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Looking Good = Playing Good: Our Favorite Golf Clothing Brands

When it comes to playing great golf, there’s one rule a lot of guys don’t abide by. And I’m not talking about a rule from the USGA Rule of Golf handbook either.

So what is this unspoken rule to playing better golf? 

Look good, feel good, play good.

My thinking is, if you don’t look good when you hit the first tee, how can you play your best? I’ve found that if you feel good, you tend to shoot lower scores too.  

Well, that’s my motto at least. Because whether I shoot a great score or seemingly forget how to play golf that day, I want to look good doing it.

Besides looking good though, your golf clothes can help keep you comfortable all 18 holes too. Whether you’re playing in perfect conditions, in the rain, or in the scorching heat, your golf shirt and other gear is key to staying comfortable all round.

The cool thing is that now that golf has become more popular than ever, there are more selections than ever.  

So what are the best golf clothing brands? 

Here is a massive list of 25+ brands to help you get some new inspiration and mix up your golf wardrobe. 

Best Golf Clothing Brands (Luxury Golf Clothes) 

After doing a ton of research online and learning about different golfing brands from players worldwide, here is a huge list for you. This best golf apparel list is in no particular order and wanted to include all kinds of brands to help mix up your styles. You will find some brands focus on:

  • Personal style
  • Quality fabrics
  • Premium polos
  • Unique designs
  • Cool colours and modern designs
  • innovative materials and technical fabrics

And a mix of all the above. Spruce your closet and see if it can help your game (and even if it doesn’t, you will look good doing it). 

Let’s start with our luxury golf brand list first, which focuses on fashion and tends to be more expensive than some brands. But they are likely to fit better and last longer as well.

Interesting New Golf Clothing Brands

Peter Millar Golf  

Peter Millar is a top golf clothing brand that is a more luxury, high-end brand than some on this list. With polos costing around $100, you know that you are getting quality above all else. Demographic wise, I would say they are geared towards the 35 and older crowd. 

Their style is pretty traditional for the course and not as crazy as something like Loudmouth Golf. They have a good selection of golf shorts, polos, vests, pullovers, hats, belts, and more. Now, they even offer golf gloves and custom headcovers too.  

While the products aren’t cheap, they are some of the best quality material in the industry. Their average polo is great for a day at the country club with its classic fit, 100% polyester, 4-way stretch, and two button design. Click here to learn more about Peter Millar Golf for men.


Linksoul is another top end golf brand that is making waves in the golfing world. The company was co-founded by John Ashworth (founder of Ashworth Golf) and his team of family and close friends. They started out in the golf industry and have now expanded to other activities including skiing, hiking, yoga, surfing, and more.

But LinkSoul’s roots are in golf and even endorsed by 2X Masters champion Bubba Watson. You have to love their slogan too, “Make par, not war.” 

The company started in Southern California and their apparel line seems to match the laid back, beach vibes. They offer a bit of everything; from tee shirts with their slogan, to golf polos, hoodies, shorts, button downs and more. Some of the clothes are great for the course, while others are best suited for lounging at the house or casual events. 

Click here to learn more about LinkSoul golf today.

Travis Mathew

Travis Mathew is another new golf company that is trendy and stylish, both on and off the course. Similar to LinkSoul, Travis Mathew was also founded in Southern California and offers a great mix of golf, work, and play attire. 

Since 2007, they have created versatile, everyday apparel for men all over the world. Some of their athletes and celebrity endorsements include Mark Whalberg, Colton Knost, Oscar Del La Hoya, and more. 

So what kind of golf clothes do they offer?

A little of everything from tops, bottoms, footwear, hats, accessories, and more. Some of my personal favorites are their comfortable shoes (for casual wear and on the golf course) and their custom fit hats. 

Overall, their style is formal yet relaxed, making it a great golf clothing brand for almost any age player. Plus, the cool part about Travis Mathew golf is that you can buy them both online and in stores.

They have physical stores in 12 different states and are found in countless pro shops as well. Or, you can click here to check out their online offering as well

Mizzen and Main 

If you’re looking to make a statement on the course, Mizzen and Main might be the brand you need in your closet. If the name sounds familiar, it’s probably because you know of Phil Mickelson wearing their iconic button down shirts in PGA Tour events. While some guys might not want the long sleeve, button down style, others might enjoy the throwback to old school golf apparel.

Don’t worry though, if you don’t want your shirt to feel like you’re in the boardroom instead of the course, they offer a ton more products too. For golfers specifically, check out their performance polos which have everything you need to look good and feel good on the course. The prints are very hip and offer ultra soft, superior stretch, quick-dry fabric.

Plus, if you’re back in the office again, they offer no-tuck in dress shirts too. These look semi-professional, but are as comfortable as a golf polo. They also offer more outwear selections including pants, shorts, pullovers, and more. 

Click here to learn more about Mizzen and Main now.

Stitch Golf

Stitch Golf is another great brand that is more on the luxury side than traditional golf wear. You can wear these polos on or off the links and look great either way. They aren’t much more expensive than a big brand like Adidas or Nike but offer super high quality material.

They primarily focus on shirts (including polos and casual t-shirts) but also make great golf bags too. Other accessories include divot tools, headcovers, tote bags, travel bags, and a ton more golf accessories. Click here to learn more about Stitch Golf.


When it comes to quality, you can trust Lululemon. This athleisure brand has made quite a splash the past few years and expanded their fitness clothing empire into golf as well. For guys, they offer shorts, trousers, polos, and socks. 

One of the top products is the Commission Shorts, which are great on and off the course. They are inspired by dress shorts but offer enough stretch that you could work out in them too. Plus, unlike a lot of other golf brands, they offer different lengths so you can find the ideal fit. 

Another top product is their Evolution Polo, which is a seamless mesh construction that is extremely breathable. If you play in a lot of hot, humid weather conditions, this is a great option. While the brand is far from the cheapest on this list, they are sure to last you a long time.

Plus, they have physical stores in a handful of states too. Use their store locator to find one near you and try on any apparel before purchasing. Also, don’t forget to check out their golf store online too. 

Galvin Green Golf

Galvin Green golf has been designing golf wear for more than 30 years! Their slogan is “We never compromise” so you can bet on anything from them being worth every penny. 

One perk about Galvin Green golf apparel is that they offer a ton of rain gear too. Sure, they offer tons of polos, shorts, pants, etc. but few companies make golf rain gear in their product line. They offer gear for all types of weather from sun, wind, cold, and more. 

They also make great golf gear for women and juniors too. Plus, offer plenty of golf accessories including hats, gloves, belts, and more.

Click here to learn more about this high-end golf brand. 


One of the most signature logos in the golf polo world is the famous crocodile (not an alligator) that is Lacoste. These high-end, luxury polos are loved by golf enthusiasts worldwide and look great on the links or just about anywhere else. 

While they aren’t cheap, they are one of the most dependable brands in the industry. Their line of golf polos are very traditional, often with a solid color or two-tone, and bound to match about anything in your closet.

Aside from their golf polos, they also have vest, long-sleeve polos, sweaters, and more.

Click here to check out their full product line. 

Polo Ralph Lauren (Polo Golf)

Another signature brand in the polo shirts world is Ralph Lauren (aka Polo Golf). They make traditional golf polos, pants, shorts, jackets, and more. 

Demographics wise, I would say Polo golf clothing brand is more for the 40-60 year olds who prefer traditional golf attire. Most of their designs are pretty standard and favor solid colors or a simple striped design. 

The RLX Ralph Lauren line has a classic fit, high performance polo that pros and amateurs alike will love.

Click here to check out their full product line online (or find one of their retails locations too).

G Fore

G Fore is another fashion brand that helps players look good golfing and have a strong fashion sense. They offer great gear from the classic polo to pullovers, trousers, shoes, and more.

G Fore also makes some colorful golf gloves and unique bucket hats too.

Click here to check out their full product line.

Calvin Klein Golf

Calvin Klein golf also brings quality fabrics and classic design to the golf world. They are more of a fashion brand than a peak performance brand, but has some great gear for the links.

While they don’t make golf bags or much else other than polo shirts, Calvin Klein always looks good!

Click here to see the full selection.

Hugo Boss Golf

Hugo Boss is one the premiere names in the fashion game and also makes golf clothing too. Whether you want to look good golfing or at dinner afterwards, you can’t go wrong. They have a huge selection of golf polos with innovative fabrics, different fits, collar options, and more.

Discover their full line of golf clothing here.

Ted Baker Golf

Ted Baker golf is another premium, peak performance company that blends the sport of golf with plenty of fashion. Plus, they have tons of different product lines to help you look good for a formal night out in Beverly Hills, a casual lunch, or just about any occasion.

Click here to learn more.

Original Penguin

The Original Penguin also offers tons of golf clothing for those that want to blend fashion with sport. They offer tons of polos, belts, hats, and more.

On or off the course, these golf clothes fit in all the right places. Learn more about the Original Penguin product line by clicking here.

Best Golf Clothing Brand

More Golf Apparel Brands (Mid-Budget) 

The brands below make some of the best golf apparel in the business to help you improve golf performance (and not break the bank). While they still check the fashion box, they won’t turn heads quite like other high-end luxury brands that came before them. These brands aren’t so much about bold colours but instead, high performance so you can compete at your sport at the highest level.


One of the biggest names in the golf apparel industry is Adidas (aka the three stripes logo) who make great stuff for men, women, and junior players. Their golf line is moderately priced and seems to last forever thanks to their innovative materials.  Plus, they have a strong reputation in sports apparel, so you can expect exceptional performance.

As their website says, “Whether it’s keeping your swing loose on the golf course or staying comfortable and stylish around the office, adidas’ collection of polos, short sleeve shirts and collared shirts will keep you ready for any occasion.” 

The styles aren’t anything crazy but look great with solid/striped golf shirts, shorts, hats, and more. Plus, they offer an extensive range of golf shoes too. Some of their most recognizable players on the PGA Tour include Dustin Johnson, Xander Schauffele, Sergio Garcia, and more.

Click here to learn more about Adidas golf products online.

Nike Golf

Tiger Woods put this brand on the map 20 plus years ago and they are still a top name in the game. While they no longer offer golf clubs, they do offer all sorts of apparel and footwear choices. Some of their top endorsements include Tiger Woods, Brooks Koepka, Michelle Wie, Rory McIlroy, Jason Day, and others. 

A huge perk is that they have a product line for everything you need on the links. Head to toe, Nike has you covered, oftentimes with performance fabrics.

Plus, they’re still very affordable compared to a lot of other big name brands. Not to mention, you can wear exactly what your favorite PGA Tour player wears in the biggest events (including the classic TW mock red golf shirt). 

Another big perk of Nike golf apparel is that you can buy their stuff almost anywhere. Physical stores, outlets, pro shops, discount stores, Amazon, and their website.

Click here to check out their full product apparel.

Puma Golf 

When you think of Puma golf clothes, it’s hard to not think of Rickie Fowler and his all orange, Sunday outfit. While some guys might be able to pull that look off, others might feel it’s a little too bold for their fashion sense. But not to worry, Puma golf offers all sorts of different products and is worn by guys like Bryson DeChambeau and Gary Woodland too. 

Demographics wise, Puma seems geared toward players in their 20s-40s. They have a lot of loud color options, but also offer more standard color choices too. Not to mention, they are extremely breathable, moderately priced, and great for the round (or dinner afterward).

Besides tops and bottoms, Puma golf also has a massive shoe selection for men, women, and juniors. With both spike and spikeless options, you are bound to find some for your game.

Click here to learn more about all their products directly on their website. 

Under Armour Golf

Under Armour is a top competitor of Nike in the sports world and has vastly expanded their golf product line in recent years. After re-signing Jordan Speith to a new 10-year deal in 2015, more and more golfers are enjoying their full line of golf products. Similar to Nike Golf, Under Armour has something to offer in every department including shirts, shoes, pants, shorts, belts, hats, and more. 

If you like to match brands like I do, Under Armour is a great place to start. One of the biggest perks they have is the quality of material they use for polos. Especially their UA Tech Polo, which comes in 15+ colors and numerous size options. 

The polos seem to be some of the most breathable on the market and great for warm, muggy conditions. They also offer regular and tall sizes to fit any sized golfer.

Click here to check out their full product line on their website.

Callaway Golf

A lot of players like playing Callaway clubs but you might be wondering, “Is Callaway a good golf clothing brand?” 

From personal experience, I would say yes, they are a great golf clothing brand!

Callaway golf not only makes incredible drivers, woods, and irons but clothes too. While it’s no Hugo Boss, you can assure that you will look good and save a ton of money too. From golf shoes to just about anything golf related, you can’t go wrong.

Check out their golf clothing online, in golf shops, Amazon, and more.

PXG Golf  

When most people think of PXG, they think of the high price tag woods, irons, wedges, and putters. Are they worth the money? Some swear by PXG products while others might not think the huge investment is worth it.

But one thing is for sure, they make high quality performance fabrics with their golf clothing line. Some of their selections are two-tone, while others are all black to match their popular gunmetal golf clubs. 

They offer polos, vests, pullovers, jackets, and more (in men, women, and junior selections). Or, you can opt for some of their patriotic causal gear like “Stars and Stripes” tee shirts too. If you love simple colors (black, white, gray), then you will love the PXG apparel line. 

One downside is that most of their gear is only available online (just like their golf clubs). Click here to buy from PXG online.

TaylorMade Golf  

While TaylorMade might not be as popular of a golf clothing brand as Nike or Adidas, they have some solid products. From comfortable t-shirts to polos, sweatshirts, and more outerwear apparel. If you love TaylorMade golf clubs, make sure to have some of their clothing too. 

Click here to check out their full line of golf apparel.

More Golf Clothing Options to Look Good on the Golf Course

If you want something a little more non-traditional than the normal golf style, then you will love these brands. You definitely won’t find a boring matte grey or solid white polo here. Instead, you will find unique designs that will make you become a local legend at your country club.

Bogey Boys

Ready to make a statement at your local club? Then you will love Bogey Boys. 

Obviously, the name is great (as most of us have more bogey than we care to think about) and have some great gear. Specifically, they have a product line known as the “Dalmatian” collection, which will make it easy to spot you at the country club. They have shirts, pants, headcovers, and more in a traditional dalmatian black/white design. 

They also have extremely original (and funny) designs in cardigans, half-sleeve button ups, and more. Plus, they have golf hats, hoodies, t-shirts and more. This is a fun way to attract new, younger players to the game and look good doing it.

Click here to check out the full product line of gear from Bogey Boys. 

Barstool Sports 

When it comes to one of the biggest names in sports, it’s hard to not think of Barstool Sports, created by Dave Portnoy. They’re now involved in almost every aspect of sports, including golf clothing – specifically polos and other gear. 

They have a lot of funny golf gear that you won’t find anywhere else (like shirts with a picture of Bryson DeChambeau that read, “Lets’ go Brooksy”) and other hilarious shirts. One of their most popular items is their saying “Saturday Are For The Boys” which is a great shirt for your weekend rounds. 

But they also have high quality golf polos, pullovers, hats, and traditional barstool sports logo shirts. Not to mention headcovers, towels, and all kinds of other golf accessories. 

Check out their golf collection now.

Loudmouth Golf

Have you ever seen the great John Daly in those extremely colorful (some might call them obnoxious) golf pants? Well, those are probably his famous Loudmouth golf pants, which are a staple of his wardrobe. 

They have a bit of everything too. Some of their designs include:

  • Mosaic skulls 
  • Stars and stripes
  • NCAA All American golf gear 
  • Major holidays including Halloween, 4th of July, Christmas, etc. 
  • Taco, donuts, bananas, and other favorite foods on pants, shorts, and shirts.  

Not to mention, tons of fan gear for your favorite sports. Plus, they even offer made to order clothes as well, so you can create something 100% unique for your next event. Available in men’s, women, and junior selections too.

Click here to see the full (and outrageous) product line from LoudMouth golf.

FAQs About Golf Apparel Brands  

Do you have more questions about the best golf brands? If so, hopefully our frequently asked questions and answers will help you out. 

What are the cool golf brands? 

Golf clothing has changed so much over the past 10 years. In the past, golfers wore solid slacks or shorts and a polo. But now, golf manufacturers are changing their style to make golf “cooler” and more inclusive for all types of players.

Some of the “cool” golf brands that are hip and newer include Travis Matthews, Mizzen and Main, Stitch Golf, and more. When researching this blog post, I found countless brands that I had never heard of so make sure to browse around several brands. 

What is the best brand of golf shirts?

The best one is pretty tough to decide, but in terms of best golf shirts it’s hard to beat Nike and Under Armour. Both brands have such a huge product line and offer a bit of everything, so it’s easy to match.

Plus, they’re a lot more affordable than some luxury brands like Peter Millar or Lululemon. Not to mention, it’s always cool to get to wear the same golf polo as some of your favorite PGA Tour players, too. 

What is good golf attire?

This is a great question because golf does require a specific wardrobe to meet the etiquette. In general, golfers wear shorts or pants (usually without cargo pockets) and a golf polo. 

Most polos have a traditional collar, while others are a mock style that were made famous by Tiger Woods in the 2000s (and seem to be making a comeback). Also, it’s pretty common for golfers to wear a hat and belt as well.  

For women golfers, the attire is a little different. Polos aren’t usually required, it’s common to have sleeveless shirts, and wear pants, capris, shorts, or skorts. Hats and visors are common as well. 

What should you not wear when golfing? 

Also, a great question! There are certain things that you should never wear to the course, including:

  • Tank tops.
  • Athletic shorts.
  • Baggy sweatpants.  
  • T-shirts (especially with vulgar language or crude jokes) unless they’re allowed by the facility.

What does RLX Ralph Lauren mean?

RLX is an abbreviation for the golf clothing of Ralph Lauren Golf. They offer a huge selection of golf clothing for both men and women.

What are the best golf clothing brands for women?

There are tons of great golf clothing brands for women as well. A ton from the list above also make great golf clothing for ladies, including:

  • Puma – Huge selection of shoes, skorts, and polos.
  • Callaway – Golf clubs and great golf clothes for peak performance.
  • Lululemon – Peak performance gear for golf and other sports.
  • Under Armour – Peak performance gear for golf and other sports.

And more!

Final Thoughts on Best Golf Clothing

Golf is changing as more and more players got hooked on the game during this last year.

That means the apparel and normal golf attire is changing as well. Hoodies are allowed, players like wearing “loud” color choices, and more. Which I think is a good way to get more people into the game.

Sometimes a new outfit will turn some heads, help your confidence, and play better golf. Remember, my motto… if you look good, then you can play good. You might just make your first hole in one and want to look great for the pictures (or at least look good making bogeys). 

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