat as they’ll keep your fingers dry and cool.

Remember, the last thing you want to worry about is accidentally losing your club on the golf course from a cheap glove. This can hurt your game and also get blisters or other hand injuries as well. With your gloves, make sure to keep a good selection in your bag or car so that you never run out. 

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