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what do women wear golfing

Not So Simple: Golf’s Dress Code for Women

Golf clothing has changed quite a bit in recent years, especially for women golfers. Some of the founders of the game are likely rolling around in their graves if they saw what’s “acceptable” to wear on the golf course now.

Men wearing hoodies and women golfers in leggings is the new norm. But it’s allowing more people to get into the game since 2020 and grow the sport like never before.

In the past, golfers would wear knickers, shirt/tie, and even a jacket. Now, it’s hard to get men to even wear a collared shirt and golf pants or shorts. But women’s golf clothing and golf gear is a different story.

There is a different set of rules between what men and women can wear on the course. Let’s get into what women wear while playing golf and what to avoid wearing on the links. 

Women’s Golf Clothes (Golf Attire for Women)

Do women need to wear collared shirts playing golf? Do female golfers need to follow the same dress code as men while golfing? What is proper women’s golf attire?

If you’re new to the game, chances are you’ve asked yourself some of these questions before. Golf unfortunately has a lot of rules for the game, not to mention etiquette such as what you’re allowed (or not allowed) to wear. 

Before getting into the right clothes to buy for golf, it’s important to remember that each golf club varies in terms of dress code. Older country clubs will have a different type of dress code than a local municipal golf course. While we’ll provide tons of information about the subject, just remember that it does change from course to course. 

Now, let’s get into what’s acceptable golf attire and some things you should avoid wearing on the golf course.

Golf Shirts (Polo Shirt) 

The biggest difference between men and women golf attire is the collared shirt (or lack thereof). On most golf courses, men always need to wear polo shirts with a collar (or mock collar) to abide by the dress code. But it’s a different story for women.

While women can wear a collared shirt, it’s usually not required at most golf courses. Plus, it’s okay for women to wear sleeveless shirts too. For men, that’s not the case.

Golf Shirts 

Instead of wearing polo shirts, women can wear a golf shirt like a mock collar but avoid wearing tank tops or tee shirts. With non-polo shirts make sure they don’t have any words/sayings and avoid cleavage. 

On cold days it’s a good idea to layer up with a golf vest, wind shirt, jacket, and even a golf hoodie (which has become more common for both men and women). 

Golf Pants 

Pants are fine for both men and women and one of the most common pieces of clothing worn on the golf course. The only advice is to make sure they don’t have any cargo pockets or are very loose fitting. Capris are another good option and great for mild temperatures.

What about jeans?

It depends on the golf course. Some colder climate courses won’t mind if men or women wear jeans but in general, denim isn’t the most popular choice for golf. 

what do girls wear golfing


If you don’t want to wear pants or you’re playing in good weather, women can wear skirts too. Just make sure they’re long enough and not too short. It’s a good way to repurpose your tennis gear for golf too. 

Golf Dresses

Women also have the option to wear dresses if the weather allows for it. 

Golf Shorts 

You are allowed to wear shorts (assuming the weather allows for it) but you need to be careful of the length. One of the biggest issues women encounter while golfing is wearing shorts that are too short. 

The general rule is that women’s shorts should be longer than a ruler and a few inches above the knees. Any shorter and I’d avoid wearing it as it might break a dress code. 

Yoga Pants (Leggings/Athletic Pants)

You might think, “Can I wear leggings to golf?” It’s a good question as so many women prefer wearing them for more than just yoga. It’s a little bit of a gray area in the golf world.

Despite tons of women wearing them on social media at TopGolf or the driving range, it’s a mixed bag on the golf course. Some local courses have no problem with them but private country clubs tend to disagree. 

When it comes to wearing leggings on the golf course, make sure to call or check the website. If you are allowed to, a neutral color like black or navy blue is usually the best choice. 

Belt (Optional)

Men almost always wear belts that match their shoes or shirts. But women may or may not wear belts as not all outfits (like a skort) have belt loops. If you’re wearing a pair of shorts or pants with belt loops you can opt for one as well.


Men and women tend to wear a hat or visor on the golf course. This helps keep the sun out of your eyes and hats are synonymous with the game of golf. Even though they’ve changed styles since the old days, hats are still extremely popular.

If you don’t want to wear a traditional baseball hat, opt for a visor or straw hats instead. It’s also a good idea to wear golf sunglasses to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays since golf takes 4-5 hours. 

If it’s a cold day on the golf course, a beanie is proper golf attire as well. 

Golf Glove

Also, don’t forget about golf gloves too. Some women golfers even have the option for pink gloves too.

Women’s Golf Shoes

Lastly, don’t forget about proper golf shoes too. Women have the same options when it comes to golf shoes and should avoid wearing sandals as they lack the traction needed for golf.  

What Not to Wear Golfing 

While there are a lot more options for women to wear on the golf course than men, there are some things that should be avoided. 

First, refrain from wearing very short skirts or shorts as they tend to have a minimum length required. Also, make sure they don’t have cargo pockets either. Jeans are typically not allowed at most golf courses either.

Next, refrain from wearing any shirts that provide cleavage or baggy t-shirts. Tank tops might be okay for a casual driving range but would advise against wearing on the golf course. Finally, make sure to avoid cutoffs, gym shorts, and leggings (at least for private clubs) to avoid any dress code issues. 

what to wear golfing female

FAQs About Golf Attire for Ladies 

Do you have more questions about women’s golf attire and golf dress code in general? If so, keep scrolling to learn more now. 

What should a woman wear to play golf?

A woman has a lot more options when it comes to golf attire than men. Most men wear a pair of Bermuda length shorts or pants with a golf polo. While women can wear shirts with skorts, pants, or shorts (and even leggings on some golf courses). 

Just remember, the nicer the golf course, the nicer you should dress. It’s always a good idea to look at their website ahead of time to make sure you don’t break the dress code rules. 

What do professional female golfers wear?

They wear a lot of the outfits mentioned above but it does change slightly. In general, women on the LPGA Tour and professional golf world tend to wear more conservative outfits. 

They tend to wear pants or skorts, a collared shirt, and typically wear layers on cold days. This helps them keep swinging the golf club at high speeds without their clothes interfering. 

What is a good outfit for golf?

When it comes to the dress code you can’t go wrong with a classic golf polo (with or without sleeves) for a top. Paired with golf shorts/skort, pants, or capris is always a good option. 

Can you wear hoodies on the golf course?

In the past this would have been an easy no but things have changed. Now, more and more golf companies are making hoodies and they’re being worn on the PGA and LPGA Tour. 

So yes, a lot of golf courses have no problem with hoodies but make sure they’re golf specific. Don’t wear baggy, loose fitting hoodies as they don’t look the best on a golf course and will impact your full swing too. 

Can women wear leggings for golf?

In the past I would’ve answered no but things have changed. Since more and more people started playing golf since 2020, rules have changed about golf attire.

Leggings are typically allowed at most public golf courses but still a bit of a gray area at private country clubs. In general, a pair of black leggings with a nice shirt and hat or visor is a good option for female golfers.

What should women not wear to a golf course?

When it comes to tops women should avoid wearing tank tops, tube tops, or any shirt that provides cleavage. For bottoms women should avoid wearing jeans, cargo shorts, and very short skirts or shorts. Women should also avoid wearing baggy sweatshirts on cold days as well. 

Do ladies have to wear a collared shirt for golf? 

No, most golf courses do not require women to wear collared shirts while playing golf. Some country clubs might have that rule but in general, collared shirts are more for men than women. 

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Final Thoughts on Golf Clothing for Women

Golf fashion has changed over the years but one rule hasn’t in my opinion; if you look good, you’re more likely to play well. Of course, that’s not a hard and fast rule but it’s one I’ve used for 20+ years to guide my golf fashion choices. If you look like Tiger, you’re more likely to play like Tiger I think. 

Proper golf attire is part of the sport and women golfers have a different style than men.

Don’t forget, dress codes each between golf clubs so plan in advance. If you have any questions about what to wear on the golf course, make sure to check the website or call ahead.

Remember, country clubs tend to have a stricter dress code than municipal golf courses. And driving ranges that aren’t at a golf course rarely have a dress code at all so a sleeveless shirt or more casual outfits should be fine.

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