Bushnell Pro X2 Rangefinder Review

For over sixty-five years, Bushnell has strived to provide the most reliable, highest quality, and most affordable sports optics products in the world. Their latest offering in the field of golf – the Pro X2 Rangefinder – backs up that commitment in a big way. The X2 packs all of Bushnell’s industry-leading features into one unit.

Any golfer, who has ever used GPS or a rangefinder on the course, appreciates their stroke saving ability in one way or another. Course yardage markers only provide distance to green’s center and end at a hundred yards out. Also, the eye plays tricks sometimes, especially from shorter distances or when hitting up or downhill. A good handheld GPS, GPS watch, or even a free GPS app provide reasonably accurate measurements to the front, middle, and back of the green. Some rangefinders boast accuracy to four inches from as far as 300 yards out and can even account for pin height as well as distance.

GPS holds an advantage in that it can tell a player their exact relationship to the green. It can also yield the green’s lenght by subtracting the front and rear measurements. The downside is that handheld GPS units and watches need daily updating, and most golf apps offer no help with pin placements. At times, GPS units have been known to give incorrect readings as well.

Rangefinders hold an advantage in that they can provide an almost exact distance to the pin, a bunker, across a water hazard, or anything else a player points it towards. The disadvantage is that rangefinders show nothing in regards to green size or pin placement.

Bushnell Pro X2 Golf Laser Rangefinder Bundle | Includes Golf Rangefinder (Slope & Non-Slope Function) with Carrying Case, PlayBetter Microfiber Towel and Two (2) CR2 Batteries

Bushnell Pro X2 Rangefinder Review


• Easy to read display – The X2 offers users two displays depending on personal preference and overall lighting conditions.• Slope mode – Provides a truer hitting distance.• 6X Magnification – Users can get a much better view of the target as objects appear up to 6X closer with clear magnification.• Accurate – Precise to within one yard from up to one thousand yards away.• Fast – It locks in targets quickly and keeps pace-of-play complaints to a minimum.• Waterproof – Most rangefinders are only water resistant.• Doesn’t need recharging – The built-in CR2 battery lasts a long time and is easy to replace.


• No mounting options – Must be handheld. Players with unsteady hands might find it a little harder to use.• Pricey – Like all good rangefinders, some may find the average price of around $450 a budget breaker.

Key Features

  • Slope – The “slope” feature on Bushnell rangefinders takes into account how far uphill or downhill the pin sits in relation to the user and provides a true “hit to” location. USGA rules prohibit this feature, however. So, for the X2, Bushnell added “Slope-Switch Technology” which allows golfers to toggle the slope feature on or off as needed.
  • PinSeeker with Jolt – As with several prior models, the X2 also employs Bushnell’s proprietary “PinSeeker with Jolt” technology. PinSeeker weeds out background objects like trees or flagpoles and quickly and accurately locks onto the pin. Jolt sends short vibrating bursts as soon as the X2 acquires the target.
  • Dual Display Technology – Bushnell’s Dual Display Technology features a handy button on the unit’s side. It lets users select between a sharp black display or a bright red, vivid display based on personal preference and lighting conditions.
  • Extreme Speed and Precision – Another proprietary Bushnell system – The Pro X2’s 2nd generation E.S.P. (extreme speed and precision) – provides readings to 18 inches from 125 yards away at five times the speed of other rangefinders.
  • Fast Focus and 6x Magnification – A fast focus ring on the X2’s eyepiece makes for quick and easy focus adjustment, and 6x magnification provides a clear view of the target and its surroundings.
  • Highly Durable – A fully waterproof housing ( most rangefinders claim water resistance), and Stable-Grip Technology (a rubber grip over a metal housing), round out the Bushnell X2 Pro’s stable of features.

The Field Test

Feel – Bushnell did a great job designing the Pro X2 Rangefinder. Sized just right, the X2’s rubber over metal case gives it a solid and comfortable feel and makes it easy to handle. These features, in turn, makes the X2 a breeze to use.

Functionality – The X2 performs as advertised. The “PinSeeker” function locks in on the flag then the “Jolt” feature sends a short pulse that indicates acquisition. The E.S.P. System also works well as targets seem to get picked up quickly which makes for a better pace and fewer arguments. Both the red and black VDT displays were crisp and easy to read, and the side mounted button made switching between the two, a snap.

Flexibility – Rangefinders do more than just provide pin distance. Players use laser rangefinders to spot hazards, landmarks, and even the players in front of them. They can also be used to measure driving distance by looking back at the tee box. Some golfers even use the magnification function to spot their partners off the T.

How does the Bushnell X2 Pro compare to the competition?

The Bushnell X2 Pro is at or near the top of the class when it comes to laser rangefinders. It feels better in hand and outperforms Bushnell’s other top of the line Tour V4 Shift and prior offering the Tour V4 in both speed and accuracy. Only the Pro X2 utilizes Bushnell ESP 2 (2nd generation of Extreme Speed Precision). It also features better magnification, 6x as opposed to 5x, and is waterproof not just water resistant. All three use multi-coated optics for clearer images, but only the Pro X2 has Dual Display technology.

The X2 also matches up well against its similarly priced counterparts the Leupold Gx line and the Nikon Golf Coolshot 80i VR. While all three boast of fast and accurate pin measurements, 6x magnification, slope and slope switch technology, and waterproof housing, only the Bushnell model offers “Jolt”. Nikon offers image stabilization on VR models and displays a “Locked On” circle in the middle of the viewfinder when the nearest object in view is determined. The Coolshot also has an 8-Second continuous measurement feature. This allows users to scan an area for multiple distance measurements with a continuous press of a button. The Leupold Gx line sets itself apart with TGR and Club Selector mode which makes club recommendations based on a player’s strength, green slope, and overall environment. Just as with slope mode, however, this feature must be disabled for tournament play. The Gx also offers enhanced accuracy in fog, something that the Bushnell and Nikon do not.

What type of player should use the Bushnell X2 Pro?

Better players will find the Bushnell Pro X2’s ability to quickly acquire an accurate measurement from great distances, an invaluable tool. They’ll also appreciate the ability to toggle off slope mode and make the unit completely tournament legal. However, “Slope” mode could make the X2 even more useful to mid and high handicappers, casual players, and weekend warriors. Players of all abilities will find it an excellent practice tool and an overall fun-to-use device with many uses on the golf course, the driving range, or even at the park.


Ninety-five percent of P.G.A. tour players and top amateur players use Bushnell rangefinders. In an effort to reward their loyalty and continually improve, Bushnell has brought together the best features from prior offerings and incorporated them into the Bushnell Pro X2 Rangefinder.

A rugged and waterproof case, 6x magnification, plus advanced technologies such as “Slope Switch,” “PinSeeker with Jolt,” and “V.D.T,” make the X2 Pro one of the better options out there. Bushnell makes big promises with this rangefinder and delivers on all counts.

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