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Protect your Clubs: The Best Golf Headcovers

If you’re like most golfers, you know how important it is to love your driver and putter. They are arguably the two most important clubs in your bag. When you’re piping drives off the tee and sinking putts from anywhere on the green, your iron game doesn’t matter nearly as much.

But you want to make sure to protect these clubs (and your fairway woods) as they are more likely to get wear and tear. Since you use them often, it’s easy for them to look worn down much sooner than your irons or wedges.

That’s why it’s vitally important to always have wood headcovers and a putter cover. These will help protect your investment and make it easier to sell them in the future when it’s time for an upgrade. 

While nearly all manufacturers provide standard covers, sometimes you might want an upgrade. If so, here are the best ones on the market:

Driver and Fairway Wood Headcovers (Best Golf Headcovers)

Let’s start with the most common type of headcovers – those that protect your driver head and fairway woods. In general, almost every golfer uses these to protect their clubs. 

Since woods and drivers are more expensive than irons, it makes sense to protect them more. Plus, they are built with different materials which make them much more likely to get scratched or dented. 

Here are our best golf headcovers for every type of player out there. 

Majek Retro Golf Headcovers

If you love the days of metal spikes, leather golf bags, and blade irons, you’ll love these Majek headcovers. These vintage headcovers fit modern golf clubs but have an old school look and feel. They’re extremely popular among golf enthusiasts worldwide and are even “Amazon’s Choice” for top headcovers.

Majek Retro Golf Headcovers White Red and Black Vintage Leather Style 1 3 5 Driver and Fairway Head Covers Fits 460cc Drivers Classic Look

This option comes in only one color (white with black and red accents) with a total of three headcovers. The driver fits up to a 460 cc head size and 200cc for your fairway woods. 

Click here to buy them now!

Alternate Option: Majek Black and White Headcovers

Majek Golf Headcovers Black and White Leather Style 1, 3, 5 Driver and Fairway Head Covers Fits 460cc Drivers

If you want a similar design but different color scheme, Majek makes this alternative option too. They fit the same size clubs and since they’re primarily black, much easier to keep clean and good for winter golf.

Click here to buy them now!

Jan Craig Headcovers

If you love the retro headcover look, you will love the product line from Jan Craig. Every single one of them is hand knit and made in the USA per your order specifications. Since they are 100% unique, they are a higher investment than the average choice but worth it.

The main reason they are so great is because you can design your own headcover. Or, if you want to gift this to someone else and let them design it, you can send a gift card as well. 

Click here to learn more about Jan Craig now. 

I have personally used Jan Craig Headcovers for years. They hold up extremely well and it is very tough to beat the classic look!

Daphne’s Animal Headcovers for Golf

In the golf world, there is arguably no headcover more popular than the Tiger that Eldrick “Tiger” Woods uses. It’s been a part of his golf bag for as long as he’s been playing and popular with players worldwide. 

Heck, it’s such a big part of Tiger Woods and his game that he’s even named it Frank and it’s on all types of golf apparel. If you love the big cat, this is a great way to show it each time you hit the links (and a red polo never hurts either).

Daphne's Tiger Headcovers

The great thing about these headcovers is that they have a huge animal selection. You can choose from all types of animals including a gopher (great for Caddyshack fans), dogs, moose, and more. The only downside is that these are only available for your driver so you will have to buy other woods separately. 

Click here to buy them now!

Caycee Golf Headcovers 

If you want a unique design then you’ll love the Caycee golf headcovers. They offer over 100 different options to choose from and sure to give your bag a fresh new look. 

These are truly one of a kind and offer all sort of options including:

  • Taco (and other food) golf headcover
  • 4 majors design that has each of the four major trophies
  • Custom products options that say things like “Hit Bombs” 

And a lot more choices. Plus, you can always personalize and customize your own products too for an additional cost. They even have custom golf towels that you can create and pair with your headcovers too. 

Click here to learn more about Caycee golf headcovers. 

NCAA Contour Headcovers (Sports Team Headcovers)

If you’re an avid college sports fan, you will love these NCAA headcovers. They are reasonably priced and each set comes with three headcovers. Some of the teams include the Arizona State Sundevils, Auburn Tigers, Oregon Ducks, Notre Dame Fighting Irish, and more. 

NCAA Georgia Bulldogs 3 Pack Contour Golf Club Headcover

These make a great gift idea if you’re hosting a tournament or for someone who loves to represent their alma mater. Each of the three contoured headcovers are made of buffalo vinyl and synthetic suede. Their numbers are 1, 3, and X which you can use for a 5 wood or 7 wood. 

Click here to buy them now!

Alternate Option: NFL Headcovers (Best Golf Covers for Football Fans)

Team Golf NFL New England Patriots Contour Golf Club Headcovers (3 Count), Numbered 1, 3, & X, Fits Oversized Drivers, Utility, Rescue & Fairway Clubs, Velour lined for Extra Club Protection, Multi Team Colors, One Size

If you prefer watching the NFL vs. college football, you might want to check out these NFL headcover sets. They come with three embroidered headcovers with the same material as the NCAA option. Plus, they have velour lined inside for ultimate club protection for your driver heads.

Click here to buy them now!

PGM Rubber Headcovers

Mixing up from the traditional head cover look is the latest from PGM. These form fitting covers are easy to take on and off without Velcro, zippers, or magnets. Instead, they simply attach secretly to your clubs and will not fall off or slip… ever (according to their website).

PGM Golf Head Cover 4pcs or 1pc Drivers Fairway Woods Hybrid Golf Club Cover with No. Pins Fit Oversized Right Handed Easy on Off Extra Club Protection Washable Cover for All Brands (Blue- 4pcs Set)

These headcovers offer maximum protection and are also incredibly easy to clean. The unique design makes it easy to clean regularly and great if you travel with your clubs too. 

They have a huge selection of products that range from individual driver headcover to full four piece sets (all with a number as well). Plus, they are available in a ton of different colors including blue, white, orange, pink, gray or a mixed color set too. 

Click here to buy them now!

USA Stars and Stripes Wood Covers

If you want to protect your club and show off your love for the United States of America, you will love this option. The top of the cover has stars and stripes just like the American flag and has the USA embroidered on the bottom. These are high quality pu leather, 100% waterproof, and wrinkle resistant. 

Craftsman Golf Stars and Stripes American USA US Flag Hybrid Rescue Headcover Head Cover for Scotty Cameron Taylormade Odyssey Hybrid (Normal One)

Despite their form fitting style, they are as easy to take on and off as a sock too! They even offer a one year after sales service guarantee which is quite rare for headcovers. 

Alternate Option: Caiobob USA Design

caiobob mytag Golf 460cc Driver Headcover, Flag Design Golf Club Head Covers, USA Star and Stripes Design

If you want to show off your love for America and only need a driver headcover, this is a great option. The driver headcover fits up to 460cc and is handmade from high quality pu leather. The black, navy blue, and white is a great design that should match almost any golf bag too. 

Click here to buy them now! 

Alternate Option: Craftsman Golf US Flag Knit Pom Pom Headcover

If you need even more USA flare to your bag, you’ll love this one from Craftsman. You can choose to buy them individually for a very low price or as a set too. 

Craftsman Golf US Flag Knit Pom Pom White Blue Red Driver,Fairway Wood, Hybrid Head Cover Headcover for Callaway Mizuno Cobra Taylormade (Hybrid X Cover)

While these likely won’t provide the same amount of protection as some other headcovers, they are a long neck style which does mean extra shaft protection. Plus, if they get dirty you can just throw them in the washer as they are 100% machine washable. 

Click here to buy them now!

Superman Golf Headcover

Creative Covers for Golf Superman Performance Head Cover

If you love superheroes and want to turn your driver into Clark Kent, this is an awesome choice. This unique driver headcover is highly rated thanks to its magnetic grip design and “heroic” protection of your driver. Plus, it’s official DC comics licensed design makes it look awesome and sure to make a statement on the tee box. 

Click here to buy it now. 

Monogram Golf Headcover

If you want to design your own headcover and save a few bucks, these are a great option. You can choose two different styles (driver or putter) and offer 15 color choices to choose from. These look great and are an awesome way to make sure your bag stands out on the golf course.

Click here to start personalizing your wood cover now!

Iron Headcovers (Best Golf Headcovers)

Next up is iron headcovers which aren’t nearly as common as normal ones for your woods and hybrids. The only reason I would ever recommend iron covers is if you have a very expensive set of clubs like PXG and want to ensure your investment is protected. Another reason might be if you want to give your clubs extra protection while traveling, especially if you’re flying with clubs.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t recommend having them in your bag as it’s kind of a faux paus among golfers. But if you want some form of protection, here are a few top options.

Here are the best golf headcovers for irons:

Craftsman Golf Synthetic Leather Golf Iron Covers

If you want a simple design, you can’t go wrong with the all black iron cover design. These offer a thick head cover design thanks to pu leather. 

Craftsman Golf 12pcs or 1pc Thick Synthetic Leather Golf Iron Head Covers Set Headcover Fit All Brands Callaway Ping Taylormade Cobra Etc. Also Custom Name (12pcs Black w/Silver No.)

They have velcro so they should never fall off and are waterproof too. Not to mention, they are oversized too so they should work for larger, cavity back designs as well. Click here to buy them now.

Craftsman Golf USA Iron Covers 

If you want to keep up the red, white, and blue theme, these iron covers are a great choice. They come in a 10-piece set and fit all irons and wedges (4-LW). 

Craftsman Golf White & Blue US Flag Neoprene Golf Club Head Cover Wedge Iron Protective Headcover for Callaway, Ping, Taylormade, Cobra, Etc.

There are several color options and both are extremely affordable compared to wood covers. Plus, they are machine washable too. Click here to buy them now!

Putter Headcovers (Best Golf Headcovers)

Finally, don’t forget about protecting the club that you use the most every single round – the putter! This is arguably the most important club to keep safe and protected for a few reasons.

First, you use your putter every single hole (unless you get a rare chip in). That means you’re staring down at the club a lot. The last thing you want to see when looking down at a putt is a putter that is scratched, dinged, and beaten up.

Second, a putter can get bent rather easily if it’s not protected. This is why it’s so important to make sure to protect it with a cover. Otherwise, it might be slightly open or closed at setup without you knowing it, which makes it nearly impossible to drain putts! 

Here are the best golf headcovers for putters if you want to replace your stock one and/or want one that provides even more protection. 

HIFROM Shamrock Putter Cover

HIFROM Golf Putter Head Cover headcover Shamrock Embroidered Blade Fit All Brands

Sometimes we all need some luck for the golf ball to find the bottom of the cup. A great way to remind yourself that you make your own luck is a 4-leaf clover putter cover. This is a great looking putter cover and is priced incredibly low too. Click here to buy them now.

Alternate Option

Or, if you have a mallet style putter, make sure to check out this option too. It has four leaf clovers all over the cover and even says “Get Lucky” next to the magnetic grip. You can choose the black and green or a white and green design. 

Parsaver Shamrock Clover Mallet Putter Cover - Compatible with/Replacement for - Taylormade Odyssey 2Ball - Ping, Cameron and EVNROLL Putters - Golfers True Players Club Cover

One perk about this cover is that it’s magnetic too. That means no more replacing a cover because the velcro goes bad. 

Plus, you have to give them some credit for creativity as they say, “Enjoy protecting your magic wand.”  Because let’s get real, your putter can be magical some days and save a bad day of ball striking! Click here to buy them now.

Captain America Golf Headcover

Lion Custom Shop Captain America Golf Headcover for Midsize Mallet & Blade Putter, White

If you love superheroes and golf then I bet you’ll thoroughly enjoy this Captain America themed blade putter cover. It has a very sleek design and has a large Captain America shield on the all white putter cover. Sadly, they don’t offer a mallet version. 

Click here to buy them now. 

Batman Mallet Putter Cover

Creative Covers for Golf Batman Mallet Putter Cover

If you prefer Batman to Captain America then you’ll love this iconic cover. Its silver color and iconic Batman logo is a must-have for Batman fans. Plus, it’s magnetic and should last a long time for your favorite mallet putter.

Click here to buy it now.

Craftsman USA Blade Putter Cover

Craftsman Golf Red/White/Blue USA Flag Blade Putter Cover

If you want to round a red, white, and blue themed bag, you’ll love this putter. It has a strong magnetic closure and is made of pu leather. 

Click here to buy them now.

Best Golf Headcovers

How to Buy the Right Headcovers

All golf products are different and it’s important to know which criteria you need to look at when buying golf headcovers. Use this short guide to help you find the rest of your headcovers:

Type of Material

The first thing to consider is the type of material you want to protect each golf club. Some golfers prefer a knit headcovers while others prefer leather.  Some are made of high quality pu leather while others are made of techno wool and other materials.

In general, a padded leather type will protect each golf head and/or golf club way more than knit headcovers.

Attachment Style

The second thing to consider is how easy it is to access your golf club. For example, some head covers have a Velcro strap while others use magnetic attachment. You want to make sure they won’t fall off in your golf cart so you don’t lose out on your investment.

Color & Designs

Another thing to think about is the color of your head covers and if you want them to match your bag and/or clubs. Every golfer is different – some prefer them to match their bags while others want a set that represents something they love like a professional sports team. Or, a Tiger Woods headcover!


Also, some provide a lifetime guarantee while others have offerings like a 1 or 2-year warranty. Each company is different so make sure to shop around on their website and find the offerings that will work for you.


Finally, we can’t forget to mention price when searching for golf headcovers. Some items on this list are substantially more money than other designs.

If you are opting for a customized headcover, just know it will be much more expensive than a standard set. A few companies charge a pretty penny but they use high quality material and will sure to impress your golf buddies.

FAQs About Headcovers

Do you have more questions about finding the best golf headcovers for your bag? If so, hopefully we’ll cover them below in our frequently asked questions and answers section.

What are the best iron headcovers? 

You can’t go wrong with any of them on this list.

All of them will protect your clubs and ensure they don’t bounce around while you’re driving the cart. It all depends on what style covers you and determining if you even need irons covers as well.

What are the best golf head covers?

The best headcovers are the ones that you love looking at and ones that protect your golf clubs the most. Unlike a lot of golf gear, there is no special advantage to the type of headcover you play and how it impacts your game. 

Instead, most players prefer to pick headcovers that match their bag or iron set and/or ones that have a sentimental value. For example, if you play Pebble Beach and want to splurge $40 (or more) for a headcover to commemorate your golf trip

As you can tell from the list above, there is no shortage. There are a ton of awesome choices to choose from. 

Why do golfers use headcovers?

The main reason that players use headcovers is to protect their investment. As you likely know if you’ve been playing golf for any length of time, it’s not a cheap sport. Drivers can range from $350 to $5500 per club and fairway woods are usually between $200 – $350. 

Since you’re spending that much money on each golf club, it’s important to protect your investment. That way you don’t get any dings or scratches that might distract you from playing your best golf. Not to mention, if you choose to sell your golf clubs in the future, you want to keep them in mint condition. 

The other main reason that golfers use headcovers is to eliminate rattling when you’re riding in a cart. Without headcovers, your woods, hybrids, and irons will likely bang around as you drive from shot to shot. This is not only annoying to hear all day, but it also can cause unnecessary wear and tear on your clubs. 

Do new putters come with headcovers? 

Yes, almost every new putter does come with a custom headcover to fit the putter. Some companies even come with a matching divot tool like the Scotty Cameron putters. 

Do golf irons need covers?

Do they need them? No.

Do some players still use them? Yes.

Remember, headcovers have one role above all else – protection. But it’s usually to protect your more expensive clubs like drivers, 3, and 5.

So what’s wrong with irons covers? For 90% or more of players they aren’t needed. They make your bag look silly and crowded with a cover on every single club. 

The only reason I might recommend them is if you have an expensive set of irons like PXG. These irons cost $2,000 or more per set and with a cost that high, it’s worth protecting your investment. Otherwise, skip the iron covers. 

Do golf drivers come with headcovers?

Yes, new golf drivers always come with a headcover to protect your new favorite club. The only time they don’t include a headcover is if you buy refurbished from the manufacturer (some may, some may not) or if you buy on a site like OfferUp or Craigslist. 

Final Thoughts on Best Golf Head Covers

Headcovers are an afterthought for most players but something I wouldn’t skip out on for your woods and putter. Good head covers can help your bag look professional and protect your clubs for the long run. Plus, it’s a great way to stand out and have pride in your total golf bag.

Remember, when choosing wood covers, make sure they have plenty of padding on the inside. Old school sock (or pom pom) styles don’t usually have nearly as much padding and won’t save your clubs from potential damage . 

You also want to make sure to protect your putter as well. While most come with a cover, you might lose one or want to upgrade to something more personal. 

If you do, make sure to opt for one that is magnetic, not leather. Otherwise, you are much more likely to lose the cover and need to buy another replacement soon. 

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