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Prepared for Anything: The Best Rain Suits for Golf

As you probably know, golf isn’t the easiest sport in the world. Some days it feels like you’re unstoppable and could take on anyone. While other days, you might wonder if you will ever score well again.

Heck, there have been a number of times when things weren’t going my way and I thought to myself, “Why am I even out here?”

Yet, a day later, I’m ready to figure it out and tee it up again. I know that most golfers can relate to these “normal” golf feelings all too well. 

Us golf addicts just can’t get enough of the game, regardless of course and weather conditions. But one thing that makes golf exponentially harder than normal is playing in rain

Golf is hard enough, but when you’re cold and wet, it’s nearly impossible to play your best golf. Well, that is if you don’t have the right gear.

Luckily, more and more companies understand that golfers will play in even the harshest conditions. Now, they are making equipment to help us battle the elements even for the worst weather days. 

If you’re a golfer who is committed to playing in rainy, wet conditions… you need a rain suit. 

Keep reading to learn more about rain suits and find the right one for your game. We’ll break this down into the best rain jackets and the best rain pants to help you find the perfect combination. 

Best Golf Rain Pants

Let’s start from the bottom up – the first thing any committed winter golfer needs are rain pants. Normal golf pants won’t do the trick. You need a high-quality set of pants to help your lower half stay dry. 

Golf pants are great because you can take them on and off as needed. If the rain stops or the ground isn’t wet, fold them up and put them in your golf bag. Or, if it rained hard the past few days, keep them on throughout the round so that you don’t ruin a nice pair of golf slacks. 

Here are the best golf pants to help you stay dry even in the worst weather:

1. FJ HydroLite Rain Pants

When it comes to arguably the top brand for shoes and apparel in golf, a ton of golfers trust FootJoy. While they are known as the #1 shoe in golf and #1 glove in golf, they make excellent rain gear as well. 

The FJ HydroLite rain pants are one of the best and most dependable sets on the market. These all black pants are 100% waterproof and will keep you dry all day long on the golf course.

At the bottom of the pants is a velcro pant bottom, which makes them easy to alter as well. The zip feature also makes it easy to take your golf shoes on and off too. If you’re planning to play a lot of winter golf, these are the ones for you.

Click here to learn more now.

Alternate Option: HydroTour Rain Pants

If you want to spend a little more money for the absolute best FootJoy has to offer, you will love the HydroTour pants. These pants offer all the same features of the HydroLite but also offer two extra pockets (two side pockets and one back pocket) and a 2-year waterproof warranty. 

Click here to learn more now.

2. Adidas Golf Climaproof Rain Pants 

Another top name in the golf apparel market is Adidas with their Climaproof rain pants. These are a lower investment than the FootJoy set but still provide plenty of protection from the elements. 

adidas Golf Men' Climaproof rain Pant, Black, Large/Regular

They have waterproof zippers at side seam pockets and one back pocket for your glove. They are made of 100% polyester and easy to throw in the washing machine if they get dirty. 

Click here to learn more now.

3. Under Armour Golf Rain Pants 

If you wear as much Under Armour as Jordan Speith, you need to complete your set with these awesome pants. They have soft brushed fleeced on the inside and an adjustable waistband to help you get a customized fit.  Making them a great waterproof shell for winter golf and/or playing in the rain.

The UA Storm technology will help repel water in even the nastiest conditions and also offers windproof construction as well. A nice perk is the three pockets (two sides, one back) which are all zippered to make sure you keep everything dry. 

Click here to learn more now.

4. Callaway Waterproof Golf Pants

Callaway Waterproof Golf Pant, Caviar, XX-Large Short

Callaway also makes some of the best golf rain gear including these all-black pants. Their waterproof construction and built-in stretch materials make it easy to swing in your rain gear. They also are stylish with their flat front design and offer zipper ankle enclosure with a snap button too.

Click here to learn more now.

5. Zero Restriction Packable Pants

Rounding our list of pants is the latest from Zero Restriction. These all black pants are some of the best golf rain gear for a fantastic price.

Zero Restriction Men's Packable Pants, Black, Large

These are great for wind or rain with an adjustable waistband, zip fly, front hand pockets, leg zippers, and ankle hugger snap system to keep water out.

Click here to learn more now.

Best Golf Rain Jacket

Best Golf Rain Jackets 

While a nice set of golf waterproof pants are needed, don’t forget about your top half as well. With rain jackets, there are a few more options as some golfers prefer long sleeves, while others prefer half sleeves. And some of them now even include hoods as well. 

Regardless of which one you choose, just make sure it doesn’t impede your golf swing. The last thing you want to worry about is your apparel getting in the way of making a great swing. 

1. FJ HydroLite Rain Jacket 

Starting off our list is the FJ HydroLite rain jacket. This FootJoy jacket looks amazing and is well worth the higher price tag. 

Not only does it look great, it’s highly functional as well. This 2.5 layer construction makes it very breathable, stretchable, and easy to pack. Plus, it has a waterproof front zipper and adjustable waterproof cuffs. 

Another perk are all the awesome color selections that are available. In the past, so many golf jackets were only available in black, but now there is something for everyone. There are 12 color choices in this full zip, long sleeve golf rain jacket. 

Click here to learn more now.

Alternate Option: HydroTour Rain Jacket 

Just like the rain pants from FootJoy, there is an upgraded option to choose from with your rain jacket as well. The HydroTour rain jacket has zippered pockets and a chest pocket for your scorecard, and sealed seams for the serious golfer as well. 

This rain jacket has a patent pending Dry Seal technology collar, adjustable waterproof cuffs, and a two year waterproof warranty. It’s also available in five different colors too. 

Click here to learn more now.

2. FJ HydroLite Short Sleeve Rain Shirt

If you prefer a half sleeve and half zip style, then you will love this version of the FJ rain shirt. It offers all the same benefits as the first jacket on our list, but doesn’t have full length sleeves or zip. This pull over jacket is less form fitting and great for wind or rain.  

This rain shirt is also offered in tons of colors and unique patterns as well. 

Click here to learn more now.

3. UA Golf Rain Full Zip Jacket

If you want a high quality that will last you a long time, this is one of the best pieces of rain gear for your closet. This 100% waterproof jacket has fully taped seams and Hydropel zippers. It’s also super lightweight but will still help you fend off heavy rain.

It also has a full zip front with storm flap on upper and a snap closure on the collar too. This jacket features zippered hand pockets, snap closure on the sleeves, and windproof construction.

Click here to learn more now.

4. Galvin Green Jacket (Premium Rain Gear)

The Galvin Green Apollo full zip jacket comes with a premium price but is one of the best in the golf industry. This jacket features full-zip waterproof Gore Tex fabric, totally windproof, adjustable cuffs, 100% waterproof, very breathable, and looks super stylish.

This full zippered jacket offers front pockets, full long sleeves, and great for super wet conditions. You also can choose from seven different color selections to match your gear.

Click here to learn more now.

5. Adidas Rain RDY Jacket

adidas Golf Rain.Rdy Jacket, Collegiate Navy, Small

Rounding out our list is the Adidas Rain RDY jacket. This is no regular golf jacket but instead, a high quality waterproof and windproof jacket. It’s extremely breathable and just enough stretch to help you play golf with zero restriction on your swing.

Click here to learn more now.

Alternate Option: Frostguard Insulated Jacket

If you need a warm jacket that is more water resistant than waterproof, this is a great choice. It’s insulated, which makes it great for winter rounds and provides plenty of warmth without messing up your swing.

Click here to learn more now.

Best Golf Rain Suits (Full Rain Suit)

If you don’t have any golf gear and are searching for the best golf rain suits, here are a few options.

Fit Space Waterproof Golf Rain Suits (Best Rain Suit)

While not a name brand like Adidas or FootJoy, this suit has a great windproof jacket and guaranteed waterproof pants. Both are 100% polyester, made with four way stretch fabric, and will help block the wind too.

Waterproof Golf Rain Suits for Men Performance Rain Jackets and Pants for All Sports (Gray Half-zip, Small)

The zip jacket is offered in four different colors with sealed seams, adjustable cuff and collar, and more. This full rain suit looks great, will help block wind, and is made for serious golfers in mind.

Click here to learn more now.

Etonic Golf Rain Suit

Another incredible value for a rain suit is the latest from Etonic. While it might not offer gore tex fabric or a storm flap (aka storm technology) like some premium suits, this is great for occasionally playing in the rain.

The jacket has a zip off sleeve design, seam sealed for waterproof, windproof, and a convenient elastic waistband. The only thing it doesn’t have are side pockets but for the price, you can’t beat the excellent value!

Click here to learn more now.

How to Choose The Best Golf Rain Gear   

After seeing all of these awesome choices, you might be thinking, “What should I look for in golf rain gear?” 

To make it easy for you, we’re breaking down some of the most important factors when evaluating your rain suit purchase. Here are four things to think about before hitting the buy now button or reading more equipment reviews.


The first thing to think about is pockets with your rain gear, specifically with your jacket. Most pants offer at least one pocket, but some of them on this list offer three.

Personally, I like having two side pockets and one back pocket for the pants. Otherwise, it’s kind of a pain to reach under them to your normal pockets all day.

With jacket pockets, it’s a different story. Some don’t have any pockets while others have 2-3.

I think two pockets is great to keep your hands warm, but a third pocket for your scorecard is a nice touch too. You also might want fully zipped pockets if you play in heavier rain or walk more often than you ride in a golf cart. 

Waterproof vs. Rainproof vs. Windproof 

When shopping for your golf rain suit, you want to choose pants and jackets that are waterproof (especially when using golf push carts as you’re in the elements). It’s easy to mistake them for “rainproof” or “water-resistant” so double check to make sure they are 100% waterproof as they are not the same thing. This means they will repel water more than anything else and keep you dry for the entire round.

A lot of companies will even give you 1-2 year waterproof warranties as they believe in their product that much. While they are a higher investment, I think it’s 100% worth it as you won’t have to worry about your gear every season. 

Finally, it’s also not a bad idea to make sure they are windproof too. As you probably already know, wind and rain seem to go together on the course, so make sure you’re prepared for all the suprises Mother Nature could give you. 

Easy to Swing

Another thing I can’t stress enough is making sure that the gear does not impede with your swing. You need to make sure that it keeps you dry and lets you swing at 100%. Sure, it might feel a little awkward and uncomfortable at first, but ultimately it should not affect your swing.

This isn’t a big issue with rain pants as they are very loose fitting and go over your shorts or golf pants. But when you’re buying a rain jacket, this is key.

Some golfers hate wearing full sleeves and prefer a ½ zip, while others don’t mind the sleeves. Not to mention some have zip off sleeves too. This is a personal preference and also depends on your weather as well. 

Luckily, the golf industry knows how important swing ability is to your golf game and offers a lot of stretch fabric materials. If possible, take some practice swings in the store to see which type of design you prefer.

If it’s cold and windy, you might want the full-length sleeves. But if it’s just rain and still decent temperatures outside,  you can opt for a half sleeve style. 


Finally, we can’t forget about the investment either. Some of the ones on this list are not cheap, but the good thing is they should last a long time unlike most gear. Unlike a normal pair or golf pants, these should last much longer. 

If you’re someone who lives in a place where wind and rain are frequent, spend the extra money for a set of high quality rain gear. There is nothing worse than being cold or wet on the course, so spend the money to make the round much more comfortable. 

FAQs on Rain Suits & Rain Gear

Do you have more questions about the best rain suits for golf? Keep reading our frequently asked questions and answers below to find some answers. 

Who makes the best golf rain gear?

As you can tell from our detailed list, there are tons of great brands that provide tons of all-weather protection. I can’t say one is “the best” as it depends on how often you play, your budget, and more. Make sure to use our handy checklist above to find the best set of rain gear for your game. 

What do you wear to golf in the rain? 

Golfing in the rain makes a tough game even more challenging. To give yourself the best chances to post a good number on the golf course, I suggest always having your rain gear include:

  • Gloves. Specially made rain gloves can help you keep a tight grip on the club and not let it accidentally go flying as you hit your shot. Plus, they come in pairs which is great as you’ll need extra traction to grip the club.
  • Pants. As you can see in this post, rain pants are an absolute necessity for bad weather. These help keep your golf pants dry and they repel water all day long.
  • Jacket. This is one thing that differentiates between golfers. Some players prefer full-length rain jackets while others prefer a ¾ sleeve. Some players also prefer a hood while others don’t. 

These three things plus extra gloves and a good umbrella will make golfing in the rain much more enjoyable. 

Which is the best waterproof golf jacket?

If it made this list, you can trust it being high-quality and ready for any type of weather. While there are a lot more cheaper ones on Amazon, most are not made for golf. 

So many of them lack pockets and other requirements needed for golf. Don’t try to save a few bucks only to get wet and frustrated on the course. 

Instead, buy one of these high quality sets so you’re set for several years of cold weather golf.

How should I store my golf rain gear?

Once you invest in a good rain suit, make sure you take care of it so it will last a long time. For storing, you have a few options.

First, make sure you always dry out your gear before leaving it in your golf bag or trunk. Otherwise, you’ll likely get everything else wet and won’t smell great either.

Instead, make sure to dry it out properly before stowing it away for the season. I’d suggest storing them in a golf locker or storage trunk so you don’t accidentally misplace them. Or, if it’s still in season, I suggest keeping it in your car and packing in your bag if the forecast looks wet.  

Do golf rain jackets have hoods? 

Some rain gear does have hoods, but most of the best rain gear in our selection do not. Hoods are generally reserved more for cold weather, water resistant (not waterproof jackets).

Can a golf jacket have a hood? 

In the past, if you would have asked this question, I would have said no! But hoodies are a growing trend now in the game of golf and certainly a part of cold weather golf.

Final Thoughts on Golf Rain Gear

As you can tell, there are tons of options to help make a rainy day on the links much more enjoyable. While you can buy an entire rain suit (pants + jacket), it might be easier one at a time if you already have another. Plus, you might want different styles and colors as well.

When it comes to rain pants, I advise finding ones with a stretchy waistband and zippered pockets if possible. This will make it much easier to grab your divot tools and tees all day instead of reaching into your normal pockets.

For rain jackets, you want to make sure it’s breathable and easy to swing in more than anything else. There is nothing worse than trying to swing a club when it feels awkward and uncomfortable. Instead, make sure it has the sleeve length you want and allows you to still swing aggressively every shot. 

Paired with other golf rain gear like gloves, extra towels, and umbrellas, you should be set for any type of weather. 

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